The CEO's Obsession
By Flames
Date: September 26, 2021
Ch. 1Chapter One


I glanced back at Lisa with an angled eyebrow. “Well… I think this was her third week?”

“Valid. She’s the seventeenth associate up until now. I swear the person’s a butt sphincter.” Lisa gestured in objection.

“Could your voices be any lower? It resembles the large man is in here. He’s continually watching.” Pyke murmured.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea how you do it, Arie.”

“Do what?”

“Care so minimal with regards to you know who.” Lisa murmured.

I laughed at that. “I don’t see him. He doesn’t see me. We don’t have an issue. Truth be told, I’ve never had any immediate relationship with him. The main explanation I even know what this person resembles is on the grounds that his face is straightforwardly all over.”

We as a whole gazed toward the immense representation of the person, that was held tight the divider uttermost from the lift. There was one on in a real sense each floor.

Jason Walter, man. Wonderful depicture of a presumptuous character.

“He likely whips the old things once it begins to lose usefulness. Everything is disposable him.” Lisa kidded, yet there was truth to her words.

“You all are simply talking thoughtlessly like ya’ll prepared to leave hence work.” Pyke investigated his shoulder as he turned on the PC on the work area before him. I gave them both a shrug.

“It’s the ideal opportunity for me to make a beeline for my own floor. The primary floor. The exhausting floor.” I said as I wrapped getting together my stuff.

“We still on for drinks at five?” She inquired.

“How about we push it to six, I gotta wrap up recording a few archives.” I called out while heading to the lifts.

“Sounds great. I’ll make a point to keep Pyke off those damn pornography sites!”

My face broke out into the greatest smile. I heard a couple of giggles emit from the remainder of the floor. In the event that everybody didn’t have the foggiest idea about Pyke’s little issue previously, they certain as far as hellfire might be concerned at this point.


“That is unsatisfactory. They can’t retreat from this arrangement now.”


Try not to lose it, I pondered internally.

“You advised their arbitrator to go get his mind very much fixed and greased up. That he was probably pretty much as helpful as an old motor. In conclusion, you referenced in a specialist measure of ways on how all that he was wearing was less expensive than your nightgown .” Brad talked as he threw the record back onto the table.

My hands were gripped around the sofa, I figured I may scam them totally.

I’d messed up. I’d truly messed up.

“You can’t simply lose your poo each time something begins to go south, Jason. The organization is accepting all negative consequences for your egotistical character.”

“Try not to think your not expendable Brad,” I snapped.

He caused a commotion marginally, and I relaxed my eyes a little.

“Sorry man. I didn’t imply that. This has been focusing on me the hellfire out.” I ran my hands through my now exceptionally untidy hair.

“Mr. Heavy weapons specialist!” A lady burst into the room bothered, not minutes after the fact. It took both Brad

D and I, unsuspecting.

“What in the outright screwing hellfire “ I began, yet the words she said next shut me up right away.

“I have Mr. Austin is on the line for you!” She proclaimed prior to leaving my office similarly as fast as she had entered it.

I had questions. Like for one thing: Who the fuck was that woman?

Second: Where the fuck was my real aide?

Yet, those inquiries must stand by. I got the telephone so quick, I wound up pushing espresso all around the records around my work area.

“Jeez, Jason.” Brad moaned, however I forcefully quieted him when the telephone arrived at my ear.

“This is Mr. Heavy weapons specialist.” I surged out.

“Hi, Mr. Heavy weapons specialist. This is Mr. Harris, Austin’s Assistant. He’s right now in a gathering and is inaccessible, so I’ve been approached to step in. I’m sorry to educate you that while Austin has accepted your message-… messages. Each of them 27… We remain by our underlying choice in declining the arrangement. You have yourself an extraordinary rest of your day, Mr. Heavy armament specialist… also, kindly quit calling.”

Before I could get a solitary word out, the line went dead. It took me a moment to handle what had simply occurred, yet when I at last did, I felt the intimately acquainted consuming sensation.

The resentment gradually beginning to rise within me.

“Jason…” Brad talked discreetly.

Be that as it may, it was past the point of no return.

I. Screwing. Lost it.

“That piece of screwing poop! How the screw dare he simply have his goddamn associate get the mother loving telephone. His little bitch self didn’t have the screwing guts to tell me directly, god screwing damn it!” I hammered the telephone down so hard it overturned and off the table.

Then, at that point I pushed the espresso drenched records off the table also.

Then, at that point I trampled it. Over and over.

Brad needed to at long last force me away before I could get my hands on whatever else. “Quiet down, Jason!” He reproved. “That scarcely even seemed well and good, my god.”

At the point when I did at long last chill off, there was nothing left but to gaze at the records that were totally drenched with espresso “Did you clear everything out from this one?” Brad asked me with a moan. It was disturbing how used to my upheavals he had gotten.

As acknowledgment streamed in, my grasp went up to rub my sanctuaries. “Fuck.” I murmured. “These documents are significant. Vital ones…”

“Try not to perspire it, I’ll get the associate secretary on it.” Brad shrugged.

I looked over at him with my eyebrows wrinkled. “We got an associate secretary?”

Brad saw me like I was one genuine screwing numbskull.

“You do know you’re the top of a partnership, isn’t that so? Not a bar or a summary pawn shop or something. An organization. Presently working organization is easy to refute, yet yes. This is an organization. We have a secretary and an associate secretary.”

I gave him a look that said ‘don’t push it.’ His hands shot undetermined in disgrace.

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