By EraRexon
Date: January 29, 2021
Ch. 15Union 1




18+...ok atleast 16+

"You can do whatever you want to me Ares." The statement was said by glittery hopeful doe eyes that looked at him shyly.

"Anything?" Rose bit her bottom lip shuddering at the look Ares gave her.

"Yes Daddy." She obediently replied.

The place that he had brought her to was a valley of tulips with the closed buds chopped off prematurely to ensure better growth of the flowers. Hard solid ground was now covered with a cottony layer of flower petals of different colors making it look like a rainbow cloud on which they were floating.

It was an hour before sunset when they decided to take a stroll and have their lunch in fields.

Birds were chirping as the the melody of a canary song swirled with the breeze while a flock of yellow birds sat on a peach tree planted just nearby. The birds flew away in harmony as soon as they realized that the humans nearby were not leaving the area soon.

With all the lavish things that existed in the world Ares wanted to do something, leave a reminder of a very unique experience in Rose's life yet he was not thinking about sex when he brought her to Holland for a vacation. They had their intimate moments in the plane and their private villa but it would escalate to this was a thought that the mafia prince did not paid a lot of attention too.

But now that he saw his baby covered in a white dress that barely reached her bum after he took off her shorts for comfort....the bubble butt made him mad with lust. It was her idea to take off the shorts as they were seemingly too tight but how come he could have been aware that she did not wore any panties beneath.

When the plump pink pussy was exposed everytime wind blew her skirt up Ares decided to teach her a lesson and asked how she would like to be punished. He got the answer making his eyes darken.

"Take off your skirt." the innocent girl was far too gone in the feeling of arousal to notice or take care that it was an open field but her boyfriend was a very possessive man who had already made the area wired with electric fences with not a single soul inside the three miles areal field. Initially it was because they planned a picnic here near their villa where not even a guard was allowed inside but now the needs were a bit more.

A week before the area was cleansed every inch so as to remove dirt and anytype of pests if present. Only he had to right to see Rose, only him.

When the white polka dot skirt fell to ground, the mafia price put his wide palm on his princess's stomach making her tremble with his warm touch, the palm trailed her thighs going to her hips where a welt has been formed against her pale skin turning it pink.

"Awh my baby is so brave." his finger traced her skin making Rose breathe erratically. Ares looked at Rose observing her tiny body that was trembling as he parted her creamy legs making his rough,wide palm cup her pussy.

A whimper escaped her lips as two fingers pinched her clit, circles rubbing on her pussy made the girl open her mouth in a silent gasp with a moan drawing out when one of the fingers decided to enter her core.


It was a slow movement at first but Rose could not help but clutch her boyfriend's shoulders as his eyes held a carnal hunger the moment her tear filled irises clashed with his bluish-gray ones. A whimper fell out as soon as another finger entered her warm flower core. Ares decided to make them sit when the girl's legs shook with his each stroke as his fingers were knuckle deep inside her.

The digits came out suddenly leaving the Cattaneo princess feel empty making her whine.

" Sit down Rose" As soon as she was lowered down on the flower petals, his clothed cock right infront of her face, Ares made her watch, with chocolate eyes blown wide clashing with his own as he sucked the fingers one by one in his mouth without breaking their eye contact, his tongue swirling around the digit as if to have all her essence to himself.

"Daddy" she drawled out ignoring the wind that was gently touching her half naked body as pearl droplets of her nectar coated her thighs.

"I want that off." The man referred to her white polka dot tubetop that still hid her soft body from him.

Mahogany eyes were dripping with desire as he took off his shirt while frantic hands were fumbling with the top until it was off, the bra came off as well making the mafia prince go insane. She looked like an absolute angel with her clothes scattered on the ground while she was completely naked, vulnerable and needy for his touch, looking at him.

Ares sat down infront of Rose opening his arms to invite the angel in. When she was settled with fingers tracing his smooth chest trying to carve each muscular pattern in her brain, the man just rubbed her back, his eyes immersing her innocence in his heart.

Jet black hair was opened, tendrils of it falling to her breasts with pink nubs peeking up at him to tease and call for having a taste. Ares could not resist the temptation as his head bowed, tongue licking the nipple as his warm mouth closed around it.

Rose was exploring him for a moment and the very next a surprised gasp left her mouth as her arms circled Ares's neck making her throw her head back to moan as his teeth played with her most sensitive parts gently.

The mafia prince went from one aching breast to another, till they were both marked red with his sucking and licking.

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