The nanny affair
By Sonitaolise
Date: October 4, 2021
Ch. 12Last time


We both shared a smile, he moves to the side and waited, as we both walked farther together.

"So tell me, how are you doing?".  He asked, veering my attention, "I am fine, just jetlagged".  I smiled at him ambling further.

We both walked towards a raft behind the hotel, Liam asked if I could go for a drink, and while I jilted my head, he giggles and went off to get it.

Seconds later, he handed over a drink to me, seated next to me on a boulder, he pins his gaze away and while he wasn't looking, I quickly gulped down the drink, but ended up shocking myself to death, "hot, hot, my throat is on fire".

He turned over and saw my eyes burning, I watched as we ran and got me a bottle of water, "here you go, drink".  Without being asked twice, I drink a whole bottle, and gradually the burning sensation on my throat case, I could new feel my tongue.

"What kind of a drink is this?"
I asked him trying to figure out what the heck it was made off.

Liam let out a soft Chuckle and watched me idil for his response, he says: it's called the house of the rock and if you would notice, there was smoke coming out of it, and also what gave you the idea to gulp it all down in a shot?".  He( Liam) asked me and truthfully he was the reason, I thought I would shy away from him but instead, I got myself burned instead.  "Nothing Liam?" I turned my eyes away from his.

"Okay! How about we go for another shot?".  He says recouping my eyes, "no way ! I cannot not,"  I blatantly discarded his suggestion but when he promised to teach me how to drink it without getting burnt, I gave in to his wills.

"Thanks, Sara!"
He leaves to other the drink smiling at me.

I turned and saw him chatting with a lady there, she doesn't seem to be Tatiana and for some weird reasons, I was curious about who she was?. From where I was seated I could hear her giggling, it felt like she inhaled a dose of laughing gas. Urgh, it annoyed me to an instant, I rushed over and came between them.

"Erm! Hello, who are you?"  She asked smacking her tongue at me.  From behind, I noticed Liam took a step backward, quietly watching to hear the response I give to her.

I took a step closer, poked my head to hers, and said, "I am Sara perkin and you shouldn't be here, or else you would like what I do to you".

The lady veered off and my behavior left Liam speechless, he turned me over and saw the look on my face, " hmm, what did you tell her because I have been trying to get rid of her but she was so strong-headed to leave!".

Telling Liam the truth might soar a few questions, a question I had no answer to, so in other to be termed safe, I decided to say a white lie, "nothing just the usual talk".

" what usual talk,"  he asked curious about it but luckily he attention was whisked elsewhere, as we both returned with our drinks.

This time I made it wise to wait for Liam and see how he drinks It, I watched carefully, he blows a portion of the smoke off from the drink and gulped it down at a shot. "It will sting a little but not as much as you did a while ago, try it?" He guested at me.

So I did exactly what he did and gulped it down without burning my tongue off.

"Better right?" Liam asked as I shook my head answering back, "yes! How about we have one more please!".

"Are you sure?" He asked once more and saw the puppy dog eyes I had on, it nudged him to accept, "urgh fine! I'll be back!'.

Bit by bit, little by little, the effect of drink had a turn of me, unexplainably I nudged Liam from the boulder we were both seated on- but he pulled me down as well.


I feel like a log, as we both face each other, he wears a smile removing a strain of hair from my lips, smurfing my lipstick.

"Beautiful! You have such beautiful eyes, do you know that?".

I heard him talk and noticed he also was under the influence of the drink we just had, somehow it felt like the whole came to a standstill, everyone around there stopped walking and it was left just the two of us, in each other's arms.

Liam had the most beautiful eyes, his hands were soft like that of a baby, we lost gazed at each other when the rest of the family walked in on us, "is that Liam?" 

Tatiana sewed Mike's eyes over and before he could reckon what was going on, she tries to stump out to meet us, by Mike pulls her back.

"Hold on, firefighter and where do you think you're going".

She turns and shoots an angry look at him, before retorting back, "are you seriously asking me that? Can't you see Liam and the so call nanny staring at each other?".

Mike lets out a frustrated moan and dragged her away over to a secluded spot, he says; look I know how you feel okay but trust me going over there right now will spark a heated conversation between you both, so I advise you to hold on and let me handle it".

Tatiana veered and still caught us in the same position, she contemplated recouping her eyes back, "fine Mike, handle it and make sure to get rid of Sara from Liam's life before she makes him fall in love with her!".

"Yes I promise"

Mike made a promise to her, she Veered back and left from there lawing Mike alone. He watched us for a while before leaving as well.

Meanwhile, Liam rested my head on his shoulders, as we lay down on the sand, I could hear the beat of his heart, it went beep, beep, beep, a melodious tune to my ears.

An hour later, he walked me over to my room, "good night Sara" he pulls me closer and left a kiss on my lips.

My eyes broadened, I gawked as he wandered into his room, ignorant to the fact mike viewed us from his.

In return I locked the door of my room, my heart kept beating so fast, swiftly I waddled and hopped on the bed like a kid. "Ahh!" Happy was the look on my face, I couldn't be happier with the outcome of today's outing, as I hopped down and tucked myself to bed.

The following morning, the sound of my alarm beeped me up from bed, I stretched my arms and turned to saw mike sleeping soundly and with bear shirted.

"What! What are you doing here, how the hell?".

In a state of shock I nudge the blank away and saw Me naked, as well as him, he gets up from the bed and noted the scared look on my face,

"oh my! Miss Sara good morning, why do you have such a shocking look on her face, is everything okay?".

I whirled and saw the pleased look on his face, he moved closer, rephrasing my steps back.

"Get away from me!". I sputtered out as he strongly dragged me close.

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