Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 11Find the culprit


Author's POV

The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the scene. Lifting her head, she glanced at the clock as it showed seven of the morning.
Doing her daily pieces of stuff, she moved downstairs as she smelled something delicious. "Hmm!! It looks like Dr. Song woke up early."
Chuckling at her comment, he placed the dishes on the table as he replied. "I'm a doctor. I woke earlier than others and stayed up at night too. Come and eat. I'll drop you at your office."
Playing with her fingers, she brushed her hair back as she messaged Han Shuo. "Han Shuo, you don't need to come here. My cousin will drop me."
Placing her phone on the table, she sat opposite him.
"Xi Song, I know it's tough for you to let a stranger stay at your place. So thank you for letting me in." Taking a bite of bread, he chuckled. "You're talking like you mean nothing to me. Although we wouldn't say yes to marriage till then, you are still my fiancée."

Xingyue's POV

Taking our belongings, he drove me to my office as it melted my heart. I always wished someone would drop me at the office.
Smiling at him, we both came out of the car as he waved at me. "It's time for me to go back I guess." Gazing down, I smiled. "Yeah, I guess so."
Just then someone pulled me into a side hug as I frowned. "Xingyue, I'm so happy to see you fine."
Recognizing the voice, I broke the hug. "Han Shuo, I told you I'm okay."
Brushing my hair, he looked at me with his innocent eyes as someone coughed. "Xingyue, is this how your boss welcomed every employee?"
Clenching his jaw, he shifted his gaze to him only to be frozen at his place. "W-what are you doing here?"
Pinching my lips, I argued. "Surprise, cheater."
Glaring, he held his collar as I widened my eyes. "Cheater was you, Xi Song, not me." Pushing him back, he shouted. "IT WAS YOU WHO BACK OFF THE DREAM."
Shouting back, he added. "WHO GAVE UP FIRST? I LEFT ALONE IN THIS BATTLE."
Blinking constantly, I asked. "D-do you guys know each other?"
Rolling their eyes, they turned to me. "Is he your lost cousin, Xingyue?"
Wrinkles formed across his forehead as he cackled. "Cousin? Seriously?"
Glancing sideways, I replied. "Ugh! Yeah..." Crossing his arms, he glared at me as I delivered my message to him within my eyes. "I'm so sorry."
Holding my hand, he rolled his eyes.
"Let's go, Xingyue. DOCTORS don't have time for us."
Scratching my forehead, I walked inside, leaving him exasperated.

Han Shuo's POV

As we entered, I saw a rage on my dad's face as he directed us to come in. Bowing to him, we stood beside our colleagues as I asked.
"Dad, what are you doing here?" Showing me his hand, he stopped me as I gulped. "Who dares to leak the information to the media?"
Swallowing hard, all gazed down as he raised his voice. "I ASKED WHO DARES TO LEAK THE INFORMATION?"
Glaring at Yuewei, I clenched my fist as she looked down.
Leaning forward, Xingyue made dad sit down on the chair as she passed him a glass of water. "Mr. Han, don't stress yourself. We'll find the culprit soon." Placing a hand on his chest, he tried to catch a breath as we looked at him worriedly. "Dad, I'll find the real culprit soon. I promise I'll protect Xingyue."

Xi Song's POV

Wearing my coat, I moved to my cabin as Miss Choi bowed to me.
"Good morning, Dr. Song. Someone sent you a package. It's on your desk."
Humming, I made my way to my cabin as I entered.
"Morning, Ling Xiao." Waving, he asked. "What is on your desk?"
Taking out my mask, I sat on the chair as I answered. "Information related to Xingyue's case."
Narrowing his brows, he sat beside. "Woah! Are you falling for her?"
Flicking on his head, I glared. "Stop joking around. I'm doing it for her mom."


In the night, I was sleeping peacefully.
Until I heard a beeping sound coming from my phone.
Rubbing my eyes, I glanced at the phone as it was a call from Xingyue's mom.
Moving to the balcony, I picked the call.

Aunt: Xi Song, did I disturb you?

Shaking my head as no, I replied.

Me: How can you, aunt? Has something happened lately?

Sighing, she answered in a worried tone.

Aunt: Xi Song, I know you already know about the recent case of Xingyue. I'm getting old already. I want you to take care of her for me. Please, Xi Song.

Me: What are you saying, Aunt? I'll surely look after her.

Chuckling, she spoke.

Aunt: I know you also don't want to get married. But I'm helpless. Her dad always wished to see her wedding. But at least before I die, I want to secure a life for her, secure a person who can give a shoulder to her when she wants to cry.

Me: Aunt, I promise you. I will protect her from every storm.

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