By EraRexon
Date: February 7, 2021
Ch. 4 Gratitude

Two weeks passed in a blur, one moment Roxanne was lying and secretly sneaking out and the very next an order came by to assure that the court and law would protect her and her freedom.

Her step mother Alexandria was not much bothered when Roxanne decided to shift into the dorm with her only friend Serena who risked getting caught many a times to meet the beauty, while Melissa, her step sister just gave her a cold glare when she bid farewell.

Alexandria was a simple person who did not meddled with other people's affairs, she was neither too cold nor too warm with the green eyed nymph. Elijah never let them interact with Roxanne saying it would corrupt her and the result was clear.

The most infuriating part was that how her own father let Melissa do whatever she wished for. Roxanne was always jealous of the life that mother-daughter pair lived but it made her feel so guilty. Even though they were just for showcasing a happy family infront of others but at least they could express their wishes freely.

Now that she was allowed to be herself the beautiful angel was glowing, so excited bouncing here and there.

The girl was dressed in pastel pink jumpsuit decorating her apartment room she was sharing with her best friend who never left her side even in the most scary circumstances.

The suite had two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen attached while there was also a balcony connected to her room. The home was yet untouched, all colored simple white with Oakwood furniture scattered around. Roxanne picked up the paint roller with her frail arm trying to reach the highest she could in order to adorn teal shade on her walls.

Her petite body was running here and there to collect the wall enamel paint that she had scattered all over, those paint buckets were heavy making her cheeks flush and her shoulders sag.

"Teal or is also good, should I paint-" while she was talking to herself immersed in deep thoughts, her unicorn case phone started ringing making the girl squeak in surprise looking around the room wide eyed.

She picked up the unknown number when the device beeped again. She bought this brand new phone a day ago and was not at all accustomed to any sort of tech after all it had been two years.


"Miss Roxanne, this is officer Anderson speaking. We just wanted to ensure that you are alright and not facing any issues again."

"I am r-really good, all t-thanks to you people."

When cops came to her house two weeks ago, she was unable to understand what was going on. Their whole house was searched and three females dressed in police uniform interrogated her. Although Roxanne knew what it was but the interaction sounded as if they were all friends and were just asking about her whereabouts.

"Officer Heather would like to visit you soon although I doubt that it would be on duty. If you ever feel troubled please inform us."

"I-I don't know how to express m-my gratitude. You people gave me a new life." the girl got emotional remembering their kindness.

The chocolate woman who glowed like melted gold was the one the girl looked at in awe asking what product she used to achieve that kind of skin.....Roxanne wanted to look like her too. If the green eyed angel was asked to define beauty she would just point at that woman.

Her name was Heather and she clicked with the girl instantly, the other two were officer Silver and officer Anna. They gave her a cup of hot espresso while they explained the situation she was in. Basically her father was no longer in the picture to make her life hell and it was clear that he had kidnapped her.

"Miss....we did not do anything, if you really want to express gratitude you should give your thanks to Mr Vicari, he had gone through great lengths for submitting evidences and protecting you."

"O-Ok t-thankyou" The girl was confused when Anderson hanged up the call.

Who was Mr Vicari?


"Hello sweet fool." Serena kept the groceries on the table ruffling the red curls on Roxanne's head making the girl huff cutely.

She spent half a day in applying grapefruit shampoo then washing it off, followed by the conditioner and then serum to keep her hair bouncy and frizz free and her bestfriend took a moment to ruffle her hardwork.

Roxanne pouted at Serena, her eyes big as her face morphed as if been wronged.

"I brought a cute dress for somebody, then I thought they would like some food so I got a large pizza with pastries too but now that you are so sad......I don't think you can eat." Serena took out the beautiful pink frilled skirt followed by an elegant black crop top.

"You got that for me?" Roxanne was sitting a moment ago but before her best friend could blink she was upon her hugging the life out of her.

Serena's blue eyes budged out as she smacked her friend's back making her let go. Their height distance was insignificant but what made them completely different was that Roxanne was sweet, her bestfriend was fiery.

Where the green eyed angel cried, Serena answered with calling out the whole family with names and cussing like a crude sailor.

"I swear Roxy you remind me of a bear cub...I am going to drop you one day into the zoo."

They were bickering and laughing till Roxanne remembered something important.

"Ana, who is Mr Vicari?"

Serena who was eating her pizza sitting beside her friend on the couch looked at her friend incredulously.

"Roxy sweetie don't tell me you don't know who Darius Vicari is." And the innocent girl looked absolutely lost as she fiddled with her fingers not knowing what to say.

"Here" Serena opened her phone showing her the news articles from a week ago, it was followed by a thread of posts which had various photos attached to it.

"Oh my god! h-he is the o-one I met before, the one I told you about." the wide eyed beauty confessed making her friend's mouth agape.

"You freaking sneaked out of your house and met Darius, told the Supreme federal court judge that you don't know him then sat beside him to draw the portrait of his dog and he fucking let you! That man hates people, despise women fawning over him and....oh my god Roxy don't give me those doe eyes of yours, don't tell me you did something else."

Serena was astonished, horrified, excited and a part of her was dancing, if Darius likes Roxy and her friend liked him back...she was going to play matchmaker.

"Officer Anderson called....." Roxanne bit her lip increasing anxiousness on her friend's beautiful features.

"He told me Darius freed me from the clutches of Elijah. "

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