By EraRexon
Date: February 15, 2021
Ch. 18Queen

Ares was in deep sleep, his hand unconsciously searching for a soft petite body of a naked girl. When the mafia prince was unable to catch hold of Rose his stormy eyes fluttered open.

He did not uttered a word, searching for her in silence getting up from their bed, all the previously scattered clothes were now neatly folded and kept into the wash basket in the corner of the room.

It was chilly this night, snow falling outside his suite in Russia. It made him even more worried about his princess, although he came here since childhood but his girl never did and it clearly meant she had no idea how to take care of herself in such harsh atmosphere. The temperature was surely below -5 degrees.

The sight that graced his magnificent irises after he rounded the corner stepping into the hallways made his heart fill with undecipherable emotions. There she the balcony, so tiny in the large scenic background filled with pine trees covered with a thick layer of snow.

She had such joy on her face when her hand went forward to grasp the glowing masterpiece of nature. Those small snowflakes were decorating her shiny jet black hair making an angelic halo around her, an unorganized tiara of snow, melting on her head.

She was giggling so freely sounding like thousands of small bells jingling together, it made Ares feel obsessed with her, his feet stalked her like a wolf in hiding watching his favorite sheep playing in the fields.

Possessive arms covered the princess's waist making her squeal adorably.


She was so cold, her body freezing and she only seemed to realize that when his warmth filled touch made her snuggle into him. There were no words spoken but the sweet surroundings with absolute peaceful silence made Rose painfully aware of his touch.

Ares picked the girl that only came to his chest in a bridal style, his breathing so calm as she was held captive into his possessive hold, her eyes watching his beautiful face as their breathings mingled. sparks were flying as Rose felt goosebumps rising on her delicate skin.

"You are so beautiful Ares." She bit her cherry plump lips only to raise a shaky hand to cup his cheek. She was so cold and he wanted to warm her thoroughly.

"Oh Baby" he whispered, his nose nuzzling her neck when they entered their room which blasted warm gusts of air in full setting which made it comparatively much milder than outside. Ares knew that his girl loved snow and wanted to surprise her tomorrow but the way skies were roaring, there would be a hailstorm and it was impossible for them to go out for sight seeing.

"Ares I am sleepy b-but its so c-cold" The woven sweater upon her was meant to provide warmth but he was sure it wasn't working much by how she was shivering when he laid her on the bed.

The man pulled off his own sweater away before taking off his shirt as well. Rose did not even got time to blush when her boyfriend took off her clothes soon making her pout, climbing on top of the bed to lay her petite body on top of him. Her chest that had lost the warmth started regaining heat coming directly in contact with the sculpted muscular chest of the hot blooded male who had his hands searching something in the small cabinet attached to the bed.

His palm was withdrawn as he held two fluffy fur socks which he fitted into the tiny feet of his baby after propelling both her legs up, one at a time.

Ares rubbed her up and down till her was satisfied, chuckling softly when he found her nipples hardening as soon as his palm squeezed her bubbly ass, slapping it once. Rose winced, whimpering when his lips traced her earlobe making her shudder.

"Count" The first spank was light which the others raining upon both her ass-cheeks were not.


"If I found you roaming without proper clothes, next time we are going till ten."

The thick black blanket covering them was wrapped tightly as Rose was cuddled impossibly close to Ares.

"Can't I be a good girl and still get them?" Rose whispered half asleep making Ares chuckle.


"Ares what is it?"

Rose was kind of apprehensive thinking what her boyfriend was hiding behind his back, was that a water gun?

"Sit down doll." They were on the couch in no time with Rose having her back towards him as they both worked in silence.

With the girl giggling when she realized that Ares was braiding her silky hair and the man being focused tying to do the perfect twists and turns, they were in a perfect harmony.

"I wanted to take you to the ice ring but I am so sorry precious its not possible today." There he pulled her hair accidently making Rose bit her lip and look up at him behind her as if she did not cared about that at all.

"Then w-what are we doing today?"

Something was twisted as decorations in her glossy stands when Ares looked up from the braid to her.

"Want me to fuck you al day?" Rose squeaked practically running off but not before a whisper left her lips.

"Please daddy"


Rose could not believe her eyes, there were diamond snowflakes encrusted in her braid clutching her twisted stands together as she looked into the mirror twirling to see how she was looking.

Ares stood behind her seemingly nervous for the first time, taking out the accessory that he was hiding since morning.

"Ares.....what-"Rose widened her eyes, her own smile vanishing when she looked at the soft teal coloured tiara crown in his hands.

It was a family heirloom that could not be mistaken ever. It was his pride and devotion that he offered to me.

"Be my queen Rose, marry me...."

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