Mated To The Ruthless Alpha King
By Daii MO
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 2New Home

Damon Kalesto was sitting on a small stool in his living room. His eyes were glued to something or rather someone who had taken his breath away in one swift motion. He studied her every feature, from the long lashes on her eyelids down to the almost unnoticeable pimple at the side of her lips. He knew it was a creepy thing to do, but he couldn't help himself. She was just too beautiful not to admire.

He noticed everything, including how her small, button nose twitched whenever she shifted and how her lips protruded into a pout every once in a while....his eyes caught every single detail and imprinted it all in his mind. Everything about her, he wanted to know. Everything she did before she met him, he wanted to know. Everything...just everything.

He had been entrapped since the very moment he laid eyes on her. Her blue eyes had pulled him in with ease and he fell deep into her abysses. He knew exactly what that dazed, inebriated feeling meant...she was his mate.

After what happened ten years ago, he had been sure that his chances of ever having a mate was zero, but now, it was shocking to see that he actually had one...not that he wanted one in the first place.

The thing was, he wasn't very fond of the mate thing. He thought of it as an unfortunate string that tied together two souls that aren't really meant to be. Plus, nobody had the right to tell him what to do...not even the Moon Goddess who created him. He alone must decide his fate....who to love and who to despise...who to protect and who to kill.

However, now that he got a firsthand taste of the mate bond, he had a totally different view. It was the first time in a long while since he had ever felt so intrigued and attracted to a woman. When they had been staring at each other, he didn't want the experience to end, but then, before he could even open his mouth to speak to her, she had blacked out.

He was angry at the fact that he didn't get to hear her voice. He was angry at the fact that he had been living in such luxury while she had been living under harsh conditions. And lastly, he was angry at the fact that she was filled with cuts and bruises all over her body. All he was desperately waiting for, was her confirmation that the Human Trade workers had done this to her. That was all he needed to wipe them all out in the blink of an eye. From now on, anyone who dared to touch, hurt or even look at her, would feel his wrath.

"Damon~" Alexis; one of his sex slaves, came bouncing into the room. Damon casted an irritated glance at her for a split second before placing his full attention back on his mate. She pouted but didn't say anything about it.

"I have never seen a werewolf who is mated to a human." She started to say, whilst eyeing Sarah with a disgusted yet envious glint in her eyes. "How is this even possible?"

Damon clenched his jaw and sent her a sharp glare. Who did she think she was to question him when he too didn't even know the answer? He didn't care about why and how, he just knew that she was his mate...nothing else mattered.

Alexis jolted as soon as she saw his deadly glare. That look in his eyes only meant danger and she knew it. Without another word, she shuffled out of there with her tail between her legs. But as she was turning the corner, she mumbled something that she thought Damon didn't catch. "Don't come crying when you meet the same doom like ten years ago..."

But Damon had heard every word and he was livid. He had the urge to crush her face with his bare hands but he didn't bother ruining his moment with his mate. Alexis could stay for later. He didn't want Sarah to wake up without him being present.

An hour after solely sitting and watching her, she finally stirred awake.

Sarah opened her eyes to an unfamiliar ceiling. The air drifting into her nose was fresh and not funky. Bright light was escaping through the window and touching her skin delicately, leaving it glistening. With all that taken into consideration, Sarah immediately knew that she was not in her cell.

She jolted into a sitting position and was about to turn her head in the direction where Damon was sitting, when she felt his warm breath tickle the skin of her neck. She immediately stiffened, breath hitched and heart beat quickening.

Damon's nose nuzzled into her, sniffing as it travelled along her neck. "Hmmm," he hummed against her, basking in her delicious lotus flower scent. The first thing he wanted to do, was to ask her how she got the bruises on her skin, but he tried to refrain from doing so. It was better to make her feel comfortable first before asking her anything about herself nor what happened at the dungeon.

When silence reigned for too long, he took one last whiff of her scent then looked up at her questioningly. Seeing the anxious look on her face and the dark shade of red that coated her cheeks, he leaned back a bit and pushed his stool further outwards to give her some well-needed space. He was heavily irritated by the far proximity but he willed himself to bear with it for her sake.

Sarah finally released the breath she had been holding and turned to look at him slowly. His voice already gave her an idea of who he was, but when she turned and looked at him for a second time, she couldn't help but feel bombarded by his unmatchable beauty. She stared at him openly. She wasn't really paying any attention to the fact that he knew that she was checking him out. She simply did it on impulse.

"Speak," Damon demanded nonchalantly in his alpha tone. He was getting tired of waiting for her to say something when it seemed as if she wouldn't be speaking anytime soon. He desperately wanted to hear her voice as curiosity was about to devour him.

Sarah jumped out of her trance, having been startled by his demand. She mentally slapped herself. She was so busy ogling the Alpha King that she had completely forgotten that she was in an unfamiliar place.

"Where am I?" She asked frantically, finally taking a glance around the room. The house was more large and spacious than anything she had seen before, so her awe was bound to have been at great heights.

She was sitting on a grey couch that could probably be passed off as a bed because of how large and comfy it was. In front of her, there was another couch and a glass table separated them. On the grey walls, there were a lot of paintings of wolves and stuff and the shelves to her left was filled with a mix of books and trophies. Her lips slipped ajar as she took notice of everything.

"This is your new home." Damon told her, watching her intently. He liked how impressed she looked. If it took only this to impress her then he could only imagine how happy she'd be to see the rest of the mansion.

"My home? Why am I here? Did something happen after I passed out? Have I done something wrong?" Her awe was gone and she was getting worried now. She didn't know what was happening nor how great of a problem she was in. "Whatever it is, I'm sorry! I was just feeling a little dizzy at th-

Damon pressed his finger to her lips, halting her rant immediately. "You are here because I chose you. From now on, you are my possession, mine to keep and mine to protect. You will stay by my side, Sarah...where my eyes can always reach you."

Tingles sprouted at her lips and spread across her skin, then once again, her heart took speed.

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