Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 5An angel in a person


Xi Song's POV

Looking at her, I saw her radiant grin as she flipped her hair back, which melted my heart. Her side profile was alluring.
I saw all her facial features until I got captured by Ms. Choi. "For what reason are you gazing at her, Dr. Song?"
Coming back to my senses, I hacked. "What are you talking about, Ms. Choi?" Pressing her lips together, she controlled her chuckle as I just felt flustered. I observed her leaving as I discarded my leave and followed her. Stepping inside the room, she waved at that person as he left the spot. "What's happening with them?" I mumbled.
Strolling ahead to the room, I stopped at the entrance as I eavesdropped on their conversation.

Sitting down alongside the bed, she grinned. "Mr. Han, are you okay? How come you ended here?" Caressing her head, he expressed. "I'm okay, dear. You know my health is not well nowadays. But don't worry, okay?" Holding his hand, she answered in a stressed tone. "Why do I not stress over my dad? Mr. Han, you consider me your daughter. Why isn't the daughter stressed over her dad?"
He laughed at her answer as a grin shaped all over. "You are my actual little girl. Even though, not by blood, but by heart. You care about me more than my genuine child." With her clammy eyes, she looked down. "It's not true, Mr. Han. He cares about you a lot. I saw him praying for you when you were in the operation theater. He was blaming himself for everything. He is just not good at expressing." "I'm glad that my child will have somebody who can get him. Much thanks to you, Xingyue. I'm thankful that you picked my company to work for."
A smile reached his eyes as Xi Song loosened up his body to the divider, feeling light tuning in about her. "So she is the universally adored angel," he mumbled, leaving the spot.

Xingyue's POV

Walking down the corridor, I spotted Mr. Han sitting alone in the garden.
Flashing my eyes, I walked to them as I rested my arms on the top of the bench, staring at the sky. "I thought someone told me about going to buy medicines?" Flinching all over, he shifted his gaze as he let out a chuckle.
"You have a pleasant sense of humor, Xingyue." I smiled, still staring at the sky. "Afraid of facing your dad?" Biting his lips, he chuckled again. "You are good at guessing too."
Taking my seat, I sat down beside him.
A small star twinkling with light, mischievously squinting, said hello to me. All were like a sly pearl that adorned the dark blue night sky and was no less inferior to the bright moon.

"The stars are so beautiful today. It reminds me of my loved one. I miss those walks while holding my dad's hand. He was my lucky charm."

"I'm sorry, Xingyue." Smiling in pain, she sighed. "You know, parents are the luckiest for a kid. But it feels miserable when kids don't cherish them. I was close to my dad, and when he left me. He told me not to cry and be a strong pillar for my mom."
Turning my head, I wiped my tears before they fell. "Do you know, whenever I miss my dad, I waved my hand to the sky as I felt he was still watching me from there."
Placing a hand on my shoulder, he stared at the sky. "Don't worry, Uncle Li. I'm willing to take care of your daughter." Freezing for a while, I glanced at him, who was smiling as a smile formed on my lips.
Lately, when we were talking, my phone buzzed, revealing mom's number.
Picking the call, I placed it near my ear.

Xingyue: Mom? What happened?

Mom: I heard from Xia Na that you are in hospital.

Shutting my eyes, I replied: Mom, I'm okay. Nothing happened to me--

Cutting my words off, she commanded.

Mom: That's good. I heard that Xi Song also works there as a surgeon.
Go visit him.

Gritting my teeth, I was going to talk when she responded, tossing her enthusiastic dramatization at me.
Mom: If you love me, visit my son-in-law. I sent you his cabin details already. Be nice, okay? I'm hanging.
Leaving me dumbfounded, she hung the call as I groaned.

Author's POV

"What is wrong with you, Xingyue?" he asked with his concerned face as she shook her head. "Nothing, Mr. Han. I have to visit one of my friends, so I'm leaving. Go and talk to him, okay?" Humming as an answer, he smiled as she left the place, checking on my phone.
Walking in the corridor, she searched for his cabin. "Where is his cabin?"
Searching for a while, she finally spotted a room with a number plate of 107. Placing her hands on the waist, she sighed exhaustedly. "Why is this cabin so last? Anyways, let's go inside." Without knocking, she pushed the door as she entered. Searching for him, she sat on the chair. "Seems like he is not here. I'll wait for a little while and then will leave." With this purpose, she rested her arms on the nearby table, glancing at the clock, waiting for him.

Xi Song's POV

It was almost past ten when I walked to my cabin, totally exhausted by the schedule. "There were so many surgeries today." "Yeah, I almost passed out," replied Ling Xiao.
We planned to rest in my cabin, as we were not in the state to drive back. Opening my door, I welcomed him inside as he stopped on his way when he spotted a girl, resting her head on the table, sleeping. "Xi Song, is she your patient?"
Turning my head, I noticed Xingyue sleeping peacefully. Scratching my face, I responded. "She... is actually my fiance."
Widening his eyes, he walked to her to see a clear vision of her. "Wow! You have a pretty wife, Xi Song. Why are all the beautiful girls only for you?"
With my pursed lips, I stroked his shoulder. "Don't worry. We will find one for you too." "I see you are teasing me." Knocking on the door, a nurse came inside, looking for me. "Dr. Song, a patient needs you." Shifting my gaze to Xingyue, I sighed as he stroked my arm. "Take it as a favor. I'm coming, Ms. Choi." Bowing her head, she left as I looked at him. "Are you sure?" Nodding his head, he answered. "This is not for you. It's for this beautiful woman who needs her husband." I narrowed my eyes as he laughed, leaving the room.
Turning my head, I looked down at her.
Her body was rising and dipping constantly as she took slow breaths.
Everything about her was perfect, her luscious lips, sharp jawline, and shiny hairs. I felt as if someone had pulled me into a trance. No matter how much I tried to get out of it, I couldn't stop staring at her. A weird feeling occurred, burning down my heart.
Caressing her hair, I mumbled. "Why your sleeping face makes me feel mysterious feelings, I never felt for someone before. Ar... Are you that attractive to me, or is it just my heart that is misunderstanding us?" Smiling in pain, I recalled my winter bear back, who promised me about never leaving my side. Those who used to say never to be separated have already been scattered around the world.
"Why did you remind me of her and made everything complicated for me?" Tears formed in my eyes when her sparkling eyes opened a while, meeting my moist eyes.

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