By EraRexon
Date: December 16, 2020
Ch. 4Precious

ARES age-20

Rose age-16

By the time Ares went home, Rose was fast asleep on his lap. The man sighed not knowing what to do with the sweet girl's curiosity and demands. Did she had any idea how much he loved her? Did she felt the world collapsing too when she had parted with him two years ago?

It was a pure torture knowing that he only wanted her and yet he had to keep her far away. She was too little, so innocent and kind, Ares was terrified of something harming or messing up with her emotions.

He pulled out his phone ignoring the car gate that was opened by a guard for him to step out.

"Mr Cattaneo, I have Rose with me. It would be suitable if you can come and fetch her from my home." Ares hated to do this but he did not had any choice. If he dared himself to go and drop her home, he was afraid that he would never let go.

"Pardon my prince, I and Sierra are on a flight to Russia, we had a deal with your grandfather and the Queen assured us that you can keep Rose safe with you." Vincent said from another end making Ares say a stoic "ofcourse I can" and hang the call.

The fiddling on his lap made him aware of the keen eyes that were casted down, hurt and pain visible in her form as Rose gently stepped down the car making the mafia prince close his eyes in sorrow as his head lulled back on the leather seat not knowing what to do.

"Fuck it" the man jumped out only the see the silk, flowery blue skirt fluttering with the wind, moving far away from his sight as Rose walked on the road further away rather than entering Ares's home. Her inky hair flowed like honey as a shiver passed her body from the cold.

Ares had no competition with the petite girl, the distance between them covering in seconds as the man reached the girl in long strides.

"Baby." Rose did not looked at him, only nodded feeling ashamed that she was a burden on the man she liked so much. How can she ever think that he would like her, she was nothing.

When tears gathered in her eyes, lush pink lips wobbling Ares knew he had enough. Strong arms scooped the girl up, clutching her to his chest as she protested.

"I want to go home." she refused to look at him showing her displeasure. Her face crumbling and smiles dissolving as soon as she heard him talking in the car, she was such a fool to think that he valued her as much as she valued him. He must hate-

"Why don't you understand baby? Why don't you see how much I love you, how can I let myself take advantage of you when you deserve to be cherished and given the world to?" the hold on her figure tightened as Ares passed his warmth to Rose making her bury her face in his chest.

Her face flushing scarlet when one of the guards openly gawked at Ares' confession to which he received a death glare from another making him resume to the previous indifferent face.

Rose felt fireworks bursting in her heart, he said he loved her,he loved her!she was so close to lose her mind and faint from the rich musky scent that filled her nostrils as she gulped it hungrily sniffling him without paying any heed that they had long entered the mansion with Ares climbing stairs to go to their room.

Wait, he said he loved her.....did he meant like friends?

"Rose" he chuckled when he felt her shuffling closer with an arm around his neck inhaling his aroma.

Before Rose could comprehend she was falling on a cloud bouncing twice as her skirt rid up giving a clear view of her silky pink panties to Ares who pulled the skirt down without making her feel self conscious. She looked up to him with her chocolate pools, her head tilted to a side as he stood towering over her at the end of the bed.

"Am I your f-friend? Do you like me as a friend?" she called out rapidly as she found bubbles of insecurities taking shape in her mind.

"I love you as my princess, as my girl Rose." she sinked her teeth in her bottom flesh as she breathed shakily understanding the meaning behind the words of the virile alpha male standing infront of her.

He sat on the bed folding his legs, motioning the girl to come close to him with his grey eyes glimmering in mirth.

"Let us talk baby." Rose jumped at Ares like a monkey, her excitement level skyrocketing as she now knew that she wasn't the only one feeling all fuzzy and hazed at his presence, he too felt somewhat same.

"omfy oomph o e em."

"princess I don't talk in your invented language." his palm rubbed her back slowly keeping her warm in the cold weather.

"only if you kiss me." she bowed her head giggling, not able to sit without moving for a second. Only when the loving kisses were planted on every inch of her hair did she felt content.

"What are we talking about?" she was silent for a whole minute after asking that question, the reality and seriousness seeping into her as well as she looked at Ares.

"Rose, you are my beautiful little princess but baby you are not ready, your age is not suitable, your life should not revolve around me. I wish for you to explore the world, learn, do whatever you wish yet keep your safety in mind.

I love you Rose and I would hate myself to no ends if I ruin your growth and control your life according to my will, you are strong baby,your life should be only revolving as you want it to."

"I will be eighteen in two years." he cupped her face stopping her from saying anything else as she looked at him trying to understand what he meant and she did understood very clearly. She was not stupid.

"I am not waiting for you to be eighteen precious, not waiting for a certain age to take advantage of you. You will always be my baby and I am willing to wait even if you turn twenty, twentyfive, , thirty.....till whenever you wish me princess.

You don't have to do anything to please me, nothing is there that will make me love you more, because there is no more than this. We can hold hands and I can always kiss your head if that makes you happy. You don't need to grow up for me and you don't need to change for me.

Take your time, we will take this at your pace."

And when Rose hugged him tightly tears streaming down her face she understood one thing. She was only made for Ares because there was no one else in the entire world who could love her so selflessly.
Author's note
Read an article some days ago and it described age of consent as an age after which others are allowed to see a child as a sexual object.

It's like getting a green card to legally pursue a girl/boy for sex even though they have not at all achieved maturity and are still naive but now you can take advantage of them by manipulation and not go to jail.

It hit me so hard.

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