By EraRexon
Date: February 15, 2021
Ch. 17Loving you the most

Heavy doze of love may be lethal for our single brains, proceed with caution.

By the time Ares went home, Rose was completely knocked off in a sweet sleep. When the innocent girl was laid down on the cottony bed Ares took the dirty blue shirt off her soft body observing her in the dimmed lights of the lamp.

Her lips were swollen with red marks littering her pale skin, she looked completely exhausted yet a calm serenity made her face appear as if in peace and happiness. Ares watched her for a few moments, his fingers tracing her marks before he went inside the washroom to retrieve a wet towel dipped in mild warm water.

The cloth wiped her pussy making Rose whimper in sleep. Her labia was swollen and it was evident that Ares had not shown mercy with making her cum five times while three were his own splaying his semen inside her pussy.

"Oh baby what would I do of you..." Ares had originally thought to give Rose a warm bath with pink sea salts to sooth her skin but now that she was asleep he did not had the heart to subject her to spraying water in the middle of such peace.

A thick coat of soothing gel was applied and massaged on her marks before Ares climbed the bed wrapping Rose to his chest as the couple fell asleep.


"Sweet baby" It was ten in the morning when a kiss was planted on her cheek.

"Wake up doll, see I have got lots of presents for you." The more Ares coaxed her the better her strength to sleep became, she pushed herself closer to him every time he tried waking her up and nuzzled into his chest making Ares fall to her charms and let her be.

When it was one in the morning Ares decided that he had enough of the attitude because it was more than fourteen hours since her small tummy had some food.

"Baby you gonna wake up or I swear I am going to remind you who your daddy is." Rose was asleep, her hazy mind barely registering his cock nestled by her bubbly ass. When the doe eyed beauty decided to be a brat and test her boyfriend's temperament, Ares held her leg moved up supporting it on his muscular arm.

Her core was completely exposed for Ares to bury his cock inside her pussy.

"Rose " when the gentle sensations made Rose moan and wake up groggily unable to understand what was happening yet completely knowing that she was in the arms of the man she adored.

"You are such a bad girl baby." When his length made love to the girl who twisted the silk sheets in her palms realizing her position, a whimper escaping plump cherry lips.

"Ares!" The girl cried out as the man cupped her aching breast making love to her.

His strokes were long and deep, slow and yet capable of making heartbreaking moans fall out of her mouth.

"Good morning princess." Neither her tightly wrapped peach pussy nor she herself liked when Ares pulled out his cock completely wet in her juices making Rose sit up and whine but by the time she was trying to make him come back her boyfriend was standing beside the bed, his Calvin Klein supporting a huge bulge in them.

"Let me please have you."

"Let me please feed you first."

"You are so mean." she whispered shyly, her brown eyes drooping as she took notice of her completely naked state not able to notice Ares who was taking off his T-shirt.

One moment she was sitting bashfully, her cheeks burning and the very next she was squealing as a very virile masculine male picked her up, clutching her bare body to his naked chest.

"Arms up princess" When Rose put up her frail arms giggling, Ares pulled them through the two identical holes in the cloth with making her head pass the opening cut for her neck, his T-shirt now covering his princess completely, falling to her knees.


"Rose, I want to talk to you." When the girl was well fed with a bowl of fruit salad, a strawberry smoothie and sandwiches only then did the Mafia prince decided to bring up the serious talk.

"Yes Daddy" Rose was exceptionally bright, like a dandelion flower blowing with wind her joy was unparalleled.

Ares was eating with her sitting on his lap, her back close to his chest as he kissed her head.

"Baby there are always contraceptives when we have sex because I know that you aren't ready for a child but I want to tell you baby that I am not sure how efficient they are."

"N-not sure?" Rose was terrified of raising a child, for a girl who was still discovering herself, Rose had not yet thought about it. She did not wished for a baby......her baby to pay for her incompetence.

"Baby there are 99% chances that they would work but I want to tell you doll that if someday there comes a time where that one percent comes true..... princess be very assured that I would always love you and our children.

Please don't be afraid of me and have that feeling that I can not like anything related to yours, we won't have a baby until you are ready but if you are then there is nothing in the world that I will cherish more that you and a part of your soul and blood. We will raise our child together."

Rose turned into his lap embracing Ares.

"If there is someone that I am not afraid of, that I completely and blindly trust, its you Ares.

I don't know what I was ten years ago when I met you, maybe a shadow of a good daughter and if given to a clan, I might have been a timid and obedient girl to follow rules and think that I have no worth without a man.

You belonged to the dynasty of Waylons and yet you never looked down upon me, I have only received love and respect from you Daddy and I promise that I will never be afraid of you because you love has made me brave.

In this life I have got you Ares and I promise that I will belong to you even after my death. in this world or another I am yours......body, soul, heart.....Rose belongs to you."

Next chapter is their wedding ❤️❤️

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