By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 6Intentions 1

"He said yes"

Serena squealed hugging the life out of Roxanne as the girl had her wide green eyes blinking in confusion.

"He likes you! Babe you need to have your act together now. I have asked all my colleagues and friends and after enquiring thoroughly about Darius it is clear that he is a really good......ok the best candidate for you. His birthday is 17 January and is currently 28 years old.

He doesn't plays around babe...... completely your type."

"He only said to come at my exhibition Anna, he doesn't likes me....he pities me to the most."Roxanne did not had such vast thoughts like Serena, although the idea that Darius felt something even an ounce of what she have started feeling enlightened her whole being but Roxanne only know one thing.

She wasn't born to be loved.

The false hopes would only lead to hurt and pain

"Roxanne are not going to ruin my plans." Serena flicked her forehead before dragging her inside her own room.

"Here, wear this on Saturday." Roxanne was going to bicker some more but her bestfriend ushered her out of her room with the flower printed frock. Wasn't she suppose to tell her to wear more mature clothes?

The green eyed nymph sighed going back to her safe haven. Those four walls filled with the splatters of her favourite colours and fairly lights lightening the entire room into a faint soft glow brought such peace and calm that Roxanne felt much better in there. The nightmares filled with Elijah did not occurred and neither haunted her.

She for one had comfort in her heart to some extent and truth to be told, if it wasn't for the job and freedom she would never leave her room, everything outside reminded her that maybe oneday she would be locked up again so instead she would like to stay inside her comfort zone with her will.

Here she forgot the time when her father chained her ankle to the wall so that she could no longer sneak out and the time when he locked her inside a box with her hands and feet tied.

No! those were too horrific to reminisce. She could still feel her air pipe being chocked and no air entering into her lungs, the very suffocation was still imprinted on her mind. Roxanne found her nails scratching her neck unconsciously but she stopped thinking about that.

Not again

Those memories had traumatic effect on the beauty with maple red hair and she had become claustrophobic to the extreme.

Roxanne abandoned those small voices of insecurity and covered herself with the soft pink blanket taking out her phone from the nightstand to check through various applications and important mails.

'Your waiting on me is the sweetest gesture someone has done for me. Even though I liked it so much but please inform me if something like that happens again and don't wait till so late.

If you need anything....anything I repeat, call me."

~ Darius

The girl who was laying lost in her own dark world moments ago was completely blank after reading the message which had been delivered some moments ago, her eyes becoming glossy with how simple yet meaningful the message was, she read it again and again trying to grasp the intentions and to see if she hadn't read wrong.

Darius did not say or exaggerate like others but he rather simply did so may things without saying.

Roxanne could not help but feel courageous as she dialed his number chewing on her plump lips when doubts like swift arrows pierced her heart.

Would he be angry that she bothered him so late at night? The exotic nymph was going to hang up when a hoarse voice sounded from another end as Darius picked up the call.

"Angel?" there were no voices at another end making the legislative judge worried before a sharp intake of breath awoke him from the anxious thoughts.

"Sir" her meek voice sounded adorable as if her cheeks were squished and she was in a daze.

"Did you received the message sweetheart, I meant each word written."

"Why? You don't know me...y-you are a judge and I am the daughter of a criminal.....then why? What do you wish to gain from me sir. I am scared....I am so so scared.

I just....I am willing to give you whatever you want for the compensation of my freedom but p-please don't play with my emotions. I am a very simple person and all I want is peace. Don't give me false hopes of friendship."

When all the courage and bravery she had concentrated to speak those words got exhausted the line went so silent as if the person on the other side was lost in his own thoughts.

"When I was selected as a member of legislature, It became my duty to serve my nation and its people Roxanne. Even if it was anyone else at your place, I would have done same. At that time I did not had any intentions.....neither to be your friend nor your foe.

But don't we both feel the same, I hated when you asked to sit beside me.....I thought you were one of those people who pretend to be soft and sweet when they are completely rotten from inside.

But then again, I saw you and realized you were nothing like that, it has already been three months and I still find you to be one of the realest people I met and I like you angel, liked you for so long, since the day you looked at me with those broken green eyes, I had started liking you.

You are right, I have intentions.

I want to meet you and know you more, I want to be your friend and want you as my..... friend...if you want to compensate me then I would rather be shameless and ask directly.

Go on a date with me."

Roxanne widen her eyes.

Oh my god.

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