Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 9Case of poison


Xi Song's POV

Taking out my gloves, I washed my hands as I came out. "What's the report of the patient?" Reading the file, Ling Xiao answered. "He is safe for now, but the poison in his body is in excessive amounts. I'm afraid we can't save him--"
Cutting his words off, I shouted. "DON'T EVER SAY THIS AGAIN. We have to save him at any rate." Shifting my gaze, I glanced at a lady sitting on the nearby bench. Taking out my mask, I walked to her. "What are you doing here, Xingyue?" Lifting her chin, she stood up immediately. "How is the patient? Is he okay?" Taking a pause, I gulped. "The risk is too high. The toxin is poisonous, and it's found excessive in his body. It seems like a murder case." She knitted her brows as someone ran to us, shouting her name. "XINGYUE, IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT?"
Gazing at Xia Na, I shifted my eyes to her. She was looking pale.
"How is he?" Shaking her head as no, she hugged her. "Xia Na, he is not safe." Patting her back, she tried to calm her down. "What is happening?" Scanning me, she answered. "The patient is an actor in our company. Xingyue allotted him. After his sudden passing out, one of the employees claimed that Xingyue added poison in his drink because he rejected her love." She added. "Everyone is now blaming her. Especially Zhang Yuewei, she even asked Mr. Han to call the police." Breaking the hug, she tried to control her tears. "Xia Na, keep an eye on him. I need some time alone."
Saying this, she walked away as I looked at her worried face.
"Who is Zhang Yuewei?"
Sitting on the bench, she answered. "One of her haters. When Xingyue joined our company, she was Mr. Han's favorite. He cherished her like his own daughter. And so he gave the assistant job to Xinyue, not to Yuewei. I wished this girl could have happiness in life. She never deserves to be treated like this." Upon listening to it, my heart clenched.

Xingyue's POV

Chin trembling, I picked up my cell phone as my mom's number displayed. I wept. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Feeling a lack of energy, I squinted my eyes when I felt someone's presence beside me. "What will you get by crying?" With empty stares, I smiled in pain. "You will never understand me, Dr. Song."
Glancing sideways, he uttered. "But crying for something you never did. What a stupid thing it is, Xingyue?" Heading down to the ground, I answered. "I don't understand. Why is it always me? Whenever I tried to make everything good, I ended up making it worse."
Covering my eyes, he led my head on his shoulder. "Cry it out and let's fight after it together, okay?" Pressing my lips, I hummed.
His shoulders were wide enough to have a good sleep. His palm was warm, sending me. Feeling the comfort, I discovered his new side. He was not a cold-hearted person nor aloof. "I think my thoughts about you, Dr. Song, are changing," I thought to myself.

Han Shuo's POV

Dealing with the phone calls, I searched for Xinyue. But there was no sign of her. Calling Xia Na, I asked. "Do you know where Xingyue is?"

Xia Na: She was in the hospital, but now I don't know.

Me: Ask her to come here as soon as possible.

Xia Na: What happened, Mr. Han?

Running my hands through my hair, I replied.

Me: Someone leaked the news. Everyone now is in search of her. Ask her to hide somewhere.

Xia Na: WHAT? But she is not the culprit.

Me: I know, but for them, she is.

Hanging the call, I attended another one.

Me: Dad?

Dad: What are these? You both come to meet me.

Humming as an answer, I hung up as I laid back on my chair. Furrowing my forehead, I stared at the ceiling. "Xingyue, please be safe for me. I promise nothing will happen to you."

Xi Song's POV

As I uncovered her eyes, I saw her sleeping peacefully on my shoulder. Taking a deep breath, I took out my phone as I called the only one who could help me this time.
Gasping, I lowered my head as I stated.

Me: Dad, can you do me a favor? Help me find out some details of an employee "Zhang Yuwei"

Dad: Why do you need her details, son?

Me: I can't tell you now. Just help me with it.

Sighing from another side, he replied.

Dad: It will be delivered to your house by tomorrow.

Me: Thank you, dad. I owe a big favor to you.

Hanging up the call, I stared at her face. For the first time in my life, I discovered someone more stressed than me. Smiling at her, I saw Xia Na running to us.
Catching a breath, she uttered. "Xi Song, it's not safe for her to stay here. Someone leaked the news." Rubbing my forehead, I tapped on her cheeks, waking her up. "Xingyue?" With her half-opened eyes, she yawned. "What happened?" Holding her arms, I claimed. "Do as I told you. Come to my home with me. Don't go out anywhere without me." "But what happened?" Holding her hand, I stood up. "I'll explain it to you at home. Let's go."
We were at the peak of leaving the hospital when I heard noises coming over from the front side. Media vans covered all the area as they were flashing the light, trying to capture her. "What is the media doing here?" Covering her behind my back, I thought. "Oh, no. How will we escape now?"

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