By EraRexon
Date: February 7, 2021
Ch. 3Captive

"Sir, Elijah Scavo is inside." The cops outside the door parted to let Darius enter a hallway with rooms on both side. Although it was absolutely prohibited in terms of law for a judge to meet a prisoner but Darius allowed the prison officer and the chief secretariat to record their meeting and thus the permission was granted.

It has been seven weeks since he had met Roxanne and to his dismay she disappeared just like she said. It wasn't that he did not tried to console her but as soon as he realized the amount of people surrounding them brought more fear than comfort he asked a female cop to escort her home.

It was true that he liked her as a person, felt that she was an angel and couldn't help himself and his heart to think about her every now and then but It was not a romantic liking....sort of an unknown connection that kept him awake at night, unsettled by the tears that he saw. He disliked the idea of her getting hurt.

He had joined the government to help people, to rescue those who had been in situation like his or even worse and if was honest to himself his intuition screamed that something wrong was happening to the princess, so spies were appointment by him immediately and the information provided by them was enough to boil his blood.

The police was also involved when they realize the predicament and now after so many reports and proofs came the time of action.

The rooms conjoined were plain grey with nothing sort of ordinary, there were absolutely no furniture, only two steel chairs kept at the distance of two meters. Usually such procedures were followed to ensure the safety of the officer but this time the police could not decide who actually needed the protection.....the dangerous judge or the Italian drug lord.

As soon as Darius stepped into the space, Elijah kept his head up looking at the man.

Roxanne had got nothing from this man in her genes, just the mop of ruby hair that looked exotic on her. The convict in front had brown eyes resembling smoke and sand, a deep abyss that seem to withdraw every single happiness in them and mix it with unfathomable darkness.

While the commanding male examined the person he had given fifteen years of prison he found something amiss, like a piece of him was not there. There was an eccentric gleam, a disturbing pleasure in his eyes. The way his eyes observed Darius, it looked as if he already knew that the judge was a rival.

Darius dragged his chair near the man who had his hands bound and sat infront of him maintain a calm demeanor as if nothing could touch him. Elijah felt surprise surging through him but chose to remain silent, to see what this masculine commander wished for.

"While reading your file, the lawyers have found your name linked to a fourteen year old case. Mia Scavo, your ex-wife on 24 July 2006 registered a domestic violence case against you."

The Italian drug lord clutched the arms of the seat in anger, his eyes smoldering fire as if he was going to murder the man infront of him in cold blood. Darius looked at Elijah, his eyes covered with a layer of frost. If there is a difference of status, then there was an even larger gap between their stature.

Darius stood at the height of 6'2, his muscular body sculpted in a way of a killing machine in itself. Cold silver irises when dared Elijah to start a fight, the mob boss felt an undecipherable feeling in his heart. When the man infront of him felt wrath, he left none to survive so instead of resorting to violence the drug dealer gritted his teeth.

"Why does that matters now?"

"Roxanne Scavo, her custody was given to her mother and after her demise it was given to her aunt Densie ..tell me Mr Scavo how come your daughter is living with you when the law itself gives you absolutely no power over her."

"She is my daughter! no fucking law can make me stay apart from her!" Eyes rimmed red with rage, Elijah looked like a rabid animal when provoked.

"The records are somewhat disturbing Mr Scavo, your daughter is a prodigal student yet after some investigation we found that you made her drop out as soon as you made her live with you. People also said that Roxanne resisted going with you. All her friends have not seen her and it has been two years.

Let me rephrase these facts for you, are you holding her captive Mr Scavo?" Darius was unable to hide the fury.

"What rubbish-"

"Your wife Alexandria and step-daughter Melissa also live with you and it seems that they also maintain their distance from Roxanne, you are obsessed with keeping her caged!"

"Roxanne is mine to control! I keep her caged or fucking kill her should not matter to you!" Elijah roared standing up to smash his steel cuff on Darius's head but by the time he had decided to act, a ferocious punch made him smash to the chair behind in a loud crash before hell fell down on the ground looking insane with eyes going wild.

"She is not yours, never fucking was." Cops came inside the room in haste knowing what would happen if they did not. The intimidating judge glared at the man who was dragged away, his fists twiching him to hit Elijah over and over till his blood had soaked blue uniform he was wearing.

"OUT!" everyone who was aware of the violent nature of the Darius left without talking or asking questions, even the chief was wary. Once the man had made his mind to make one's life hell nothing in the world could stop him.

"Elijah Scavo! make a new case against him, I will make him wish he was never born." he snarled before making his way out of the prison grounds.

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