Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 3Happy Cooperation

CHAPTER 03 - Happy cooperation

"What are you doing, Xi Song?" asked Ling Xiao while sitting down alongside him.
Snapping the photo, he inclined internally, answering him. "Why do you walk so quietly? I can't hear your strides." Grinning, he winked. "That is my mysterious style." Peeking at the photograph he was holding, he grabbed it as Xi Song froze. "Give it back, Ling Xiao."
Standing up, he ran as he gazed at the photo. Challenging around, he smiled at him. "Who is this young lady?" Stepping to his feet, he grabbed the photo back as he immediately set it back. "She is the young lady I was looking for such a long time. Be that as it may, I don't have the foggiest idea of what she looks like? I just saw her in the more youthful days." Scratching his face, he inquired. "So the young lady you love isn't Chen Ting. It's this young lady?" Humming in answer, he peered down, concealing his consuming face. Taking his jacket, he pardoned himself.
"I have to go to meet that stranger. Wish me luck." He passed him a thumbs-up as he left the room.

XingYue's POV

When we showed up at the area, we looked for the person, yet he was mysteriously gone. Feeling depleted, we sat down as Xia Na contended. "Yueyue, your mate isn't reliable in any way." Glancing at my wristwatch, I reacted. "We came early, guys. We should wait a little more for him." Placing a hand on her stomach, Tang Xue held up. "I... I'm feeling a pain in my stomach. Would I be able to leave?" Looking at her worriedly, I let her go. "Sure, Tang Xue. Go and take some rest. You need it I guess."
Gesturing her head, she left the place as me and Xia Na continued sitting, waiting for that person. "Xia Na, how might we remember him?"
Shrugging her shoulder, she declared. "How might I tell you? I never see that person." Just when we were conversing, a tall person wearing a straightforward white-shaded shirt with a pair of blue denim pants while conveying a cream-hued, rich court in his grasp interrupted us. "Is it accurate to say that you are Li XingYue?"
Wincing, all finished, I squinted before replying. "Y-yes?"
Pulling a chair, he sat opposite me as I stared at his stony face. "Who are you, Mr?" asked Xia Na, glaring at him. With a blank face, he answered. "Who are you first?" "Y-you--" Cutting her words off, I held her arm, directing her to calm down as he noticed and let out a chuckle. "I have no time to see your dramas. I'm a doctor and my time is precious." Grinding her teeth, Xia Na sat beside me, while keeping glaring at him as he didn't even bother to exchange a glance with her.

Inclined internally, he laid his arms on the table as he talked in his imposing voice. "Coming directly forthright, little lady, back off from this marriage. I have no interest in marrying a noisy individual."
Wincing, I massaged my temples, answered. "I have no interest as well. Besides, I have a sweetheart, so ease off from this wedding. I have a deal for you." He gazed with his half-lidded eyes. "What is it?"
Motioning Xia Na to uncover the agreement, I stayed there unobtrusively as Xia Na began clarifying.

Xi Song's POV

When I got to know about it she had no interest either. I felt relieved. As soon as her friend started describing the plan, I listened to it while checking XingYue. She reminded me of that little girl, but before I gave more attention to my thoughts, her friends clapped her hands near my face, which snapped me back to my senses. "Are you deaf too?"
"Xia Na... If you don't mind, can we sign an agreement so that no one can back off after?"

Jabbing his cheeks, he murmured as he took out a pen from the pocket of his jacket. "Where to sign?" Taking out the record, I passed it to him as he marked it without understanding it. Passing me back, he laid back on his seat as I marked the agreement as well. A grin framed all the rage as I expanded my hand for a handshake. "Happy cooperation."
Glancing at my hand and again back to me, he thought for some time, making me humiliated. Biting my lips, I reclaimed my hand when he unexpectedly held it. "Happy cooperation."
His hands were feeling so particularly warm, as I never felt like this. Looking directly at me, he grasped his hand back, as I did likewise. Disregarding, he stood up and began leaving, just to be halted by me. "Hello, what's your name?"
Turning his head, he took a gander at me in astonishment. "Xi Song." Starting his name, he again turned around as I halted him once more. "On the off chance that... you wouldn't fret. Would you be able to give us a lift? We came here with her friend, but she went because of some personal reasons."
Glancing sideways, he strolled to us as my heartbeat hastily raised. Coming nearer to me, his searing breath touched my skin, sending a shudder down to my spine. Pulling my hair back on my earlobe, he murmured. "Think carefully a little and take a taxi from outside."
Leaning back, he placed some cash on the table as he laughed.
"No need to return me. Accept it as I drive you back." Gleaming his eyes, he strolled outside, leaving us unclear.
Blinking twice, I affirmed. "Did he just insult us?" Forming a punch with her fist, she pressed her lips firmly together, complaining. "Yueyue, marry anyone, but not this guy. I hate him so much."
Picking the money he left, I put it in the plastic paper as I placed it in my purse. "In the next meeting, he will regret his behavior."
Humming to me, she praised me. "Yes, don't leave him so easily. Let him taste his own medicine." Just when we were talking, I received a call from the company which made my jaw drop.
Picking the call, I asked. "Ms. Zhang? What happened?" In a worried tone, she explained. "Mr. Han is hospitalized. Please come here as soon as possible."
Upon hearing it, my heart skipped a beat as my hands started shivering that my phone almost slipped from my hands.

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