Sky's the Limit
By mheixccc
Date: April 27, 2021
Ch. 63Argument


He shook and touched the fore finger to my lip.

"Don't throw a fit, I'm the one who's mad here."


Can't believe I said that to him. I looked in Justine's direction and tried to get closer to say goodbye. But when I stood up he immediately touched my wrist.

"What? I'll let the pope know because I'm going home."

"Then let's go."

He said lazily and pulled me in Justine's direction. I blinked and removed his hold on me. I passed him and straightened Justine.

"Justine, I'll be the first."

His face turned to me lightly but when he saw what was behind me his expression went blank. The brute's arms snaked around my waist and Justine turned her gaze there.

"Let's just catch up on the message."

He looked at Levi still competing with each other's eyes.

"Well, okay. Tomorrow then?"

"I'll still check my schedule."

He nodded and held out his hand to Levi.

"Nice to meet you Engineer."

Levi said nothing and just held out Justine's hand. I let out a heavy sigh and a goodbye to Justine left me there. Levi left but I think he followed too.

"Where are you going? We're not yet done talking."

I increased my steps but without any difficulty he just kept up with me. Ugh!

Outside I could see my car and his SUV. I was going in the direction of my car but he pulled me into his car.

"Levi! I want to go home!"

"We'll talk first. Where are you keys?"

I saw a man next to his car. None of myself reached for my key, he quickly handed it to the man and went to my car. I didn't have time to howl because he had already opened the door so I went in there.

"I went to shoot you, I didn't catch you."

I will not spill on what he said. I don't want to talk. The past few minutes have been quiet. We almost heard cricket in the silence. I can hear her sighs.

"You're good at this. I'm the one who should be mad here, why I'm suddenly at fault now?"

I heard a few quiet whispers from him and another sigh. I still don't say a word. Hold it in Ava, hold it in.

"Where do you want to go then? Have you eaten your lunch already? You don't want to talk to us, might as well eat your lunch."

I just looked outside, the road, people, cars ... buildings-

"Why don't you just invite your woman?"

His eyes widened a bit when he took a glance of me. I can't control myself anymore, I'm good and enduring my emotions but when it comes to his women I seem to be losing my temper.

"I'm with my girlfriend, which woman are you talking about?"

"I'm serious Levi, I wish you'd just met your woman at another coffee shop. What will happen if the photos spread there again!"

"That was a close friend of my family, she's nearly in her thirties and she just passed by there so hello to me. Why are you suddenly mad about this when in fact you're receiving this flower from someone else? And really? You'll deliver it to hotel? He seems okay standing with his feet Ava."

My nostrils and flaring up, both embarrassed and annoyed at what he said. Damn him! I focused on the outside because I could feel the heat on my face.

Even though he said that, I still didn't seem convinced. I kept thinking about Molly, the other girl on her office and that girl I saw on my first day in VREC.

"I said where do you want to eat?"

He said emphatically.

"I don't want to eat!"

Can't help raising my voice. Disgusted as if he was just ignoring my embarrassment.

"Oh, you're raising your voice now baby."

He said mockingly.

"Please, let's talk about this later. You need to eat your lunch."

He said softly as if he was comforting me and running out of patience.

"You take care of your life."

I nodded and reluctantly looked outside. He laughed faintly. I'm sure he's disgusted with me too.

I heard nothing from him but his car sped up. It was as if I suddenly grew cold because I knew he was furious with my attitude.

What the hell did I just do ... Few minutes drive, the direction was familiar to me. We're on his building.

Memories from the last time I'm here flashed. It was as if something had stung my stomach because it had gotten so messy. He drift into an empty slot of his private parking and in a gasped, he dragged my arms and met his lips with mine.

A loud moan escaped in me when I felt the strong impact of my lips to him. Like a hungry animal eating his prey with vigor. My whole being seemed to be consumed by what he did. Fire spread in my body like wild fire.

Wasn't able to breath properly because he's pressing his whole weight on me. When I recovered I returned the attacks of his kiss. I felt the bullets of sweats in his nape when I cupped his face.

His hands crawl up in between of my bust. I moaned on his lips, a flick of his hand there removed a button of my chiffon long sleeve. Another set of fire spread into my system.

In anticipation of bringing it to the next level, I shifted myself without breaking our kisses. I climbed on his thighs. His legs are in between of my legs. He groaned on what I did. I slowly combed her hair because of the overflowing feeling.

His palm are on my waist, suddenly feeling so small with his touch. Both of his palm crawled upwards and cupped my breast. I let go of his lip to bite my own lip because of the moan that was being suppressed.

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