Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 13Signal of love?

CHAPTER 13 - Signal of love?

Xingyue's POV

Walking as fast as I could, I arrived at an alley where I saw no other way to escape. Shivering, I turned back as I heard a man laughing like a maniac.
He covered his face with a black mask as his hands were holding a knife. Gulping hard, I stepped back as he moved closer to me. "Is he coming to kill me?" I assumed.
Stepping back again, my back clasped with the wall as I sweated.
Horrified, I shut my eyes when he was about to stab me with the knife.
Squinting, I felt a touch as I peeked with my half-opened eyes.
Glancing back, I saw Han Shuo murmuring in pain. "HAN SHUO!!"

Holding him in my arms, I looked into his eyes as he was about to close his eyes. "Keep your eyes open, Han Shuo." Tears formed in my eyes when the man again moved to me. But out of nowhere, someone appeared as he kicked him, pushing him out of the way. Lifting my chin, I gazed at the man as a whisper escaped from my lips. "Xi Song?"
Turning his head, he met my moist eyes as his eyes melted down when a tear escaped from his eyes. "Are you okay, Xingyue?" Nodding my head instantly, I peeked at Han Shuo. "But he got injured."
Unfolding his clothes, he moved me aside as he picked Han Shuo in his arms. "Let's go."

Han Shuo's POV

Feeling a slight headache, I massaged my temples as I slowly opened my eyes. It all seemed blurred to my vision as I squinted. "Where am I?"
Abruptly, someone held my hand as she spoke. "Han Shuo, are you okay? You are in the hospital." Recognizing the voice, I calmed myself down. "Xingyue, I'm all fine. Don't worry." Rubbing my forehead, I blinked as I gazed at my hand, which was attached to the dripping needle.
Gaining our attention, someone coughed aloud.
"How are you feeling, Mr. Han?"

Turning my head, I rolled my eyes. "Why do you care about me, Xi Song?"
Poking his cheeks, he showed his ID card. "You are my patient. And as a doctor, I have to take care of yours."
Sitting beside Xingyue, he took out his pen as he asked. "How are you feeling? Anything suspicious?" Glancing away, I answered. "Not at all. I want to get discharged as soon as possible." Sighing on my comment, he stood up. "Mr. Han, you can't go anywhere for two days. You have to stay here in the hospital under my observation." Rolling his eyes, he walked away as Xingyue chased after him.

Xingyue's POV

Running to him, I shouted his name. "DR. SONG!!"
Flinching at his place, turning to me, he hushed. "Watch your mouth. It's a hospital."
Catching my breath, I laid a finger on my lips as I whispered. "I want to talk to you."
"Same here. Come with me." Walking ahead, he left me dumbfounded as I chased after him once again.
He took me back to that garden as my lips curved into a grin, recalling how he calmed me before. "What happened? Are you not sitting?"
Snapping back to reality, I nodded as I took my seat beside him. "What do you want to talk about, Xi Song?"
Gazing at the stars, he gasped. "Why did you go to that place? You know the place is mostly known for robbery. All criminals are there."
Playing with my fingers, I eyed down as I spoke. "Sister Yuwei asked me to go there. I can't refuse to help her."
Out of the blue, he held my hand, making me stare into his eyes.
"Xingyue, I'm stopping you from meeting anyone. But can you keep a distance from Zhang Yuwei? Please, I beg you." "But why?"
Concerned, he pursed his lips.
"Please, for me, don't follow anything she says to you. She is plotting against you. You're too innocent to understand it."

Smiling at me, he stood up. "Let's go home. You must be tired."

Smiling back to him, I asserted. "Sure. I'll cook for you today."
Holding my hand, he walked further as I remained speechless. It was the first time when I felt my heart pounding for someone. Weird feelings enclosed me, leaving a redness on my face.


Reaching home, I changed my clothes into comfortable ones as I walked to the kitchen. Taking out some fresh vegetables, I washed them while the pan was heating. I started chopping some onions when he entered.
"Do you need any help?" Shaking my head as no, I once again focus on my job. Standing there, he stared at me as I tried to wipe my tears with the back of my hand when he uttered. "Are you sure about it? Don't you need my help?" "I don't need your help, Xi Song."
Tapping his feet, he frequently waited no longer as he snapped the knife from my hands, pushing me back. "What are you doing?"
Shutting his eyes in frustration, he snorted. "Sometimes, it's good to ask for help."
Moving closer, he wiped those tears with the help of tissue as I remained speechless. "I-I promise to cook for you today."

Smiling at me, he wore the apron as he replied. "Cooking alone is not good when you have a talented chef beside you. Let's cook together."
Turning back, he started chopping those onions as I smiled wholeheartedly. "He is not that bad though," I thought.
Taking out the fresh meat, I put it into the frying pan.
Grilling it, I glanced at him as my eyes froze on his facial features. He looked so attractive. As I was about to speak, my phone buzzed out of nowhere, making me lament. Walking out of the kitchen, I went near the dining table as I glanced at my phone. My eyes widened as I choked in the air. "Li Yubing?"

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