By EraRexon
Date: January 20, 2021
Ch. 14Virtue

The pitter patter of rain drops on the roof helped in decreasing the melancholy of the atmosphere engulfing the inseparable lovers.

"Ares......s-since when have you kept him as a hostage?" If Rose wanted to know the root of evil, it was only obvious that she would pay attention to how he worked.

"Since the day you have told me." The man wanted to comfort his princess wrapped up in the warm blankets laying on his chest, only her porcelain face visible as she chewed on her plump red lips.

After the whole fiasco was over Ares has sped drive with the scared sweet mouse in his lap refusing to loose her tight hold on him. All her fears have morphed into reality and the Cattaneo princess was shaken from inside.

Ares had brought her to his house and rocked her to sleep while he rubbed her back to bring warmth to her hands that were freezing cold, a sign of nervousness that she showed whenever things got out of her hands. After a sleep of three hours where she shivered every now and then while Ares laid wide awake rubbing her body constantly reminding her that he was there.

"Ares, is it bad? Is it bad that I feel so guilty.....I- he deserved it and nothing less, I was surrounded by guards and yet I was.....if he got a chance I know what he could have done and yet I-" a whimper broke free as tears trailed down her cheek in misery.

Ares wanted to say but that moment belonged to Rose, she wished to say everything...lift off the heavy emotion weighing down her soul and at that moment the man choose to listen.

"I feel guilty Ares but then I feel so light.....its like..I-I feel relieved that he could never harm me again. I am so confused."

Ares let the girl cling to him and cry as she buried her face in his neck and poured out her heart.

"Baby, do you know what is kindness?" the whimpers reduced as Rose focused on the deep velvety voice of her boyfriend who held the nape of her neck softly rubbing the area.

"Killing people is a sin...yet when a soldier kill enemies in war, it is considered to be the greatest service to the country and people. why? because it save thousands of lives from getting ruined and burned in war if nobody fights.

We have been taught that you cannot take away a life if you cannot create one......only nature can create life and only it has right to kill, so shall all the rapists and killers be let free in the hopes that they would feel remorse for the life they destroyed?

Such souls are dipped in ink tar, they enjoy it...enjoy every second of it. I tortured that man before killing...have tortured hundreds before, the way they describe the incidents are bone chilling, they told me the way they pushed the mouth of a four year old baby in water while...."

Ares breathed hard, his blood boiling.

"I gave then their worst nightmares to experience Rose, I did non-speakable things to them and I accept it. I punished them in ways which would make me a monster.

The man that died today.....I took his eyes out because they do not learn after committing such heinous crime, who will take the responsibility .....a small child that was raped by those getting freedom from prison by my false kindness to give them a chance, can I return the childhood, can I return the ripped soul back?

I may be a terrible person but my sleep is the most comforting knowing that I took revenge on such creatures gives me peace. I am twisted Rose and this is my reality."

Rose was silent, tears silently falling but this time it was not for herself as she analyzed what Ares was saying, word by word. Her body trembling as she could not even comprehend that such monstrosity existed.

"Then what is your definition of kindness Ares?" Rose watched outside the window as rain got heavier by each passing second.

"True kindness differentiates Rose, If I leave such monsters free despite having power and ability, the strength I have is utterly useless. If those children raped have been mine, if those who were brutally murdered were my family would I show the same kindness then?

He touched you and I felt the world collapsing. This wasn't my first kill Rose and neither it would my last. I am evil and I accept it wholeheartedly but I would never force you to do anything that you don't wish for baby.

You are your own person with your views and principles and I don't know if a beautiful, fragile soul like yours would ever be able to bear with me knowing my hands are tainted in crimson of blood, but I would be honest with you, I don't feel guilty to kill those whom I have because they deserved it.

I have never been taught to bring suffering to those who are innocent neither would I ever showcase my strength upon those weaker than me in any means if they do not cross me in unforgivable ways."

Ares closed his eyes steeling his heart, he was going to die lonely and that was written in his stars if Rose decided to step away from him but the girl tightened her hold on him pushing herself even closer.

"You told me that I am precious to you, now I tell you Ares...there is no one whom I can or will ever see in my heart. As your girl if you are sinning let me carry the burden of half your sins because what my heart feel for you is immense respect.

You had innumerable chances to manipulate me as you wished Daddy but you never even laid a hand on me without my will, I don't know any other Ares....I know this one who can never harm someone for his own sadistic pleasure, you have saved lives and I .this Rose will remain by your side till death do us apart."

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