By EraRexon
Date: April 28, 2021
Ch. 1Prologue

Strength and virtues flow in blood, each drop carrying generations of honor and value. When a seed is formed what comprises its core is the very tree from which it had generated and yet here is the story of a girl who neither had the values of blood nor a single resemblance from the people bringing her to life.
Here is the tale of Aurora Waylon.

Fears and nightmares never plagued me, for I have lived years inside those hell flames and yet came out unscathed. The thought of death did not froze me for I have accepted death a long ago, just like a solider at war accepting the idea of a dreamless sleep but not accepting defeat.
What I had learnt in my small short life was traumatizing yet I was a victim that forgot to feel the trauma. I felt one emotion and that was loyalty.
Loyalty towards my regime.
But the very second emotion that ruled my heart was hatred. I was a product of hatred, my birth giver was a lowly prostitute and the sperm donor was a slave trader in the illegal world of human trafficking. At the age of three I was sold to the auction but the world had its own ways of revolving and time has never been bound to anyone.
What started as my ruination was actually the beginning of a new dawn in the history. I dont remember much yet the story narrated by one of the guards that retired from the mafia dynasty told me the event word by word and I imagined it happening infront of my eyes as if a reel was playing showcasing the events of pasts.
When I was just a girl of three.
Rotten and reeking with stench for not being bathed for several days I, a child on the verge of passing out from hunger laid at the very corner of a dingy room which had algae growing on the walls from the dirty water that seeped through the ceiling.
Cockroaches and termites ran ate the very foundations of the place I was left to die or was it?
I was collapsing and would have been awarded death but there he was, infront of my crying face, the blurry figure of a man darker than death himself. How ironic it was to be loved and cared for even when you were the most abhorrent creature.
There he was wrapping me as a bundle, his eyes full of warmth and stature lowered on knees infront of me as if he was not the emperor himself, as if I was not an abandoned hated mouse straight out of sewer and yet he had pulled me close to his comforting and safe embrace, holding me close like a treasure.
My birthgivers called me useless but that god walking among the undeserving men had named me that day.
I was no longer a useless creature, I was Aurora Ajax Waylon. The only daughter of the mafia godfather Ajax Waylon who clutched me tightly in his arms as if he was afraid that I would disappear.
I was the beloved daughter of the Queen of Mafia dynasty, Alaina Waylon whom her husband loved even more than the entire universe combined.
I was the sister of the Ares Waylon who would crumble the earth into dust at my one demand.
And then I was the mafia princess born to expand my reign and rule the world.
My hatred had a meaning, a purpose and a reason. Anyone that was a threat to my father was hated by me I had taken an oath the moment I regained my senses.
My family was to be protected at any cost, if I was the jewel of the crown of Ajax Waylon then he, my father was the blood flowing in my veins.
I would never love, never fall for anyone.
My Regime was my duty.
But unknown to me a man with silver eyes was my weakness.

Aurora's pov
"Please introduce yourself." The teacher, Mr Harrison nodded his head at me in what seemed as an encouraging smile.
"Hello, my name is Aurora." Several snickers resonated from the background while I stood in the center of the spacious classroom looking coldly at the people who either looked bored of me or simply gave a disdainful look.
This was my third school this year, and the people sitting infront of me were the heirs and children of the caporegimes belonging to the old crime branches of the dynasty. Since the assassination attempt last year my father had send me first to Spain then Cuba and finally here I was in Costa Rica following him everywhere he went.
"Aurora what? Which clan do you belong to?" The sixteen year olds who were sleeping now had their back straightened. There was only one purpose for them and that was to make friends with the strongest contenders and form alliances, friendship was formed on the virtue of desire in mafiaso.
While my brother had the knowledge of how the things truly work here in depth, I just followed his footsteps and try to copy his silence and calm,
"Aurora Reece" We were so close to know that who had such large guts and such foolish mind to attack our Waylon mansion so now hiding my identity became even more important thus pushing me to use my mother's middle name as my patronym.
"Since when do we have these lowly beings trying to fit among us." My eyes snapped to the boy almost mingling in the background yet how could he, as if the people around him were boosted by his words the mocking giggles and laughs poured out but I had no worries.
Small little people trying to make me feel embarrassed and nothing else but the one that truly mocked me held my interest.
Just like the water that had splashed onto the rocks after flowing down from the waterfall and reflecting in warm sunlight, his silver irises were glowing. So many emotions and expressions were hidden there and that face.....truly exquisite.
And at one glance I could say he had my interest.
Such guts to call me a lowly being yet when I raised a brow, my boots clanking on the ground as I neared him, placing my bag on the seat beside him and taking my place the whispers died down and the teacher cleared his throat, the boy's eye widening before he looked at me intensely.
"Alright let us begin."
Now that you have attracted this princess's attention, let me peel of layer by layer and see how much dare you have to establish your dominance to scare me away, it was very less that I found things to play and now that I have I wasn't willing to let go this easily.
"How dare you sit beside me!"
"Either you are blind or having some serious illness, is this your father's school? I will sit wherever the fuck I like." such ravishing looks yet so foul character.....truly disappointing.
He must have not expected that answer making him fall into silence.
"Yes, this is my father's school."
That was the first conversation we had and since that time I had started hating him. What was the character and personality of a person who pushes weak people to establish their superiority...simply disgusting.
I had encountered so many people but he was the one I truly despised from my heart, those silent innocent emotions I had seen in those silver irises the first day faded in comparison to who he truly appeared to be.
His name that resonated through the halls taking him as some petty leader was what I did not wished to hear, he had poured water on my head for sitting beside him and I had endured for his destiny was in my hands.
Hector Asis was a bully.
He derived pleasure, a sense of sadistic satisfaction when people bowed to him, worshipped him and accepted that he was the most powerful but then I saw immeasurable fear in them, he was nothing but someone who was afraid and unloved, it reflected in him.....every step he took and ever where he went there was a deep embedded melancholy and insecurity.
The people say truly, the weakest are the ones who are cruel, he was one of them....considering himself at the top of the hierarchy yet somehow not even worthy of the lowest.
He tormented me in his small childish ways because somehow even for the devil, touching a woman was off limits and which his each prank I grew irritated. Somehow he brought the child in me which died long ago and for that I was even angrier. He never harmed me or I would have killed him and thus he survived his pathetic two faced life.
And I had absolutely no sympathy for such creature, I abhorred him.
I was a fool to not realize, deeper the hatred...the more the love ran.
Who told him to change one day, bow his head and endure every single moment as if paying for all his sins one by one.
The Hector I had known was despicable but then the Hector I was going to know will be my weakness.

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