Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 14Past or present?

CHAPTER 14 - Past or present?

Xingyue's POV

Walking out of the kitchen, I went near the dining table as I glanced at my phone. My eyes widened as I choked in the air. "Li Yubing?"
Squinting my eyes, I cleared my voice as I picked the call.

Me: Hello, Yubing. Long time no call or text.

Yubing: I'm sorry, Xing. I didn't take care of you well. I failed to be an ideal boyfriend. But I promise once I come back, all my attention will be on you.

Gazing down, I pressed my lips, assuming. "I don't know, Yubing. Will I be waiting for you or not?"
Taking a deep gasp, I replied to him.

Me: Focus on your business. We'll talk once you come back, okay?

Yubing: Deal, Xing. I love you.

As he said those words, it frowned on my spot as I wiggled.

Me: Hmm! I'm hanging now, bye.

Hanging the call, I exhaled noisily through my pursed lips when he asked. "What's wrong? Is there something bothering you?"
Taking my seat, I shook my head. "My boyfriend is returning soon. I don't know how to tell him about our marriage?" Ruffling my hair, I pouted. "We have to do something before he comes back."

Xi Song's POV

Taking a bite silently, I gulped it down along with the fact that she had a boyfriend. It's obvious, but in a short period, I felt like a home with her.
She became like a daily routine of my life. Cooking for her, arguing with her, everything related to her made me happy. I knew we would not end together. After the wedding day, she would leave my world.
Flushing, I stared at her as she was busy eating. I wished I could tell you how I started feeling about you. But I couldn't be the one for you.
"Xingyue, don't worry. As long as you don't want to, this marriage will not take place."
Biting her lips, she awkwardly smiled as I lowered my gaze.
Chewing the last bite, I stood up when she claimed. "Where are you going? You didn't even finish your food." Taking my coat, I smiled at her. "I have a night shift. I'm taking a half-day leave. Don't worry about me. Eat yours and go to sleep early." With my pursed lips, I went outward.
Working on the last operation, I came out of the room as I massaged my shoulders. "Xi Song, the night is over. You can go now. Rest well."
Stroking his arms, I nodded. "I will, once the case gets solved. I'm going to meet Yuwei." With his wide eyes, he tittered. "Why are you working hard for her? Don't tell me you fall for her already?"
Gritting my teeth, I hit his arm. "You better focus on your work."
Taking off my coat, I walked away as I went to the cafe I invited Yuwei.
Standing in front of the entrance, I switched the sound recorder on as I made my way to her. Tapping her feet, she shifted her gaze to me when I mutely sat opposite her. "What would you like to have, Xi Song? We're meeting after so long." Chewing my lips, I answered sincerely. "One cup of coffee is fine." Smiling at me, she ordered.
With a smirk plastered on my face, I urged. "Yuwei, you know I'm a straightforward person. Let's not waste time. Tell me, why are you plotting against Xingyue?"
Pausing on her spot, she snickered. "Why do you always care about others, Xi Song? At first, Chen Ting and now Xingyue. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU." Pursed my lips, I leaned back. "Yuwei, I see you as a good friend of mine. Can you not hurt Xingyue for me? Please, I beg you."
"Why can't you love me back, Xi Song? I'm better in all aspects than Xingyue." Lowering my gaze, I stood up. "You're not Xingyue. If you ever love me, Yuwei, commit your crime. Don't hurt innocent between us."
Banging on the table, she stood up. "Yes, I made a trap for Xingyue. She doesn't deserve to be your fiancée. She can't have all the happiness."
"Zhang Yuwei, stop envying others. I hope you can find your own happiness. As a friend, I can only wish the best for you."
Adjusting my shirt, I walked away.

Xingyue's POV

I was sitting, hugging my knees. Irritated, my phone started ringing as I picked it.

Me: Hello? What happened, Xia Na?

Whooping from the other side, she screamed.

Xia Na: Xingyue, someone proves your innocence. According to the source, a stranger sent a voice recording to the president where Yuwei committed her crime.

My lips curved into a smile as tears formed in my eyes.

Me: Are you serious?

Xia Na: Yes!! She resigned from her position and also took the blame for poison.

Shutting my eyes, I pressed my lips, feeling relieved. As I was about to talk, the door wide opened, revealing Xi Song. Giving a smile to me, he walked inside as I hung up.
Running to him, I jumped in excitement as I quickly pulled him, hugging his waist. "Xi Song, I got proved innocent."
With his hands shaking, he rubbed my back, humming. "Congrats to you, Xingyue."
Realizing what I did, I stepped back as I put aside my hair falling on my eyes. "I-I'm sorry. I got excited."
With a gentle smile on his face, he patted my head. "It's okay. Let's celebrate it with Hotpot tonight." Leaving me speechless, he walked towards the kitchen.
Touching my cheek with one hand, I felt my cheeks heating. Sneering, I blinked as I recalled how he patted my head.
My hands rubbed against my cheeks as a puzzling emotion took place in my heart. Squinting, I tried to control my heartbeat, which was rapidly rising. "What is wrong with me? Am I feeling attractive towards... him?"

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