Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 15Visiting his family

CHAPTER 15 - Visiting his family

Author's POV

The next day shone brighter than yesterday. Taking a leave from the hospital, Xi Song went to meet his mom along with Xingyue.
"What do you think? Why do they want to meet us?" Keeping his intense look on the face, he replied. "I don't know. She didn't tell me anything."
Nodding her head, they walked inside the place, which seemed exceptionally royal. With her mouth partially opened, she turned her gaze around. "Wow! What a place? I felt like I'm in a castle."
Sneering at her, he stepped ahead when his mom noticed them. Waving her hand in the air, she shouted. "XI SONG, XINGYUE!! My babies are back." Wincing on a sudden voice rise, she glanced at Xi Song as he directed her. "She's my mom." Placing a hand on her mouth, she quickly planted her lovely smile while bowing to her. "Good morning, Aunt."
Pulling her into a hug, she replied. "Call me mom, dearie. You are already my daughter-in-law." Taking a glance at her, she was amazed by her beauty. "You're beautiful, just like my best friend. Jianjian, your daughter is so gorgeous."
Chuckling at her, a lady walked to them while Xingyue widened her eyes, screaming. "MOM??"
"Who else can it be? We invited you both to tell you something." Signing with her hands, his mom pulled them inside. "First, come inside. My babies visited me after such a long period. Xi Song, you become weak."
Keeping his gaze low, he responded. "Mom, it's only you who think like that. I'm well enough."
"The lunch is almost ready, babies. Xi Song, how about you give Xingyue a tour of our home?" Slightly nodding his head in agreement, he directed her as she followed.


Walking upstairs, she looked around, impressed by their style of living.
"Dr. Song, your home is so luxurious. I wonder if your girlfriend ever visited here." Wincing at his place, he stopped while she bumped on his back. "What's wrong?" With an intense look on his face, he turned around. "Don't ever talk to me about my girlfriend." With a shot glare, he moved away while she stood there, flickering her eyes, trying to process his words. "Did I say something wrong?"


Xingyue's POV

Walking back to the kitchen, I saw my mom and Aunt gossiping while giggling all over. Stepping forward, I sat beside them when his mom asked. "What happened, Xingyue? Is the tour over?"
Nodding my head slightly, I asked. "Aunt, can I ask something?"
Humming to me, she held my hands. "Ask whatever you want to know."
Pausing on my breath, I finally let it out. "Did Xi Song have any girlfriend before? Or someone he loves a lot?"
Shifting her to the ground, she gasped. "Xi Song had a childhood crush who he loved a lot. But after his dad got a promotion, we shifted to the USA. He felt empty inside because he left her alone. Also, after returning to China, he had a girlfriend who left him here alone."
Gripping my hand tight, she pleaded. "Xi Song is a sincere, caring kid. But he faced a lot of sorrow in his love life. Xingyue, please, never leave him alone. It's my only request to you."


Xi Song's POV
Sitting beside my balcony, I stared at her picture. It almost got yellowish, dusty, but the memories are alive inside it. My heart pierced, remembering her sobs while I left her back then. "Winter bear, I'm sorry for being with you. Please, come back. I need you."
Lowering my head, I shed my tears over her picture when I heard some footsteps. Wincing, I quickly hid her photograph as I wiped my tears. Turning my head back, I met Xingyue's worried face, who was almost about to cry. With a trembled chin, I stood up when she came to me. "I-I'm sorry for being an understandable person. I--"
Cutting her words off, I pulled her into a hug. "Let me hold you for a minute, and I'll forgive you, okay?"
Tugging on my arm, she hummed as I giggled, rubbing her back.
"I love her a lot, but I lost her too. Childhood love is endless. You may get along with someone but couldn't forget about them."
Nodding her head, she agreed. "I also have a person who I love the most. He left me all alone. After him, I got a lot of friends, guys who want to look after me. But there was something in my heart that didn't let me be with anyone. Maybe my feelings for him want me to wait for him a little more." Breaking the hug, I stared at her moist eyes as she added.
"But I have my boyfriend who takes care of me. He has been with me since childhood. We three were best friends. I know he is with me only to take care of me. He doesn't have feelings for me, nor I have."
"Life is full of mystery, Xingyue. You can't tell if you ever meet him or not?"


Author's POV

Wrapping the design cover, his mom held another item. "What do you think about this diamond one? It will look adorable on our baby, right?"
Nodding her head, her mom held another piece. "This ring looks more beautiful for Xi Song. What do you think?"
Humming, she chuckled when they came into the hall.
"Mom, what are you doing?" asked Xi Song.
Curling a smile all over her face, she showed him. "Look, Xi Song. Isn't this piece beautiful?"
Taking a glance at it, he hummed. "It's beautiful. Mom, you still haven't told us. Why did you invite us here?"
Pausing for a while, his mom stared at her mom. "We asked you out for an important message."
With a puzzled look on their face, they waited for them to continue.
"Xi Song, Xingyue. We did all the preparations behind your back. We set everything for your wedding. It's settled next week."
Upon hearing it, both choked in the air as their eyes got wide. "WHAT?"

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