By EraRexon
Date: February 7, 2021
Ch. 1Prologue


Darius was raged, working as a judge in the Supreme Federal courts was one of the most satisfying jobs one can ever have the privilege of being a part of. It was a game of dominance and understanding. Reading the mind of the criminals and knowing the intent behind their crimes gave him a thrill that he wafted as a drug.

There were mafias, drug lords and high hitched cases presented infront of him and he had never given a wrong judgement in his life. But the moment a mafia boss who is soon going inside the prison is called by his teenage daughter infront of the whole court 'Daddy I want him' with the 'him' being the very judge Darius couldn't help but feel disgusted.

His fury had been so raging that the girl sat down shivering, never meeting his steely platinum eyes again while her father was given ten years more than the sentence what was to be originally given in prison.

It wasn't the first time an incident as such has taken place. To be liked and admired was a different thing but the moment men and woman much above one's age give lecherous looks as if thinking he was just meant to satisfy one in bed, a toy to be played was vile and disgusting.

Once he was just a boy, in other words nobody strong and had gone through that phase of rigorous hardwork to be where he was. It had been more than twelve years but today's incident reminded him of the time where he was a thin kid termed as 'pretty' in the garage between scary men among whom he worked to support his brother and himself being an orphan.

The judge meant to control the rate of unlawful acts and work against misdemeanor hence was famous to be exceedingly dangerous. Darius had a reputation of being merciless and cruel and the moment the girl's word gave him a snippet of his past, the dam of anger broke free.

The coffee and croissant was served to him in the graceful café that presented delicious delights in open garden with fresh flowers planted over. His gloomy mood was sensed by Cupcake, his golden Retriever who sat beside his leg whining.

"Can I.. Can I please make a portait." The anger bubbled again and he was going to pour the avalanche of emotions out on the owner of the sweetest voice that asked him the question.

The moment his gray irises looked up from the coffee table meeting the sparkling greens of the angel that used one fragile finger to point at his pet dog the man looked at her incredulously.

"You want a portrait of him? Why?" There was nobody in this city who could not recognize him but yet this little princess resembling a merigold flower looked at him awkwardly before pointing out.

"He is the prettiest t-thing I h-have ever seen." Although it was not entirely true, Roxanne found the man handsome yet there was no intentions from her side.

He was magnificent sure but looks never mattered to her in the first place, it was the heart that must be good. She would rather have someone who would treat her like a princess not the one who will abuse and misuse her trust and just look beautiful.

She despised such beauty.

"What will I get?" Roxanne woke up from her trance and a small pout formed on her cherry lips.

"I will..I will buy you a c-cake..?"

And only then did Darius actually looked at her, much beyond his perception of people who never saw him as a person this was a fresh breeze, a girl so pure that she won his heart. The judge who was known to read the minds was stumped when he could only figure out one thing in those glimmering emeralds...innocence.

"Then I have to accept your offer, please sit." Roxanne smiled softly, taking a seat.

People by this time have stopped chatting, their silence ignored by the gallant male while the adorable bunny remained naïve to their eyes that widened when the man who had sat alone for three years at the same table and refused to talk to others invited the girl to sit beside him.

He was Darius Vicari and his favor meant being absolutely victorious.

While the girl drew Cupcake on her portfolio her companion found out that his rage had radiated off completely.

"Are you new to this city princess?" Roxanne found her hand stopping as she bit her lip looking up at Darius.

"I..I am not. I have lived here m-my entire life." Roxanne stuttered, her cheeks flushing as she answered.

"Then how come you are not aware of it." Darius knew that he was on news every now and then so how come she was unaware. He did not pressed for the answers just merely stated his questions of heart.

"If I t-tell you n-now...promise you will not run away with y-your dog."

"Try me."

"My father got imprisoned for 15 years today, he is someone nobody can never mess with but-" Darius felt the things were going in the direction of which he although was aware but refused to admit that his first act of wrath would come like this upon him

"What is you name?"

"Roxanne Scavo"

The world stopped. Roxanne Scavo, eldest daughter of the deceased wife of Elijah Scavo, the man he had ruled against today, the drug lord of Italy.

Elijah Scavo loved his wife Mia to no bounds, at first it was a affection that ran too deep for the minds of the common couples who had limits and restrictions but then as the time passed by, Mia realized there was a name to that kind of love- obsession. A psychopathic possession of one's soul.

When they were newly married it was almost perceived as Elijah did not wished for her to leave him even for a minute but as the frost and snow melted to lakes and puddles the woman realized he had caged her.

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