Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 7Shopping with my arrogant fiancé

CHAPTER 07 - Shopping with my arrogant fiancé

Xingyue's POV

"Are you married, Xingyue?" he asked with his eyes frozen open. My lips turned down as I giggled sarcastically. "It should be my friend. He generally jokes around like this. Excuse me, Han Shuo."
Bowing to them, I raged outside. Gripping my clenched hand, I went to the ground floor as I saw him checking on the wristwatch. "What's your problem, Xi Song? For what reason are you following me all over?" Turning his head, he looked at other people who were gazing at us. Holding my arm, he pulled me somewhat close as he murmured close to my ear. "Keep your voice low. My mom sent me here to take you shopping." Stepping back, I flipped my hair, folding my arms. "I don't need to bother a man to go shopping. I can do it without anyone else."
Squinting his eyes, he passed me a ridiculing grin. "Miss, I have no interest too. I'm doing it for my mom. If it's not too much trouble, cooperate. I need to return to the hospital as well."
Feigning exacerbation, I murmured. "This is my last time. We should go." With a blank face, I moved to the exit door as he followed me.

Author's POV

Driving for a while, they finally arrived at their destination, a boutique.
It was not an ordinary one, but the only one who had the best wedding dress collection in the city. Walking ahead, they were welcomed by one of the staff ladies. "Welcome to our boutique. We have the best and new collection of wedding outfits. Do you have any demands?"
Rubbing her chin, she thought for a while. "I don't think about my gown much. Just something simple yet elegant. I prefer comfort." Nodding her head, she smiled. "I know what will fit you best. Please come with me, and sir, you can wait on the couch."
Walking away, they went to the changing area as Xi Song simply took his phone out and scrolled his social media. Playing a video, he stared at the screen intensely.
"Good day to all. According to the newest report, the most famous entertainment company's CEO resigned from his place as his son joined the organization. From the first day, he gained a lot of attention with his personality at work and his looks. He is trending in the third position on Weibo. We are going to reveal more about this young, handsome CEO in today's party."
Clenching his fist, he ran his hands in the hair. "So you also gave up on our dream, Han Shuo. I thought at least you will chase your dream, but..."

Xingyue's POV

Checking myself in the mirror, I smiled. "It's so beautiful." A beautiful white cathedral, train Lace Wedding dress with beading appliques. Turning back, I glanced at the staff lady, who was amazed by my beauty. "You are looking like a princess, mam. Sir will fall harder for you."
Choking in the air, I gazed down at the floor. "D-do I have to show him too?" Frequently nodding, she giggled. "Of course, he deserves to see her beautiful bride." Pressing my lips, I held my heavy gown as I walked outside, searching for him. Spotting him, I walked to him as I noticed his eyes were closed and his hands attached to his forehead. Chewing my lips, I sat beside him as I stared at the blank wall opposite to me.
"What happened to our Dr. Song? Unhappy?" Lifting his head, he gazed at me as his eyes widened.

Xi Song's POV

As I turned to her, her beauty amazed me. She was looking like a white fairy in that gown. Glistering my eyes, I stared at her charming face as eyes drowned me in a magical world where I could only feel us. Her beautiful smile and my sarcastic laughs started imitating in my mind. A smile formed on my face when she snapped her fingers near my sight, making me flinch. "Although I'm pretty, don't stare at me like that, Xi Song." Clearing my throat, I answered. "Is it your habit to misunderstand everything? I was looking at the dress. It looks well designed." Pronouncing a sigh, she looked away with her arms crossed. Chuckling all over, I made her turn back. "Okay, don't be mad at me. I admit the one who wore this gown is looking beautiful, so I couldn't stop myself."
Pressing her lips, she flipped her hair as I rolled my eyes. "Don't be so proud, Miss Li. I got compliments daily. You are lucky to have me as your husband."
Narrowing her eyes, she gritted. "Huh! Fiancé, not HUSBAND. Don't forget we signed an agreement. Stop imagining as I'm literally marrying you. It's all a formality for me." We were arguing when her phone rang. Picking the call, she quickly calmed herself as she spoke. "Han Shuo, do you need me?" Wrinkles formed across my forehead as I muttered. "Han Shuo? Does that mean she knew him? Is he the boyfriend she told me about?"

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