Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 4A simple, yet caring soul

CHAPTER 04 - A simple, yet caring soul

Author's POV

Catching her phone, she gasped, looking at her. "What happened, Yueyue?" A tear escaped from her eyes as she fell back, but at the right time, Xia Na held her arm.
Stammering at her words, she sobbed. "Mr. Han... is hospitalized." Freezing on her spot, her eyes widened. "What are we doing here? Let's go." Taking their belongings, they rushed outside as they saw an empty cab. Sitting inside, they directed the driver to take them to the city hospital.
Praying nonstop, they drove to the hospital.

Xi Song's POV

I wore my uniform swiftly as I heard about a critical case. Taking my mask and gloves, I strolled outside just to be pushed to the wall unequivocally, which hurt my back a bit. Shrieking in torment, I took a gander at the person who was gazing at me with his blazing eyes as his hands were holding my collars. "What do you need, young man?"
He yelled close to my face, making me shut my eyes. "LET ME WARN YOU IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO MY DAD. I'LL SUE YOU AND YOUR HOSPITAL!" Pushing him back, I cleaned my collars. "It's a public clinic, not your property, so don't yell here. Also, I'm a surgeon, not your servant. Behave yourself."
Glaring at him, I went to the operation theater.
Looking around, I inquired. "Where is the medical attendant, Choi?" "She needs to manage something different," replied the other nurse.
Gasping for my spot, I wore my cover just as gloves when the entryway opened slightly, revealing Ms. Choi. "Apologies, Dr. Song. I got several attempts to do it." Assuring her, I guided her to wear the mask and gloves as we began doing the surgery.

XingYue's POV

Running towards the activity room, I halted on my way when I saw a medical attendant requesting help as a child was harmed. Altering my perspective, I guided Xia Na to visit Mr. Han without me. Gesturing her head, she left as I moved to them. "Miss, do you need any help?" Gazing at me, she clarified. "I need to go for an operation, yet this child needs somebody to dress his injuries. I'm searching for a medical caretaker. However, nobody is accessible." Turning my head to the child, I passed a guaranteeing grin to them. "Try not to stress. I'll care for him. You can go presently." Grimacing, she inquired. "Would you be able to do it?" Smiling around, I concurred. "I realize how to dress the injuries. You should require more." A smile plastered on her face as she bowed to me. "Much thanks to you, young lady. You owe an enormous kindness to me."
Bowing to her, I went ahead to the child. "Try not to be frightened, alright? I'll dress your injuries." The child grinned at me as I took the cotton and began dressing.

Author's POV

A similar guy as before, sitting on the seat close to the activity theater, imploring ceaselessly. He looked stiff and uncomfortable, as something was eating his brain. He continued looking at the light on the top of the operation room, as his hands were sweating. He was concerned, assuming what might occur after the light turned off?
Appending his hands to his forehead, he shut his eyes when a lady moved toward him, offering him some milk tea. "Mr. Han, are you okay?" he opened his eyes slightly, looking at the proprietor of the voice.
"Ms. Li, what are you doing here?" Passing a grin to him, she sat beside him. "You can call me XingYue as well, Mr. Han. I came here to check on your dad. I got a call about him being hospitalized here."
Looking down, he expressed with his broken voice. "It's all my fault. I should hear him out and join the company somewhat early."

Passing him the cup, she guaranteed. "It's not your fault, Mr. Han. We all know he has worried about the deals and his well-being not supporting him. At any rate, it caused you to understand that he needs you." Taking the cup, he gazed at her face as a sympathetic face said he had a shoulder to cry on he wished.
A pitiful grin shaped all the rage as he said thanks to her. "You're a brilliant assistant, my father advised me, and it appears as though he was correct."
Her lips bent into a dazzling grin when they heard a beeping sound.
The two of them stopped in their tracks to look at the light, which halted. Standing up, they ran towards the entryway as some medical caretaker took Mr. Han out and moved him to another ward. "How is he?" he inquired.
Passing him a grin, the surgeon answered. "Rest assured, our most talented surgeon came on time and saved him." Taking a sigh of relief, he bowed to him as he left. "Is he alright?" asked Xingyue.
"Indeed, he is."

Xi Song's POV

Removing my gloves and mask, I took a deep breath as another operation went successfully. I looked at Ms. Choi as she was staring outside the room. "What happened, Ms. Choi?"
Turning her head to me, she replied. "Nothing happened, Dr. Song. I saw the same lady who helped me to dress the wounds of a kid. She made me come here." Looking in the same direction as she was, I spotted a familiar girl talking to a guy who held my collars before.
Narrowing my eyes, I muttered. "Li XingYue?"

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