By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 9Zeus and Hera

Zeus was crying as much as I was when I said those words if not more, his heart shattered and I felt the pain.

"Hera....please. I would never cheat on you again please."

The universe was meaningless to me now.

"I, Hera, goddess of marriage and queen of gods reject Zeus, the king of thunder and lightning as my mate and King, by this day shall my powers as the queen return as I shall no longer abide by it."

"HERA!" I felt it and without a doubt he felt that too with how powerful the skies blasted lightning, burning the entire realm but I could not witness a single thing as my bond ripped slowly and agonizingly as if someone was opening my mouth and burning it with hot coals.

As if my chest was smashed with knives again and again till I bleed dry.

"Hera! HERA! PLEASE COME BACK!" He had yelled across the other side of the Olympus but by then the bond was gone along with his weeping voice fading away into nothingless.

I sat there for an hour without moving.

my eyes seeing nothing

ears hearing nothing and despite the whole world in turmoil, I was eerily calm.

before I could think very much ahead Persephone was already knocking on my magical door seeking permission to enter my dimension and this time without even blinding and restricting her sight I let her in.

The woman with trembling lips stood before me, we both looked at one another before my world collapsed and I held her before the dam of emotions, all guilt sadness broke free as we clutched one another and continued crying without any abandon.

I failed to see the man behind her, the one who did not even showed emotion when he was given underworld to rule, he had accepted it too without any tears.

I failed to see as his arms came around Persephone and I, all the three people mourning what we have got and finally what he have lost.

Zeus' POV

The most glorious hair she had, so golden and divine as if the rays of sun and the waves of water were reflecting there shine on its curled surface. She smelled so much like the lilies that she admired and loved. When we were yet to marry I promised her to give her, her favorite sacred lotus every single day and the smile that graced her lips......I still remember that moment when she grinned at me, soft dimples forming on her face made the entire Pantheon glow with her radiance.

The very next day I had brought her a glittering lotus whose petals were made from glittering red diamonds and in place of leaves there were green emeralds. Hera was happy not for the fact that I spend lavishly on her but regarding that I cared enough to spend my time and give my sole attention to her.

She was the woman I could never had enough of at that time and when we were finally married. I remember moving all constellation of stars to the west of the skies so that they were infront of her window and she could see them every single day, so that every moment of hers must be filled with the memories of how cherished she was.

Then came a day five hundred years later when I cheated with Callisto, a nymph and princess, the daughter of King of Arcadia and to save her from the rage of Hera I made of Hera I transformed her into a constellation. That was the day I first saw something break inside Hera and those stars that she once admired so much became her foe.

She rearranged them all back to their respective places and thus my gift to her dissolved into nothingness.

But I still managed to win her back and till the time never broke my promise of giving her the Lotus flowers. Then there came a time when I simply forgot and when she did not said anything that ritual too was forsaken.

She had fought and cried, cursed and banished. Showed her most cruel side and been a revengeful soul and now she was not anything......she had enough of me.

The tears made my throat dry and eyes red.

When I touched her for the first time. I reminisce that time and cried harder.

Those soft arms of her were around me as I kissed her infinitely. Her hair wrapped around my fist in a coil as I tilted her head above before covering her necks in kisses, those love bites and marks were stating that she was mine. My wife, my soulmate. With every single thrust inside her body I found pleasure even more than when I was crowned the king, even more than anything else in the world.

I loved her so much, so much to not leave her ever.

The skies rumbled as I roared not knowing how to ease the pain spreading throughout, each and every pore screaming for her and then the realization that my promises to her were empty and indeed I have left her alone was enough to make me facepalm and pour my grief.

The last time I had made love to her was a month ago and then I could not understand that why it was so if she was saying goodbye.
When I had kissed her the bond leaked her pain, when my fingers glided through the touch of her skin my eyes had cried as she did not spoke but had sex in a perfectuary manner. There were no moans or pleasure filled sighs like before. My Hera was so cold, she took the position I wanted her too yet those eyes were so empty.

"My love" I clutched her face in my palm as I saw those beautiful blue eyes......nothing absolutely nothing, no emotions for me and my heart beat fast in horror.

I had gathered her in my arms and wept silently. why was she showing such behavior? She told me today that she wanted me, especially called me from the council and I abolished them for today so that I could just be with her and yet the moment I step into her chamber I knew something was off.

"Zeus, I love you." I wanted to ask her then why was she so different today, almost as if she was not here at all and somewhere else in this world.
She had said goodbye then, the last night of us as husband and wife together.

After that day she did not talked to me, did not argued on any matter. Previously the demigods and my children on the mortal realm whom she spied about....she was least concerned about them now. So I had thought that she did not loved me and did not disturbed her peace.

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