Mated To The Ruthless Alpha King
By Daii MO
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 3Weird Experiences

Damon pressed his finger to her lips, halting her rant immediately. "You are here because I chose you. From now on, you are my possession, mine to keep and mine to protect. You will stay by my side, Sarah...where my eyes can always reach you."

Those words jogged back memories that made her stiffen as confusion logged itself deep within her soul. Everything that he said just now, contradicted everything that she heard from everyone else. Protect? Damon Kalesto aka the Alpha King, doesn't protect anyone. All he does is kill, kill and kill.

She knew that for sure, because a few months back, some newcomers at the dungeon had been gossiping about how ruthless and cruel he was. As Sarah looked deep into his hazel eyes, she did her best to scrape up all that she had heard.

'At the time when werewolves took full authority over humans, they all voted for an Alpha that everyone thought would be suitable for the job. But that chosen Alpha King isn't the one of merit nor's the one who wiped out the whole royal family and took his place.

The name of this ruthless man is Damon Kalesto.

Among both humans and werewolves, he's known as the Devil. Anyone who crossed him --whether young or old-- would have to face the blazing fire from the pit of hell. And that isn't all... If a wild wolf howls or a deer hollers and disrupts his slumber, they would face their demise that very night. If you ever manage to encounter him and live to tell the tale, you'd become a legend!'

Right now, she was sitting before that very man. It wasn't clear whether she'd die or not, so she wasn't exactly what you'd call a legend.

His words had sounded like a love confession or something of that sort, yet she took it as his way of telling her that he'd be watching her every move and then the moment she messes up, it would be the end of her. With that in mind, she was supposed to be scared, she was supposed to cry and beg for mercy. But somehow, she didn't feel like doing any of that.

What she did do though, was flinch away from him, then without much thought, her right index finger moved upwards and pressed against her lip that had been tingling nonstop when he touched her. She was confused by the odd sensation as much as she was intrigued.

"Why--" she started to ask, eyes temporarily losing focus on Damon as she became trapped in a world of wonder. "Why does it tingle?"

Damon's shoulders slackened at her words. When she had flinched away from him, he feared that she was scared of him, but now that he knew that she was simply curious, his mind was now certainly at ease. However, there was still one thing that bothered him...he felt satisfied when others feared him, but for some reason, her being scared of him, didn't sit right with him.

Why? He wasn't so sure.

How did he feel about it? He was irritated...very irritated. A mere human shouldn't have so much effect on him, was what he thought. He was slowly getting to the conclusion that this turn of events wouldn't be good for all.

"We are mates." He finally answered, shifting languidly on the stool. "The tingles are simply something brought along by the mate bond to bring us closer together."

Upon hearing those words, Sarah's mouth parted silently in disbelief. Mates? When since did werewolves have human mates? And how could she; a mere sex slave be the mate of an Alpha?

Surely for anyone else, the former would've been their biggest problem and concern....but for Sarah, it was the latter.

She had been stuck in a cell for ages. No one found her attractive enough to even to even look at, much less think about choosing. Yet the Alpha King was telling her that she was his mate? It was bound to sound unbelievable.

Seeing the confusion in her eyes, Damon opted to give her an explanation. "A mate is someone who--"

"I know what it means."

"Oh..." He blinked. "I see." It had been years...thousands of years since someone had cut into his sentence. The last time it happened, his irritation had pushed him to pull his subordinate's tongue right out of his mouth. This time, he was irritated, but not enough to even think about hurting her. Instead, he wanted to nuzzle his nose into her neck and hug her like his life depended on it.

...that urge made him all the more irritated.

Damon clenched his jaw and stood up abruptly, flipping over his stool in the process. The fact that he didn't have control over everything he felt while he was around her, was highly upsetting. And he couldn't even direct his anger at her like he wanted to. Those abysmal blue eyes of hers would shut him up in an instant...That's another upsetting thing added to the list.

"The bathroom's upstairs. You can bathe if you want, I don't care...and there's food in the fridge. If you want something to eat, make it yourself." And with that, he stalked off, nose flaring, eyes bulging with rage and jaws clenched.

Sarah confusedly watched his back as he walked away. He was obviously angry, but she couldn't tell why. It was her first time here so the least he could do was to show her around and offer her food. But even that he couldn't do. He was certainly as cold hearted as they say.

After a long, cautious glance around the room she was in, Sarah slipped off the couch and allowed her bare feet to touch the fluffy mat on the floor. She didn't have any idea what she was supposed to do now nor where she was supposed to go, but still, she took steps forward. It didn't seem like Damon cared where she went or what she did anyway.

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