Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021


XingYue's POV

I felt lost as my hand began shaking, and my knees got numb. Freeze on my detectors, my lips shuddered as nothing emerged from my mouth.

Mother: I suppose you need a little to prepare, as I'm hanging. Come soon, alright?

Expressing this, she draped the call as I ran my hands through my hair. It's not what I needed throughout everyday life. Constrained marriage was never in my plans. Tears expanded in my eyes as I strolled back to my work area, looking for my encouraging friends.
Spotting them, I cried. "Xia Na..." Turning her head, she gazed at me with her wide eyes as she stood up, racing to me. "What happened, my sweetheart?"
Hearing my cries, Tang Xue rushed to my work area as she maneuvered me into her hug. "What's going on with you, XingYue? Advise us." With a broken voice, I answered. "My mother arranged my wedding with somebody. She didn't ask me and requested that I prepare for it." Gawking at their places, they looked at one another as Tang Xue scoured my back, shushing me. "Shh! We are still with you. If you don't want it, we'll not allow it to occur." Breaking the embrace, I took a gander at her with my puffy eyes. "My mother is not kidding this time."
Sitting down, they passed me their thoughts as I tuned in to them cautiously. "Firstly, be strong, don't cry." Humming in answer, I cleared mine detaches as they grinned, perking me up. "Good girl. Now the plan is you still don't know if the boy also wants this marriage or not? Let's assume he doesn't want to." Nodding our heads, we kept tuning in to Xia Na. "How about we settle an agreement with him to dismiss the wedding. Assuming he dismisses, everything halts, and you will be free similarly to previously." Appreciating her brilliant thought, we hailed her. "Goodness! Xia Na, if you are so good. Why don't you crack your deal and get a promotion?" advised Tang Xue.
Bringing it down her head, she murmured. "It's extreme. The person is giving me trouble." Cheering her up, I added. "Try not to stress over it. You are buckling down as of now. We should go to the location. I need both of you there." Dragging them alongside me, we disappeared together from the workplace as none of us had anything usual to do.
Tang Xue drove us to the location as I was sweating and played with my fingers when Xia Na noticed me. "XingYue, we are with you, yet you are still feeling nervous." Rolling my eyes, I responded. "It's not you who got set with a stranger." They chuckled at my situation as I just looked outside the window, crossing my arms, thinking. "How will he look? What if he refused? I'll not marry if he doesn't match my dream guy checklist."
Winds started blowing, making my hair hoisted in the air as a smile formed on my lips. "I'm coming to you, dear stranger."

Author's POV

Sneezing at his place, he wiped his sweat off as he took a deep gasp. "Another surgery is done." Placing a hand on his shoulder, a young lady commented. "You sneezed. Do you catch a cold?" Before he could answer, a guy interrupted. "Not at all, Cheng Cheng. He sneezed because his soon-to-be wife missed him."
Narrowing her eyes, she argued. "Wife? Xi Song, are you and Chen Ting getting married?" Glaring at the guy, he explained. "No, Zhou Cheng. My mom arranged my wedding with someone I don't know." Increasing her pitch, she uttered. "Then what about Chen ting? She is your girlfriend, Xi Song. How can you marry someone else?" Taking off his gloves, he opened the tap of the water, answering her. "I'll argue with my mom or convince the girl to back off."
Sighing at this place, the guy advised. "Why don't you just accept it? We all know, Chen Ting didn't even contact you in the past two years since she left the country. Maybe she forgets--"
Cutting off his words, the other guy muttered, glaring at him. "Wen Ren, it would be great if you don't advise others. Focus on your theories first."
Sealing his lips, he walked away as Zhou Cheng and others left too. Staring at the sink, Xi Song added. "Thank you for today, Ling Xiao." Passing him a smile, he caressed his arm. "Xi Song, take some rest. You have to go to meet her too. Don't worry about Chen Ting. I asked my friend to contact her." Humming in answer, he left the place.
Xi Song, quite possibly the most renowned and attractive doctor.
Dashing, delicate, a hit among the female staff, and unfailingly enchanting with reality and aspiration towards his work. He was an entertaining, cherishing man who changed into a cold-blooded individual since his beloved left him, leaving no sign for him as he began turning into a serious individual who didn't joke around and just to converse with his reserved friends. Adhered to his work, he was exhausted uniquely to cannot remember her, however somewhere inside, he felt ailing in reason.
Changing his clothes, he sat beside the locker, staring at her pictures.
"Chen ting, why did you leave me alone? Was I not good enough for you?" A tear escaped from his eyes as he quickly wiped it. Moving his hand to keep her photograph back to his wallet, another photo fell on the ground, leaving him dumbfounded. It was quite dusty, which seems like an old cherished picture. Leaning beneath, he almost reached the photo when someone conversed, making him flinch at his spot.

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