Devil's Vow( New version-Rewritten)
By EraRexon
Date: August 27, 2021
Ch. 1Foreword

Would you save me or would you let me go?
She is strong,
She has heart but still choose mind.
She makes the devil cross his mind.
Love is her strength all the while.
The Queen, the smart doodles, the unique one with aphrodisiac looks.
A wildflower amidst of roses and violets.
Her father's precious,
The next heir to the Storm business Empire.
Innocent was the shade of her eyes.
Fire was the shade of her personality.
She was the hurricane in which people drowned with their own will.
She was Amber,she was ice.
She loved.
Like star loved the sky.
A siren attracting the sailors to their doom.
A princess who was drenched in serenity, her heart was drowning in sorrow yet soul trying to liberate free. She was a beautiful fairy who had lost her touch somewhere, immersed in darkness the angel had made her home there.
She was Alaina Storm, the heiress of the Storms, the tycoon world of business empires clashing with one another were her home. Bestowed with luxuries all around the world she was meant to be the one filled with mirth and joy, an ounce of arrogance mixed in her life yet she was far away from all those....near the peach tree that rained with flower petals, she was near the cool breeze of the mountains filled with snow.
For all her life she had longed for was peace, beauty for her was a façade that when one wore changed their true face.
'Alaina' her name was selected meticulously by her mother Sandra Storm and Father Maximus with all their love and emotions, with all the blessing in the world poured together, meaning 'Precious'. Then why was the word far away from what she felt. How many time she wished to sing a painful melody...bleed on the black and white keys of piano turning it scarlet with her blood.
She was blessed and she was cursed, always wondering that why she belonged to a mirror world. Her name was proof enough that Alaina Strom even in an avalanche was calm, an eerily feeling of melancholy had her wrapped in its arms.
Where was he? Her soulmate.....meant to take the pain away, like drinking a drop of poison for her lips and turning it into elixir.
Where are you now?


My each breath has your name
He is strong.
He is dangerous.
He is love at a war.
The light under dark night.
A challenge, A hunter,
The heir to Waylon empire, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and steel in his veins.
No, he wasn't born lucky, he was born rich, a minor contemporary relation, a huge difference.
What belongs to the devil stays with the devil.
And when you touch whom he loves, he will hunt you.
With demeanor of Demon and looks of Adonis, the lion is out for the hunt.
Why do I feel my frozen heart melt sometimes?
Is there anyone whose tears have my pain....I, the one who owed to rule the entire world feels empty when the feeling resides.
Who are you, a dream so far yet so near to my heart, I wish to hold you so near, clutching you closer as if you may disappear.
I was raised to be the emperor who would rule them all and then crush them beneath my feet for I have been betrayed and lied to. Those who have been against me were the ones who had to face my wrath yet when it came to you why I, the one who had never cried felt so weak, my dear enemy why did you made me fell on my knees?
I was called Ajax yet my name is incomplete, unless its you who have whispered it in your sleep.
When I was born they said the constellations were much brighter and the universe had my name remembered yet the only name I could recall even in my sleep is you see the way I bleed?
Your call has reached my ears, those desperate cries that I failed to hear. Closer to your soul yet distance apart.
My each breath has your name, my sweet temptress what is your name.....

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