By EraRexon
Date: February 7, 2021
Ch. 2Fear

Mia had no friends, no family left by the time she realized what was truly happening, earlier the people she thought were enemies to her love now looking from their perspective she knew that they had foreseen her horror filled future.

When Roxanne was born as the eldest daughter with those glimmering greens of the valley reflecting in her irises, even the cruelest of the beings could not help but love her and Elijah Scavo was no exception. Born as the ruby haired princess the girl was given the best of the world but there is always a cost of such grandeur.

Roxanne was born a phoenix but the one who had her wings clamped with iron claws. When the girl was admitted to the best school of the city Mia had thought her daughter would live differently than her but an illusion is sooner or later meant to break.

Roxanne had no friends, people avoided her like a plague due to the man constantly looming over the girl threatening to kill them. Once the girl brought a friend home and instead of laughter and joy she hoped, Elijah was so raged that his palm hit the girl with such a force that it knocked her out with blood pouring down her nose.

Elijah had looked like he did not believed what he did and the woman he loved in his own twisted way, the first time in her life looked at him with so much disgust and disdain, her heart pouring venom until there was only hatred left behind. She had taken many such punches and kicks from him when he was blind in rage but never in her harshest nightmares thought that he would do that to his own daughter.

Roxanne did not remembered any such an incident from childhood but what she did remember was that she never lived with her father. She always have known who he was and everything but they did not stayed in his mansion.

He had his eyes everywhere and thus the girl avoided going out as much as she could. Mia had told Roxanne the truth and if there was something that the red haired beauty did not understood was how can someone hurt her mother.

There was a point where Roxanne hated Elijah but then came a point when she felt nothing. Hatred bound them, signified that she accepted her relationship with him even as a daughter who despised him but then the moment she felt numb all ties were broken between them.

Mia was an elder version of Roxanne with more mature and sharper features, one of the most beautiful souls. She was filled with so much kindness and care but her destiny was unfortunate. When Roxanne turned sixteen she lost her mother to breast cancer and that was the day her doom began.


"What is y-your name?" She saw Darius nod to one man and the café was vacated soon enough, she might have shouted and became terrorized but there were cops both male and female standing some distance away from them as if giving privacy. How come she did not noticed them guarding the man infront of her since the very beginning.

The brooding Alpha male who was deep in thought. His eyes filled with turmoil for a moment as he looked at Roxanne who had her cute face morphed in a frown somewhat getting that he was a man of authority but why did they vacate?

Her fingers ceased drawing Cupcake as she felt the man looking at her very soul.

"Before I tell you my name and you say that you hate me I just want to say that I genuinely am thankful to you. I have absolutely nothing that I want from you and maybe we are never going to meet regarding the......circumstances but thankyou for treating me with so much of your kindness and compassion."

When Darius' deep voice called Roxanne she could not understand the disappointment surging through her. It felt like loosing something you were not even bestowed with to begin.

"I am the man who gave your father fifteen years in prison."

Silence ceased as Roxanne stiffened, her eyes widening when she realized who she was sitting infront of.

"W-would you k-keep me in prison too?" She asked her voice cracking at the end as she tried her best to not let her eyes water. She read stories of how not everyone can survive in there. There were people who were cruel and mean, they hurt others, there were murderers, rapists....pedophiles.

"Sweetheart....god, why would you think that! Why would I?"

"My f-father is a t-terrible man. Will I have to p-pay for his deeds?" she sniffed, her nose getting cherry as Darius did his best to comprehend why was she so afraid, children of such clans were usually rude and haughty, they feared nothing but when he saw the eyes of the princess filled with horror he realized she feared everything

Everytime he smiled she would look down seemingly afraid of the very idea of people coming close to her, she expected people to hurt her heart she looked at him the same way, that he had some motive to harm.

When Darius said nothing the lingering fright intensified.

"I-I promise I w-will........I will never c-come out again. I s-swear I will l-lock myself up." She looked down at her lap fidgeting, pearl droplets falling down her eyes as she closed it tightly as if expecting bad to happen.

Darius didn't had any idea about the deamons Roxanne was facing but right now listening to her he realized the right from wrong. No daughter should be this afraid and unfeeling towards their father and moreover the girl who showered love on even strangers she must have gone through something to make her so retreated into her own bubble and personal shell.

That day it was decided, the lines of fate cannot be altered but truth to be told he fate was going to change.

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