Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 12Pages of past


Xi Song's POV

"I promise her mom will protect her. I can't back off from it." Taking the file from his hands, I unopened it and started reading her details when something caught my eyes as I narrowed my eyes. Taking the phone, I dialed a number, not knowing if it still worked or not?

??: Hello?

Gasping, I stammered.

Me: You still use this number, Han Shuo.

Clearing his throat, he answered.

Han Shuo: It's my choice. What's the reason behind calling me?

Me: I want to meet you. It's related to Xingyue's case.

Han Shuo: Okay. I will send you the location.

Humming, I hung up the call as I looked down when he asked.
"What's wrong, Xi Song?" Staring at the ceiling, I answered. "Nothing is wrong. Take my shift for today. I have something to deal with."
Taking my belongings, I left the place.

Xingyue's POV

Leaning my forehead on the desk, I gazed down, thinking about my life. It seems like everything has gone against me. Was I wrong somewhere? Why was it happening to me? Life turned into a miserable road with no end. Closing my eyes, I recalled my memories with my dad.


Catching my breath, I ran to my dad as he picked me up, rounding me in the air. "Paa! Why does this lake seem so empty?"
Holding me in his arms, he pointed towards the cloud as I glanced at them. "The lake is not empty, but do you know why it felt empty? Because it has lacked somewhere. Life is like this lake when more people enter. You will look filled, but you feel empty because no one is there with whom you can share your feelings." Patting my head, he added. "Always remember, Xingyue. In your life, you have to keep every step carefully. You have to understand not every drop of rain is good for you. Some are like a tsunami, which can destroy you too."

*Flashback ends*

Was someone plotting against me? Someone who I knew but could never read the true face. Narrowing my eyes, I stood up as I was about to leave when Yuwei came to me. "Xingyue, are you going somewhere?" Gazing at her, I bowed to her as I smiled. "Yes, Ms. Zhang. I'm about to go." "Can you do me a favor? Can you buy some vinegar from SR mart near the main pool?" Nodding my head, I replied. "Sure, no problem. I will buy it for you."
Bowing to her, I took my leave as I went to the place.

Author's POV

Knocking on the table, Xi Song gazed at the man sitting opposite him as he gritted his teeth. "Let's not discuss our past, Han Shuo. I want you to tell me something about your employee Zhang Yuwei." Unwrapping his arms, he leaned inwards as he asked. "Zhang Yuwei? What's with her?"
Leaning back, Xi Song answered. "Xia Na told me that Yuwei dislikes Xingyue. When I took her details out, I found out she was our former mate who had a crush on me."
Forcing a laugh, he asked. "So, are you saying that Yuwei did it to Xingyue because she found out about your engagement? Are you kidding me?"
Pronouncing a sigh, he added. "Xi Song, I don't know if you are the reason for her revenge. But I think Zhang Yuwei is behind all of this."


Han Shuo' POV

Running down to the stairs, I jumped up from the staring, which stopped the person. It was a girl wearing a black pair of shirt and pants. Her face was covered with a mask, making it difficult for me to recognize her.
Stepping back, she clasped to the wall as I threatened her, glaring.
Gulping, she tried to escape as I stopped her.
She was struggling in my arms when her mask came out as I glanced at her face. "Zhang Yuwei?" My arms got numb as she pushed me, running out of the building.

*Flashback ends*

"I think we have to find the clip where the poison was getting mixed in his drink." "Han Shuo, keep an eye on her. I'm feeling like something is going to be wrong."

Xi Song's POV

After a short meeting with Han Shuo, I decided to come back to the hospital. But I didn't know why I felt like something was wrong. My inner soul asked me to call her and ask if she was okay or not?
Feeling desperate, I thought no longer as I took my phone out and dialed her number.
Picking the call, she asked me in a low voice.

Xingyue: What happened, Xi Song?

Creasing my brows, I asked.

Me: Why are you whispering? Where are you?

With a cracking voice, she replied as she gulped.

Xingyue: Xi Song, I'm feeling like someone is following me.

Pulling my brows together, I waited no longer as I asked her location.

Me: Send me your location. I'm coming to you. Don't be scared.

Keeping the call, I ran towards the car as I found her location.

Me: I'm coming, okay?

She hummed in her weeping voice as I started driving.

Coming out of my car, I ran nearer her location as I searched around for her. "XINGYUE!! XINGYUE!!"
Running around, I looked everywhere, only to be disappointed.
Catching a breath, I went nearer to an old factory. As I gazed down, I saw two shadows that made me narrow my eyes as I lifted my chin, only to see a man holding a knife in his hand.
Shifting my gaze, I spotted Xingyue, who stood opposite him, frowned.
He took small steps to her as he showed the knife to her. "Sooner or later, you'll die, Miss Li."
Stepping ahead, he grabbed the knife tightly as he was about to stab her.
My knees got numb as I shouted with all my lungs out. "XINGYUE!!"

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