Sky's the Limit
By mheixccc
Date: April 26, 2021
Ch. 51I R18

"Yes. I accept that Levi. That even I have all the things that I want in this world the only person that I need will never be mine alone."

"Baby, I don't have any idea what you're talking about."

"Yes you have! You are supposed to be married-"

"Well yeah, if you hadn't left then we might be married now."

My heart beat faster at what he said.

"But maybe it's a good thing you left ... look at you now and everything you have. That's what I'm most afraid of before Ava, that I may just be hindrance for your goals. And I don't want that. "

His finger caressed my cheek and I closed my eyes there. It seemed lacking in the moment his skin caressed me.

"Because I don't want to tie you to me. You were so young and that's not the love you deserve. You always do anything by yourself and I let you experience things that you wanted. Even deep inside myself I know that anything you desire, I can always make it happen. I'm scared Ava, but I trust you. "

His eyes are blood shot. The strong current of water disappeared with a twist he had on my back.

"So do you think I was just what I was when you disappeared?"

My lips trembled and my tears fell like crazy just by hearing the words from his lips.

"You left me. And I didn't understand that."

My heart ached more when I saw a tear fell in his eye. It was like a bubble that lost all my resentment and worry about everything. He is the only one in my mind.

"I left you with everything you wanted, I loved you the way I knew but fuck. You still left me."

I put my palm on his nape and didn't let the tears escape from his eyes. I can't bear seeing him like this, weak and hurt.

"But I am the child of you father's mistress ... your brother is also my brother so how would I-"

"Fvck, of course I knew that!"

He growled. I gave another caress to his jaw and his body calmed down again. He held my hand caressing his.

"I can't understand a thing Ava. Why is it so hasty for you to leave me without saying goodbye. I let you do the things you wanted when the only thing I wanted you to do was to trust me ! To fvcking hold unto me when things get rough. "

"I'm the child of the woman who ruined your family. The reason why you-"

"But it's not you."

He whispered and touched my lips, it parted. His eyes were full of adoration and longing. My tears flowed. Now I realized that we both have the same mindset.
That I could let it all go because of him. When it came to him I had no choice but to forgive, which made it easier for me to forgive because he was always among the choices.

Looking at his eyes, my mind became even more confused. I was shaken and bowed down in a state of extreme turmoil.

Is there any way out? How can I diffuse this bomb without hurting anyone?

"My brother ..."

I shook. Not sure how to proceed with what to say.

"Your family ... Mom and Dad ..." "

But baby, what about me? What about me huh?"

He begged and wiped my tears.

"What about me Ava? I'm here. Have I ever been included in your choices?"

I keep shaking because with just one word from him, I will forget everything and I will choose him. I can't ...

"Because for me it's always been you. And I'm yours ... alone."

My back hit the cold wall violently as he attacked me and his kiss met my lip. Like a blazing fire that turning my anger and worries into ashes.

It made my mind go blank. Every part of our lips has a raw intensity- breathing fast, heartbeat fast. The tiny sound our lips create envelops the entire silence of her spacious bathroom.

His kiss was dominating, longing and craving. In that split second my brain electrified. In that anticipation of wanting more of him, more than his words, his touch and his kisses.

He brought both of my hands up above my head pinning it against the wall while I all that's in my mind was the minty flavored mouth of his spreading into my taste buds that makes me go insane blinding all my thoughts.
While dizzy and addicted to his kisses, I felt his other hand covered my breast.

I made me moan at the sensation I felt. It was like a fire spreading heat through my system. It was as if I was tickled inwardly by what he did, especially when he teased the top of it with his finger.


I heard him groan. It was as if someone was chasing me in a forest when he removed the small cloth that wrapped around my chest.

His lips were breathless and red as I looked at him as I stared at them, My cheeks heated upon seeing him so thirsty and allured.

I would have covered it but before I could do that he covered my lips again. He could almost lift me up with the violence of his actions. A violent motion opened the shower because of my reluctance to do so.

It was cold, but I didn't feel it because the heat of the kisses he's giving me is overflowing. From my neck, his hands trailed down the curve of my body down to my butt.

He gripped it with both of his hands, before I even realized he had already taken care of me.

I was stunned by what he did, I immediately encircled my legs to his waist. He bit my lip before living me breathless, I felt his kisses rough as it went down my neck towards my chest.

"L-Levi, Ahh!"

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