By EraRexon
Date: December 16, 2020
Ch. 3Fury

"It's my honour to meet you, I am Vanessa." The blue eyed girl with her head high stepped forward, her curly platinum hair blowing with wind gave her an aura of a fairy.

A dark look passed over Ares and the girl took a step back at how fast his face changed from no emotion to one of absolute rage.

He looked ready to murder her in cold blood making the girl widen her eyes and shudder.

When Vanessa stepped forward with a hazy look in her eyes Rose decided she couldn't endure anymore and turned around to leave.

"Rose!" The girl stiffened upon hearing her name being called. She lowered her head refusing to show him her shameful tears.

"Come here precious." Vanessa took a step back not believing her eyes.

The girl she warned some days ago... When did she had connections with the Royals. How come he knew her name and called her so intimately?

When Rose was close enough, Ares stepped forward, cupping her heartshaped face with his palms which had been morphed into a sad melancholy.

She looked up at him with her doe eyes as he wiped away her big fat tears with his thumbs, his face softening watching her.

"Who is allowed to be your bully?"he whispered as if asking her to reveal a secret between both of them.

"You are m-my bully?" Rose said more or less confirming the answer.

She tilted her head slightly, a pout morphing on her face as she looked at the male who caused the world population to scatter away in fear.

"And you have to do whatever I say." Rose scrunched her nose in confusion, knowing Ares since they were children.

She had always known that she had to do a task if he commands her to, but why was he repeating this infront of the whole school?

"Come here." he motioned the chocolate eyed girl closer to him, his hands gently smoothing down her blue skirt which was ruffled.

"Bow down your head Rose." as soon as the girl tilted her head down, her jet black hair shining in sunlight as she adorably fiddled with the golden button on his coat, soft kisses rained down her head decorated in a braid.

Gasps were heard all around.

And it was the claim enough, declaring to the world that to whom the innocent girl belonged to


His arms tucked her to his side almost engulfing her whole body pressing a kiss to her hair.

"Now be a good little girl princess and go sit into the car." Before Rose could refuse she was respectfully escorted into Ares' car with a soft tune humming in the radio.

The girl understood a bit, Ares looked like he was going to explode with that look in his eyes and that was why she was going to whine and pout until his anger was calmed down, that was why he sent her away.

The driver started the vehicle taking the girl on a small tour of a local museum as instructed by Ares, followed by three cars with guards.

As soon as Ares saw Rose moving out of the vicinity his eyes took the girl who was trembling as her brother stood behind her looking close enough to faint.

The darkness in the Prince's eyes scared everyone, the light in his eyes was almost disturbing, a sinister grin on his face.

With how gently he had handled Rose they now knew she was his girl, under his protection and by harming her, the Amato's have sinned.

"I had given your father two options, one, that by midnight I would wipe out the entire Amato clan...." Vanessa stopped breathing.

"And second that I would teach you to respect my princess as I deem worthy. Guess what he has selected."he smiled dangerously.

The other children of Amato clan just stepped aside, not daring to make a sound or even breathe a bit loud.

"Cara" a female guard came forward, disgust clear on her face as she slapped Vanessa, a red handprint forming on her skin but she wasn't told to stop yet.

Painful whimpers and screams escaped Vanessa's lips as hard slaps one after another were granted to the girl until her face was swollen like Rose's was a few day ago when she laughed on her.

Ares raised his hand making Cara step back, she smiled cruelly at the criss cross pattern on Vanessa's cheek who was on her knees bawling her eyes out.

"Your entire clan would be whipped fifty times each." When Ares announced the Amato's excepted their fate with bowing heads because in the terms of the Mafia Prince this was mercy.

"See I brought you jelly sandwiches." When the tour ended, Rose had forgotten the bad things and her brain was filled with the ancient stuff she had seen with her small mouth agape.

"Do you know that in Rome people used to fight in pits with large animals." This was the fourth time Rose told the information to Ares, with her eyes excited and the girl on high rush she almost seemed to be bouncing out of her seat.

"Yes baby you told, now have this." Ares cut a piece of sandwich and placed in her mouth when Rose opened it to say something making her look at him angrily.

More like a fur ball kitten trying to become an angry furball kitten.

She sat on his lap as he fed her piece by piece. She almost bit his finger when he placed a cookie in her mouth.

"Ares can I also have a sword of my own?" Ares cooed, awed at her as she placed her arm around his neck seemingly in deep thoughts.

He imagined her wearing a warrior costume and he was sure she could kill people with how adorable she was.

"Baby you are too little for a sword, you are as light as a feather and I am sure that you will fall under the weight of it."

"Then can you hold us both while I pose for a photo with it? " She buried her face in his neck, rubbing her soft cheek with his and Ares didn't knew if he will be left alive to help her take the photo she desired.

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