Fond of Erato
By mheixccc
Date: April 29, 2021
Ch. 1Erato

"Erato Asterial and Jade Fuentabella?"

I gasped and brought my hand unto my mouth because of the excitement.

I felt his hard chest bumped from my behind, his hands traced my s-line and volts of electricity have made their way in any passage of my body in all possible ways.

"Erato, I am invited?"

I can't believe that I'll be able to attend an exclusive event of Asterial Empire. But that's not just the part that excites me the most. It's because finally, I can be with him in this kind of public events and not just public because It's the Asterial Empire who's hosting this party.

Who would not be happy if you get invited by one of the most exclusive family in this country? And not only that, because of this invitation, attached to my name is his name.


I craned my neck when I felt the warmth of his breath, giving him more access while his lips are tracing every inch of it in a softest way.

"A-and I'm coming with you?"

I said gasping my breath. At this point, I'm not sure what excites me the most. Is it the invitation? The thought of being with him? Or the touches and his pecks on my skin?

The thin shiny fabric wrapping into my skin can't even defend the shivers that he's giving me right now. His touches was sure and soft yet it gives an uneven discernment.

"Yeah. You're coming with me."

Him, giving a clear diction to that word.

The loose string of my dress fell from my shoulders as he continue to roam his fingertips on my body. Not even sure, because butterflies are too cliché to describe what's inside me.

I faced him and looked at his eyes, his eyes are malicious and his lips are moist, calling for me to kiss it.

But instead of doing what's inside my head, I slowly knelt in front of him and slid my fingers from his chest down to his pelvis, without even breaking our sight.

He did not move, I smirked looking up at him. The perfect shape of his jaw is more visible because of the kneeling.

"Erato, I'm down on my knees." I uttered under my breath.

He breathed sexually and grabbed a handful of my hair and did the honor to remove his belt.

It feels like demons have come up to heaven to save me, because I don't belong in there. It was sinful. But this ...

This is the guilt that will save you. 

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