By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 20Permission 2

"She likes you." Aurora whispered not removing her eyes from Rose who was now completely treated and was sleeping. The pair of siblings did whatever they could to stop the infection before the doctor arrived.

Although the paramedic at their base came in time and gave Rose some pills reassuring that it was nothing major and there was nothing to be concerned of. Two hours since he left Ares had not left her side and checked her temperature every now and then.

"Its my blessing." Ares took Rose's wrist kissing the insides of her tiny palm.

"Ares." Aurora called making him look at his little sister who seemed to be lost and thinking deeply. Ares loved three women the most in the world one was his mother, the second was his precious baby and the third was his sister who seemed to be looking out for everyone without thinking about her own health for even a moment.

"What is it little devil?"

"I know you are perfect for her Ares but.....she is really vulnerable, I don't want her heart to be broken. You are my brother...I will die for you and she is my bestfriend, I can kill for her. I want to know what you feel for her, want to be assured that you truly will love her.

I don't want her to be hurt."

"I really love her. I cannot describe what I feel for her..... She is just everything I can ever dream of Aurora."


"Why did you run away Rose?"

Rose trembled looking at the warm palm that covered her thigh and stopped her from running out frantically. Just a moment ago she was being spoon-fed by Ares and was celebrating in her tiny head that there would be no questions.

Aurora had shifted her belongings to a different tent giving this one to both of them so there was no way she could run and ask for her help now that she was trapped by him.

"I-I.." Ares tilted his head closer making Rose forget how to breathe. He was so beautiful, those long lashes forming slight shadow onto his cheekbones as his darkest bluish grey eyes read her soul. Rose could drown in them.

The girl did now know what to do so she just buried her face into his warm neck trying to hide away from his intense gaze as her dainty arms held his broad shoulders.

"Baby do you know how scared I was...... you made me worried to death precious." Instead of making her head rise from his neck to look at him, he gathered the innocent girl closer in his arms. They silently embraced each other while Rose felt enormous guilt weighing down upon her.

"I was a bad girl..I am so sorry...." Truth to be told she was scared out of her wits yesterday in the forest. Her only thought was to take a stroll nearby the tent and come back but she stepped onto a branch bound with something and the next thing she knew was falling down a pit. She tried coming out so many times, shouted for help yet for no avail.

She cried the entire night before passing from exhaustion only calling out to Ares in her heart as her phone was smashed.

"I-I was so scared A-Ares. I didn't meant to worry you and Rora." crystal tears dribbled down her cheek making Ares coo at her.

"I am here now, who dares to make my precious princess scared huh?"

"You are h-here." She repeated him hugging him tightly.

Ares pulled her onto his lap cupping her adorable face.

"You are my good girl baby. You are my pretty baby aren't you?" Rose nodded hurriedly as he cupped her face wiping off the tears with his thumb.

"I am." The innocent beauty looked proud of herself when Ares complimented her. Her determined face made his squish her cheeks together as he kissed her head.

"Then will you tell me the truth princess.....why did you ran away?"

"I and Aurora fought." The girl replied bashfully, her heart cracking at how immature she sounded infront of him. Aurora was much younger than herself yet she carried herself with grace and a fierce attitude of a queen while on the other hand Ares had his whole family like that.

They were a bunch of perfect people and it was not only in terms of beauty, they were royals. Maybe that's why Aurora said to forget about Ares.....maybe she also came to know that she was a petty marigold flower in a field of exotic lilies.

While Rose was deeply drawn into thoughts Ares rubbed her shiny back head.

"I know and although Aurora did not told me what but she just said that she approves and also that you are too nice for your own good."

"S-She said that?"Ares hummed making a full smile break out on Rose's face.

"Did someone told you that you are the prettiest baby in the world?" Ares bound her small palms making the girl squeal and laugh before she was snuggled inside a fur blanket to sleep.

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