By EraRexon
Date: December 16, 2020
Ch. 1Before it begun

Ares watched the small girl twirling like an enchanting swan in the mirror lake watching the cluster of stars fall from the sky.

She was a ballet dancer, her body being rising itself as the music took a dramatic turn and the echoes of violin sharply sang a tune of war.

One wrong turn and the girl lost her balance like a baby learning first time to walk and fell.

Before Ares could come forward from his hiding spot the elderly teacher catch hold of the girl and glared at the sensitive beauty, her patience cracking even though Rose did her best.

"You ungrateful child! I have given you a chance to learn but you, you are not worthy!" The woman got red in face with anger as she looked at the girl trying hard not to cry.

"You will never be able to dance in the circus let alone perform ballet infront of royalty-"

The words on her lips died down as soon as she saw who towered over the hunched frame of the innocent girl who had tears streaming down her glittery brown eyes.

"Who has given you the ability to decide if she is worthy or not or do you believe that you now have the power to control people's lives?"

Two warm palms covered Rose's ear. "Do you even know who the fuck you are talking to, before my father shoots your brains out for disrespecting our guest I will hang you alive for talking like that to my baby."

Rose stiffened, chocolate eyes widening but she dared not turn her head and look who was behind her as her ears were gently covered preventing her from listening.

"N-no sir, I was just-"

"Keep your petty excuses to yourself, you are fired! Get out." The woman could not glare at Ares, she did not had any wish to die instead she glared at Rose, passing her anger to the girl who would endure.

"Fool! You dare show your dirty fangs to my girl.
Guards! Throw her out on the streets and make sure she doesn't gets any job in this whole damn country. "

Rose gasped, the tears long forgotten as she turned around clutching Ares' jacket.

"Ares please what will she eat? Forgive her." The angry bluish-grey irises softened down a bit as he held her arm holding his jacket.

"Just throw this unworthy thing out." He waved another palm towards the guards who dragged the shocked woman out his hands creating a fist making the guards know that this woman would be gone far away.

"How many times do I have to tell you..." His palm cupped her cheek caressing it softly making her lips tremble remembering what happened earlier.

"Only I am allowed to bully you, if anyone else says anything to you, don't listen, don't endure... you just tell me who bothers you and I will do the rest, ok? "

His thumbs wiped her eyes rimmed with tears kissing her forehead softly making the girl blush.

"Now with this, you will clean my guns today." Rose gasped listening to his demands as he held her waist practically pushing her into his side and making her walk to his room.

"A-Ares can we not do it today?"

"Not a chance preciosa."

Rose pouted blushing hard when Ares dragged her in his comfortable room throwing his t-shirt to her.

He gestured her to do her daily routine making the small girl huff going inside the attached bathroom, even though she had seen luxury all her life the the Waylon's were truly royal.

The mirror infront of her was crafted from Jade with rubies forming the structure of the sun, the smile which held her face was soon converted into a pout as she remembered her daily work.

As soon as she will go out Ares would bully her.

Since the day she had stepped in this home he had made a habit to tease and trouble her.

He usually gave her a a heavy book to read to him while she sat on his bed and he sprawled out, his head on her lap.

Or he made her dance sometimes while he played the violin.

Or sometimes he kissed her head thousand times till she was exhausted and fall asleep.

Or like today he made her clean his guns.

He had his ways of torture, although he teased her alot Rose had to admit that she got all warm and fuzzy, her breathing fast and work clumsy when he was around.

Ares was like her own personal sun. Even though he tortured her with too many hugs and kisses she liked him.

The girl was slipping down the ballet costume when she saw a patch of small red on her panties and her brain gave all sorts of sirens, her fingers trembling.

"A-Ares!" She opened the bathroom door a bit crying out his name when he came infront of her, his eyes hard scanning the surroundings while looking at her small head peaking out.

"What is it baby?"

"I-I... I have umm..." She sniffled making the mafia prince panicked.

"Tell me baby what is it."

"My p-periods came." Ares watched the ceiling in silent conversation with god that why was his Rose sometimes so shy on such things.

In no time a green bag with the basic necessities and proper feminine garments was passed to the dainty hand that came out to grasp it.

Rose came out after several minutes, her face scrunching up with the cramps but her petite body was soon engulfed by the man who pounced on her pulling her up to his bed shoving a bunch of things towards her.

She looked up at him innocently when she saw the packet filled with chocolates, candies and Skittles.

There was another box filled with pastries of different flavours that was pushed towards her making her cry.

Ares patted her head softly, putting her favourite Tangled on the TV as his arms encircled her making her lay on his chest.

"When I will grow up....I am going to marry you Ares." The fourteen year old Rose whispered to the boy four years elder than her making him freeze.

Good Ares thought.

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