Mated To The Ruthless Alpha King
By Daii MO
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 4Unexpected Companions

Sarah's feet led her to nowhere other than the kitchen. Her stomach felt as if someone had dug a knife through her. Hunger wasn't a new feeling, but since she had the chance now, why not quench it?

She first opened all the cupboards then with a slow trudge, she walked towards the fridge and grasped the handle. Its sleek black colour and expensive-look, made her pull softly so as to not damage it. The range of foods that greeted her eyes after doing so, were like a dashing ray of sunshine in a place that only knew darkness. There were things that she rarely ever saw much less ate and other things that she was used to seeing rotten rather than fresh.

With so many things to chose from, her indecision had aroused quickly. Each time her hand reached for something, it would change direction and go for another that seemed more appealing. Frankly, she wanted to taste a bit of everything, but she didn't bother to touch things like eggs and meat which were impossible to be eaten without cooking. She didn't know anything about cooking, so it would be terrible to try and do so now, especially since the kitchen and the house altogether belonged to Damon.

In the end, she took out ice-cream, three different flavoured yogurts, cereals and two plates of leftover food that she didn't even bother to heat up. Damon had said that she could make herself some food. He didn't say how much nor what she was supposed to eat. She made use of that fact and had filled the table with everything that she wanted. Even if Damon got angry later on and slits her throat, at least she would die with a full stomach.

Licking her lips, she glanced around in search of any prying eyes then rubbed her hands together until her palms warmed before cheerily digging into her food. Everything she ate was icy and irritating to her teeth, but Sarah gobbled it all down with a happy smile on her lips. This was probably her only chance to eat as much as she wanted and knowing how cruel Damon Kalesto was, she feared that if she wasted away her time, he would show up any moment and ruin her feast. That would be quite unfortunate, considering how elated she was to have so many things at her fingertips.

Before she got taken in by the people at the Human Trade place, she was living on the streets. No family, no one. For food, she had to rummage through loads of garbage bins for crumbs that the fortunate had thrown away. Life at the dungeon was a little better than on the streets in her opinion. She got to eat without having to do anything but sit around in her cell. Though at times, Mr Knack refused to feed her, saying that the 'worthless' shouldn't be fed.

Now that she thought about it, she was fortunate to have been chosen by someone who owned such a large house and could give her so many things. There was a high chance that her life could take a huge turn, whether for the better or for the worse. Even if Damon abused or mistreated her in the future, it didn't really matter...because as long as she had food to eat and a roof over her head, everything was perfect.

It didn't take long for her to finish everything laid out in front of her. Grinning, she patted her bloated stomach and stood up. Now that she had eaten, she felt a bit sleepy. She turned in the direction of the stairs and slid her right hand along the banister as she climbed it. Her only intention was to find her room --whichever one it was--, take a bath then go to sleep but before she could even climb to the top of the stairs, three barricades came out of nowhere and stood in front of her.

Sarah took a good look at the three women, from head down to toe. In seconds, she knew what they were...Sex slaves, the Alpha King's sex slaves. The numbers burnt into the side of their necks told her so.

The realization unmistakably made her heart clench inside her chest. She resisted the urge to glare up at the women as much as she resisted the urge to rub her aching chest. It was normal for Kings to have a lot of women, so she shouldn't have felt wronged, in fact, she shouldn't have felt anything, but alas, she couldn't deny her feelings towards the situation.

Sarah was sensible enough to gather that it was as a result of the mate bond. Werewolves are naturally possessive over what's theirs, but it wasn't like she was a werewolf. She's a human. How could she feel so possessive over someone who doesn't even seem to have any interest in her?

Dropping her hand from the banister, she fiddled with her fingers and bit her lip. "Hi." She said politely. It was initially supposed to come out in a cheerful tone, but Sarah failed to hide away her distaste.

The women looked at each other then burst out laughing. Sarah raised a brow. "What? Did I say something funny?" Sarah was genuinely confused, but the girls took it as her attempt to be insolent.

The first to sober up from laughter was Alexis. Her smile had literally died in an instant. "If you think you'll be treated better than us just because you're mates, then you better not kid yourself." She snared, flipping her hair as she sized Sarah up with her eyes. The two lackeys beside her, nodded in agreement and lifted their chins, probably to seem intimidating. "I'm the one who gets all the attention around here. If you want to live here peacefully, drop that confident act. It'll be better for you that way."

Sarah blinked. She was utterly taken aback by their accusations. She didn't exactly like the fact that they were here, but she wasn't against them or anything. She was even ready to make friends if they wanted.

"I wasn't trying to act confident. I just said 'Hi' and you burst out laughing. Aren't you the ones who seem too confident?" The words had came out of her mouth before she even processed what she was about to say. Her mouth had betrayed her. It wasn't the first time either. She had gotten in trouble with Mr Knack several times for the same reason and yet, she still hadn't learnt her lesson.

The astonished look on the girls' face pushed her to rectify her mistake. "I didn't mean you're confident or anything!" She rushed through her words. "I just meant that you-"

"Shut it!" Alexis was fuming now. Sarah had successfully gotten on her nerves. First, she came looking confident and now she was acting all innocent. That was what irritated Alexis. Clenching her jaws, she took a step forward, frightening Sarah to the bone.

Seeing as the situation was getting out of hand, her friends attempted to remind her of Sarah's status as Damon's mate but Alexis held her hand up, telling them to shut their mouths. Her eyes then narrowed in on Sarah's figure. She was hell bent on instilling fear into Sarah's very soul.

"You--" Alexis spat. She began poking Sarah in the chest harshly, forcing her to take steps back whilst she took steps forward. "--were here last, so you should know your place. Don't you think?"

Sarah tensed nervously. As Alexis spat curse words at her, she continued to step backwards until she managed to clumsily trip over her own feet. She was bound to have fallen to her death but her body never made contact with the hard floor. Instead, her body collided with a rock-hard chest and tingles immediately spread across her skin.

It didn't take a genius to know who had just saved her from death's grip...

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