Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 8A true hero


Xingyue's POV

As I started talking to Han Shuo, I noticed a weird reaction on Xi Song's face. It was more likely a suspecting face.
Han Shuo: Can you come over here? I need a lot of help from you.

Xingyue: Okay, I'm coming.

Hanging the call, I glared at him. "What was that?"
Crossing his arms, he raised his brows. "May I know who Han Shuo is?" Rolling my eyes, I answered. "You don't need to know about him, Mr. temporary fiancé." Walking back to the dressing room, I changed my dress as I took my purse and said goodbye to him. "Where's the bill? I'll pay for it." Pronouncing a sigh, he smirked. "Don't worry. I paid already."
Grinding my teeth, I flipped my hair as I argued. "I can pay for my dress by myself, Mr. Song." "I know, but I couldn't let you pay Miss Li," he argued back. "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?"
He added. "The problem is you are Fiancée. If you are done arguing with me, let's go. I have a patient to attend to." Rolling my eyes again, I walked ahead as he followed me.

Author's POV

Knocking on the table, she continued waiting for the only man who could change her life. Blinking her eyes, she felt exhausted when the door suddenly opened, revealing a handsome young man wearing a doctor's coat. Sitting on his chair, he asked. "How can I help you, mam?" Standing up, she introduced herself. "Hello sir, I'm Xia Na. One of the employees in Han entertainment company. I'm requesting you to sign these papers for a month. Can you please sign them? I came here especially for it."
Sneering, he replied. "Young lady, I'm not related to this business. Even if I am considered as CEO, I'm a pure doctor by heart." Banging the files, she rested her arms on the table, passing an icy glare to him. "Listen, young man. Your one sign stopped my promotion for one month already. Sign them. No matter who you are, I don't care at all."
Just when another doctor entered as he choked in air, seeing them like this. "What are you two doing?" Narrowing her eyes, she examined the man standing near the door. "What a coincidence? Dr. Song, do you remember me?" Glancing for a while, he asked. "What are you doing here?" Staring at both of them, the guy asked. "Xi Song, do you know her?" With his pursed lips, he replied. "She is my fiancée's best friend, Ling Xiao." Walking to him, she bent down. "Please help me. This young man is not signing the contract. My promotion all depends on him. I beg you. Please make him sign the papers."
Rubbing his jaw with the help of his hand, he asked. "And what will I get?"
Lifting her chin, she passed a smile. "Whatever you want."
Wasting no time, he questioned. "Who is Han Shuo?" She curved her brows, answering him. "Mr. Han is our new CEO." With an intense look on his face, he asked again. "What's his relationship with my wife?" "Xingyue is her assistant, and I think they have a good friendship too. He likes her a lot." His eyes froze open as he choked in the air. "HAN SHUO LIKES XINGYUE?" She hummed. "Yeah, and Xinyue is quite close to him too. But why are you shouting?"
Gulping hard, he whispered. "I'll make him sign if you keep me updated about your bestie and your boss." Gazing down, she thought for a while as she whispered back. "Deal." Pressing his lips together, he cleared his throat. "Hmm... Ling Xiao, sign the document."
Squinting, he replied. "But why?" "Do it as I said, or else I'll post it."
Taking out his phone, he pointed his finger with a smirk on his lips. Raising his hands in the air, he declared. "OKAY! I'm signing."
Taking out his pen, he signed the contract as she whooped in enjoyment. "FINALLY! PROMOTION." Calming her down, he argued. "Don't forget about the deal." Giving him a salute, she took her phone out. "Let me add you on kakaotalk." Scanning his code, she added him. "Okay, brother-in-law. Fighting." She collected her file as she walked outside. Wrapping his arms, he glared. "What was that for, Xi Song?"
Making a thank you face, he replied. "Just helping my sister-in-law." Winking at him, he made his way to the chair as he sat on it, sighing. "It's so tough to be a doctor. But I love to help them." Sitting beside him, he uttered. "Are you serious about this marriage?"
Running his hands through his hair, he chuckled. "She is not my type even if she looks beautiful." Swiftly someone knocked on their door. "Dr. Song, Dr. Ling. There's an emergency." Taking their mask, they ran outward. "Call Dr. Zhao." Nodding her head, the nurse went to find her.

Xingyue's POV

Walking to his cabin, I received a call from the manager. Smiling all over, I picked the call.
Xingyue: What happened, Ms. Zhang?

Ms. Zhang: Xing Xing, a big problem came your way. One of your appointed actors fainted away as the other claimed that you put him on a strict diet because he rejected you.

Frowning on my spot, my hands trembled as I sealed my eyes.

Xingyue: Where is that actor now? Send me the details.

Ms. Zhang: Send you already. Go clean the mess before it gets reported to Mr. Han.

Humming as an answer, I hung up as I rushed back.

Running down to the hospital, I hurried to his room as I saw a doctor talking about him. "The young guy doesn't look great." He added. "According to his reports, someone gave him poison. I think we need to call the police."
My chin vibrated. “Poison?” I asserted with a loud wept.

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