By EraRexon
Date: December 16, 2020
Ch. 2Crying flower

The Waylon's did not make friends, it was quite obvious that whosoever was connected to the Royalty would be given immeasurable power and control thus what they formed were only alliances.

So it came as a surprise to people when Aurora Waylon, the princess of Mafia Dynasty made a best friend in a girl two years older to her at the age of ten. Rose Cattaneo was the youngest child of Vincent and Sierra Cattaneo and the only person allowed to have a friendly contact with the Supreme rulers.

So it was almost declaring a war to the Mafia godfather when the sixteen year old girl came crying to her home, a palm printed on her left cheek making her face swell.

She was scared to her wits, bullied and threatened by their rival Amato clan's children. While Rose was crying hysterically being consoled by her best friend via a call, Aurora Waylon was fuming and the brooding male standing behind her was ready to slaughter.

Rose was as depressed as yesterday when she heard her father talking animatedly on a phonecall that came directly from the Mafia Royalty.

Her father and mother were strict and never-bending, the only time they seemed to keep their egos aside and talk without arrogance and threatening others were those when the Waylon's were on other end.

The Waylon's were a force that one should never cross unless you wanted to end up at the doors of death. Ajax Waylon and his wife Alaina Waylon were merciless people when it came to treachery or betrayal and thus despite being friendly they did not completely entrusted anyone in doing their work.

So it was a surprise when the Queen herself called Vincent to inform that her son Ares would be attending college in their city in Italy. Her mother Sierra was bursting from nervousness to make their mansion to the liking of the Ares.

"Rose! the queen wants to talk to you." even though her mother was acting too coy for her liking Rose refrained from saying anything to upset her and took the phone gently from her father's rough hand.

"How are you love?" the girl almost melted at the gentle sound that came from another end.

"I-I am alright zietta, how are you?" she whispered shyly.

"I am great love, Ares will be there today, he is going to deal with Amato's, you need not worry, also Rose I need to ask something from you. Do you think you would be able to do that for me?"

Alaina Waylon never needed to ask something.....anything, if the woman wished for the stars her husband would keep them at her feet, if she disliked someone, that person would disappear from the face of earth before one could blink so when the question was asked fear arose in the hearts of Vincent and Sierra.

"W-What can I do?"

"The next time a hand touches you without your will, cut it."

"Yes zietta."

When the call was disconnected after sharing a pleasant conversation the fear disappeared into thin air, all worries dissolving into nothingness as the little girl bounced from one wardrobe to another to search for the perfect outfit.

If Ares would be coming today, Rose didn't wanted to slack, therefore trying her hardest to look presentable infront of him.

She had a crush on him as long as she could remember and it had almost been two years since she had last seen him.

And bidding him farewell then was very tough, she had almost resorted to be his sidekick, attached to his side....almost clinging onto him.

Her cheeks flushed scarlett reminiscing the last time they parted, she had hugged him tightly, tears streaming down her face as he wiped them with his fingers.

She wasn't sure if Ares felt anything for her or not....not likely, Rose felt he saw her as a kid most of the time and his touches on her body..they were innocent and devoid of any malice.



There was nothing sexual about those, Rose never saw Ares asking her for a kiss or anything, he always resorted to make her feel appreciated by kissing her head like a friend would do.

And suddenly her mood went sullen.

She was not a kid, she was a girl who felt for him.... deeply.
The Clover University of Time was one of the best colleges in the country, the Amato, Ricardo and the Cattaneo clans had their roots deeply engraved in the place hence the children of various mafia clans in relation and support of the trio took their education from the institution.

For fulfilling various educational purposes, a school adjoined to the university was established inside it's premises.

There was nothing that the children of such bureaucrats and high clans have not seen except the bodyguards that surrounded the black Ferrari.

It was absolutely prohibited to bring weapons inside the school.

Guns and knives were securing their waistband as the guards looked around for any threat. One of them opened the car door, only for the most handsome man one had ever previledge of setting their eyes upon stepped out with a clear scowl on his face.

Rose stood in a corner, at the end of the hallway, her whole soul lightning as she saw Ares step out of the car with his jaw clenched hard.

Did he knew how sinful he looked.... had any idea that her body trembled when his muscles flexed.

He could crush anyone with a single punch and there would be absolutely no contenders.

The girls were gawking at the masculine specimen as if their life purpose has been fulfilled, he definitely was a college student but he entered the school premises.

"There were rumors circulating that the college president and the school principal were coming to meet someone extremely important today.... Was that him?"

"Who is he?"

" A King maybe."

"Where is Vanessa Amato?" The dark voice filled with calm boomed throughout the arena as people stood at their place and watched the man."

"What do you want?" A boy of seventeen stepped forward, eyeing Ares warily.

"I am Ares Waylon, your father's guest.I wish to meet your sister." Rose saw Ares completely ignoring her even after his bluish grey irises met her completely unaware of the gasps of astonishment all around

A tear drop trailed her cheek as he watched Vanessa instead of her, the girl who hit her.....he choosed her over Rose.

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