Dreamy Eyes
By Vandana
Date: August 25, 2021
Ch. 4Under My Eyes

Back to her cabin, with red ears and cheeks Navi took a few deep breaths, " just you wait", mumbled Navi , meanwhile the intercom rang. " Yes, Navi Kaur here, from the managerial department, how can I help you?" " I'm waiting", came the deep sexy voice with a laughter following. " You're all under my eyes, do be aware" . She quickly looked for the hidden cameras but stopped the moment she rested her eyes on the camera just poking its nose on the opposite side of the room.
Back to work mode Navi managed her work methodically as she's one of the arduous people who took her work seriously. "Coming for lunch", Reva poked her head after knocking the door twice. "Nah, I've to finish up with the presentation in hand, I'll grab a sandwich later from my tiffin , you guys carry on". Navi replied with a wave of her hand and again dipped herself in the work. She believed in giving her best shot in whatever work she was handed, that was one of the reasons why she was promoted to be Hardeep's assistant.
After a few moments a hot cup of coffee was placed on her table along with her heated lunch, she looked up and saw the office boy , "who asked you for this ?" " Order was passed today only from the head department that no one would work on an empty stomach", he replied. "Ok, thank you, much needed", she started gobbling her sandwich and drank the hot coffee in a hurry to finish and forgot how hot it was, she scalded her tongue. "Slowly, Navi slowly" , talking to herself, she patted her cheeks.
By 7'o clock in the evening, she was able to finish her presentation. She saved her work and got up from the chair, took a deep breath and quickly stuffed her lunch box in her purse and after locking up her cabin she was dialing the number of driver to pick her up when again she nearly bumped into the steel wall, "oops sorry, I wasn't looking", " it seems you like to bump into me, all the time !", " What, excuse me please, I've better things to do", she replied.
Saying so , she redialed the number, " uncle, I just got free, can you come to pick me up or should I go by cab ?No problem, I'll manage, you take care".
"What happened? " ,Asked Hardeep, " nothing which I can't handle", saying so she moved further towards the elevator but before she could take a step, a strong hand caught her wrist and stopped her. " I asked you, is there a problem?" " Yes , the driver uncle won't be able to come to pick me, I'm going by a cab". " Don't act like a foolish girl, we both are going at the same place, so why bother , I can give you a lift, unless and until, if you are not afraid to adhere to my company!¡" , he smirked.
" Ok, fine by me, who's afraid of you, my money is being saved." She replied.
Together they went home in silence as Hardeep was driving and Navi was looking outside from the window. Hardeep kept on giving side glances and caught her doing the same. He smiled.
They reached home after half an hour and Hardeep just stopped his car outside the garage. The moment the car stopped, Navi said " Thank you for the lift", saying so she unbuckled her seat belt, and went straight to the drawing room where uncle was watching TV and aunty was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner along with her maid.
"So, how was your day beta with the old grumpy CEO?", Saying so uncle smirked while having the dinner. Something gave away in his tone that made Navi look upon , she was quick enough to catch the gaze passed among uncle, Hardeep and aunty and they all laughed. Navi was blushing upto her hair roots.
"So you all decided to team up to make fun of me?" She complained good humouredly. Being an easy going person, she didn't take to heart but still asked," at least you should have told me aunty and saved me from embarrassment!" " Nah beta after you left, we were having tea, then your uncle asked Hardeep about his company, then we came to know that you are working in his company. That's great at least now I'm relaxed that you're safe from office politics and all". " Am I right or not beta?" said Radha
Navi stole a look at the hot handsome guy remembering her hot scene and said dryly,``Hopefully bua g by the way I've been promoted to be CEO's personal assistant."
" That's the call for the party," said uncle and Hardeep in unison, "but remember I'm the boss at home so no one will try to bully me!" Navi retorted.
Hardeep just cocked up his eyebrows and said "hmm let's see" under his breath and poised an innocent look. After ordering takeout dessert, everyone was relaxing and talking about everything and nothing.
" Navi beta, it seems my phone is ringing, I think I left it in the kitchen on the shelf, can you please get it! " " Of course bua no need for please" , saying so she quickly went to the kitchen, by the time she found the phone it had stopped ringing.
"Bua it seems the call is from uncle's place, shall I dial, might be an emergency as usually Gurdeep uncle, ( Mandeep's younger brother) doesn't call so late!.
" Radha, let me talk to him," Mandeep said while taking the phone from Navi's hand. "
"Sure, I'm getting tensed up, please ask him if everything is ok,!"
"This is the reason I don't allow you to take late night calls, he might be missing us, think positive".
" Greetings, Gurdeep, how are everyone at home, is everything ok, any news"
Radha passed a look at the children as if saying"now tell me, who worries more!!!"
"Wow, congratulations, talk to your sister in law", saying so he gave the mobile to Radha with a big grin.

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