The nanny affair
By Sonitaolise
Date: September 16, 2021
Ch. 2 The interview

Chapter two

Two hours passed, yet Liam hasn't returned to interview me. "Are you waiting for my dad?" I took heed of a child's voice which instantly drew my attention back to see a little boy clutching a ball in his hand, he had curly hair and brown colored eyes.

"Hello, child! Yes, I am! Do you know where he is?" I watched as he walked closer to me, "I think he must be in his room, should I call him?". Seeing him spotted a smile on my face, I shook my head disapproving his idea, "don't call him, I'll wait" I smiled at him, as he reciprocates with his too, "Okay! While waiting, do you wish to play football with me?". He tossed the ball at me, riding out of the room.

"Hold on champ!"

He took me outside, aiming to catch the ball from me, "what are you waiting for! Toss the ball". His voice attained his father's attention, as he caught a glimpse of us playing from his room window.

We both played to a point I forgot I was to be interviewed by his father, as I swirled back to see the same person I thought of, standing behind me with his arms folded together.

Holy moly, father of all, I am in deep trouble" I said as he fills up the remaining distance between us, "what are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to wait for me" his voice gradually gets aggravated by the second, I needed to calm him down so I could explain.

"Yes sir! But I only wanted to play football with champ here!".

Liam whirls to the side and saw the boy I called champ, repaying his eyes to me, "you mean Andres! My son" he says.

"Yes Sir, your son" I duplicated back his words to him, as he detonates a weak smile.

The smile he had on made me mystified, as he veers his back at me. "Walk with me". He says, thus, without reluctance, I walked rearward as we step back into the house.

Liam's switched on his serious face, quietly walking without altering words to me, he hummed a particular song, jerking his head to its beat, finally repaying his attention over to me, "am sorry for taking much of your time! I had to take care of some pending issues" continued walking.

"Yes sir! So can we proceed with the interview?". I said idling for his response rather he halts reading the look on my face, "there is no need for the interview! I have gotten what I wanted". He says

"Gotten what you wanted? I don't think I understand what you mean by that?". Liam ran a check on me before answering back, "now let me break it down for you, the whole reason is to find someone that would be able to take care of my son when I am not around, and for the past three weeks, you're the only person my son, took a liking too, that beats it all!".

"Hmm!" I shook my head understanding his words, (we continued walking).

An hour later, he walked me to the front door as he pushed it open, "thank you and welcome to my family, so! Tomorrow I'll be expecting you!".

"Yeah" I veered back wearing a smile, as he shuts the door.

10:09 pm

I got back home exhausted and reeked of alcohol, urgh! My head continued spinning around, it felt like the whole world was crumbling down on me, and I needed to have a rest, I couldn't think of anything else.

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