By EraRexon
Date: December 16, 2020
Ch. 5Birthday 1

One year later

Rose 17
Ares 21

If bliss could be defined it was how Ares and Rose molded into a soul.

It was a need, a want, a desperate plea that escaped Rose when Ares touched her, even though his feel against her skin was innocent and pure, Rose could not help but bow down her head infront of god, praying every second of her life, thanking and expressing her gratitude that Ares loved her the way he did.

She could feel his presence among thousands of people and the way her body trembled, fire igniting inside her was proof enough that when his arms encircled her waist she could almost die in love and do not have an ounce of regret.

She loved him so much that even if the mafia prince would take her on a cliff and ask her to jump....she would. She was crazy for him, absolutely colored in his love. A second without him felt like an endless eternity.

Usually Vincent and Sierra organized a grand ball for every birthday of Rose but this time it was different. When Rose requested Sierra to let her spend the day with her boyfriend the woman accepted the request with all smiles.

She was not a woman who would let her daughter go with anyone but Ares was a completely different story. He had not only formally asked from them to date their daughter officially but also swore to protect her and her clan.

Rose hummed a soft tune, combing her hair lost in her thoughts while the mansion was being decorated with pink flowers celebrating the seventeenth birthday of the Cattaneo princess. Even though there was no ceremonial party but the family members were keen to go all the way they can to make Rose happy unaware that the girl was already bursting from joy.

A pastel pink frock adorned the body of the Cattaneo princess. She liked to wear clothes covering her shoulders due to her skin getting easily sunburned but today the girl went all the way and took the risk. She wanted the skin to be in touch with Ares who was coming to take her on a date.

Pink for Rose was like energy rays for sun, the colour was inseparable and never failed to bring a smile on her face and keeping the fact in mind, last summer Ares had bought her a pink diamond set from South Africa, with teardrop earring and a pendant, there was a necklace conjoined too.

Today was the day she wore the earrings for the first time and kept in mind to show them to Ares, if he remembered the gift.

Even though her boyfriend was not in the country and would arrive at noon but he made sure that ever hour of his girl was special and filled with surprises.

When she woke up at 7 am there was a bouquet of hundred pink roses, sunlight bouncing off their frail petals making them glow waiting for her with a chocolate box filled with pink and white delicacy outside her room.

From then till now she had received five flower assortments that filled her room like a blooming valley.

Rose felt heat surrounding all her body when she saw Ares calling her.

"Happy birthday precious" the girl released a breath shakily, it had been two months since he was out in a foreign land building ties and alliances while ruling the working of those mafia branches and she was deprived from his presence.

"I want something" that could not be stopped neither be prevented, she had to say it or Rose felt her petite body would not be able to contain such a big desire.

"What is it Rose?" she trembled hearing his voice that had dropped octaves getting darker...richer much more enticing.

"Ares I want a kiss, I-I -" Rose facepalmed, covering her burning cheeks ashamed and embarrassed. She wanted his touch or she felt she might die.

"Baby, continue speaking."

"Ares m-my friend had red s-spots on her neck-" the girl squeaked trying to get out the information as fast as she can.

"..I-I thought t-that it was from insect, b-but she told m-me that her boyfriend-."

"they are called hickeys baby." there was a full minute silence on the other end.

"I want them too Daddy."


When Rose pulled his head down a bit, her face infront of Ares she could not help but press her cheek to his and rub it together in the process of burying her face into the crook of his neck, basking in his fragrance as his arms came around her waist to embrace her tightly.

Compared to the petite body of the adorable beauty and her height of 5'4 Ares was a giant, towering over her with his 6'4 stature.

Rose felt her legs shaking, it was easy telling the brooding male that she wanted a kiss but it was so difficult to act upon it now when she was a scaredy cat, all flustered and shy.

Ares picked her up, his arms supporting her bum and she clinged to him tightly like a monkey, her legs around his waist while she kept her arms around his neck looking into his swirling irises.

"Rose how do you know about the word?"

"which word Daddy?" the confused expression was soon replaced by understanding dawning on her like a cartoon with a lightbulb at the top of their head.

"I watched a movie where the girl calls her boyfriend that when he gives her a gift, even though he is forgetful and silly she calls him Daddy and it sounded like she was appreciating but then you don't even forget and you are kinder, nicer more pretty than that man and you are taller and-"

she rambled on and on making Ares laugh at how excited she was to see him. That was thing about Rose, she was silent, too quiet unless you came in the category of 'her people' then she was always happy to talk.

"What does that actually means Ares?"

"It means that I love you from all my heart and soul and would always protect you." Rose kissed his cheek, covering his face in butterfly kisses pleased with the answer.

And it wasn't a lie, the word meant only this to the mafia prince, nothing less nothing more. He was an alpha male, dominating was in his blood but that did not meant that she was a submissive and would need agree to him in the way he wanted her to dress, eat and behave.

She was his baby, she could throw all the tantrums and be a brat and it would not be a problem unless her decision hurts her in any way, remembering that Ares jaw clenched.

"Lets talk about decorating your neck baby."

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