Intense Love
By Sevenstar
Date: August 11, 2021
Ch. 10When the heart talks your feelings

CHAPTER 10 - When the heart talks your feelings

Author's POV

Gulping down, he took his phone out as he called his friend. "Ling Xiao, do you know the other way of exiting the hospital?" Humming, he replied. "Yeah, there is a way behind the hospital. But what happened?" Holding her hand, he directed her as Xia Na pushed her. "Xingyue, just go with him. Don't worry about anything, okay?" Glancing sideways, she nodded her head in agreement as they ran away.
Taking his car, Ling Xiao waited for them near the gate.
Waving at him, Xi Song approached him. "Thank you, Ling Xiao. Can you handle the matter?" Smiling at him, he stroked on his arm. "Of course, I'm the master after all. Don't be concerned, sister-in-law needs you more this time." Peeking at her, he bowed. "Hello, sister-in-law. I'm Ling Xiao. One of the best surgeons here--" Cutting his words off, he sided him.
"Okay! Do your introduction some other time. Xingyue, sit inside." Rolling her eyes, she sat inside as he started driving.

Xi Song's POV

Taking her belongings, I opened the door as I directed her to come inside. Stepping inside, she looked around. "Xingyue, you have to stay here till I tell you, okay?"
Crossing her arms, she approached me. "Why? Can you just tell me about what is happening, Dr. Song?" Sighing at my place, I asked her to sit down on the couch as she did. "Xingyue, the situation is out of control. Someone leaked the news about you. The media is finding you like a crazy bird." With an empty stare, she snickered. "So what? That doesn't mean I did something wrong? Or you also think I'm a criminal?" Putting my finger on her lips, I shushed her. "Shh! Even if the world is against you, I'll support you." Staring deep down into my eyes, she asked. "Why?"
Leaning a little closer, I cupped her face. "Because to me, you mean something I can't even tell."
Squinting her eyes, she urged. "Xi Song, I want to cry." Putting her head on my shoulder, I covered her eyes. "Cry it out. I'm here."

Xingyue's POV

Letting my tears out, I cried all over until my heart felt empty. Resting back, I wiped them off when my stomach growled.
Giggling, he took his coat out. "It looks like someone is hungry." Forcing a laugh, I headed down when he stood up. "I'm hungry too. Let me cook something, okay?" Walking to the kitchen, he took out the pan. As he poured some oil on it, heating it.
Massaging my temples, I glanced at my phone as it showed missed calls from Han Shuo. Taking a deep breath, I called him. As soon as he picked it up, he started panicking.

Han Shuo: Xingyue, are you okay? Are you safe?

Shushing him, I replied in a lowkey voice.

Me: I'm all safe, Han Shuo. But I guess I became a burden for you.

Getting mad on the other side, he yelled.

Han Shuo: Don't dare to call yourself a burden. Just stay safe.
I'll handle it for you. Also, send me your location. Dad asked us to visit him tomorrow morning.

Drawn down the corners of my mouth as I replied in a gloomy voice.

Me: He must be feeling disappointed in me. I lowered our company status down.

Han Shuo: Xinyue, take some rest. You're overthinking. It's not your fault. Cheer up.

Whispering in response, I hung up as I smelled something savory.
Leading to the kitchen area, I stood up behind him as I said. "Do you need any help?"
Flinching at his place, he turned back instantly, which caused me to fall. Panicking, he held my waist, which stopped me from falling to the ground. Meeting my eyes, he stared at me as I stared back.
For a moment, everything seemed to stop at their places as he extended his one hand, brushing my hair back, sending a shiver down my spine.
A smile appeared on my lips as I squinted my eyes, making a pout with my lips.

Xi Song's POV

Holding her in my arms, I looked deep down into her ocean eyes. I felt a sudden rise in my heartbeat as it increased out of nowhere. Staring at her facial features, I noticed her as she shut her eyes, forming a kiss pose with her lips. Creasing my brows, I waved my hand at her, asking. "What are you doing, Xingyue?" With her wrinkled brows, she passed a shaky smile. "I-I was... exercising my lips. Yeah, it's good for the lips." Pressing my lips, I tried to control my laugh as I thought. "She can't even play boldly."
Poking my cheeks with the help of my tongue, I chortled. "Yeah, you were just EXERCISING with your lips." Scratching her forehead, she glanced away. "Okay, the food is ready. Let's eat." Holding her arm, I pulled her as she bumped on my chest, raising my heart to beat faster.

Xingyue's POV

Bumping on his chest, I heard a dark vibration. It was his heart that was beating fast. Placing my ear nearer, I closed my eyes, feeling like his heart was saying something to me. It felt like I heard it somewhere else too, but I couldn't remember where?
Passing empty stares, I stepped back as he looked away. His cheeks were red like a love apple. With minimal eye contact, I approached him.
"Look, the food is about to burn." Turning back, he panicked as he turned off the gas stock.
Taking out the plates, he placed them on the table as he waved at me. "What are you thinking?" With a cocked head, I replied. "Nothing much, When I heard your heartbeat, I found it similar, as I heard it before."
"Really?" Nodding my head, I took a bite as I chewed it. "Delicious."

Han Shuo's POV

Throwing the files on the desk, I joined my hands to my forehead, shutting my eyes. It was getting more stressful as I joined yesterday and today I had to deal with a serious matter.
But no matter what, I knew she was not involved in this.
Lifting my chin, I peeked at the door as I saw someone's shadow. Narrowing my eyes, I stood up. "Who is there? Come out."
Upon listening to me, the person ran away as I chased him.
Running down to the stairs, I jumped up from the staring, which stopped the person. It was a girl wearing a black pair of shirt and pants. Her face was covered with a mask, making it difficult for me to recognize her.
Stepping back, she clasped to the wall as I threatened her, glaring. "WHO ARE YOU?"

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