By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 8Zeus and Hera

But now that I see, her vision and way of doing things are on a different level than others. My eyes were red and swollen from crying when I came here the first days but since then it had been nothing but a deep numbness because it was not the first time Zeus has done it but the first time I understood the reason of his doing it.

'The act can be forgiven but the intentions are what make it much more heinous. Supposedly a person falling down and getting hurt by someone when it is an accident is completely different when someone has deliberately pushed you down to make you bleed.'

Persephone had said those words before leaving, giving me time to think and go over my throughs spilled all over the place.

And how come I not see why he was doing this....Zeus was always said to be an uncontrollable mighty god, think about adding a goddess that over powers him mentally, where would his pride go to. I was supposed by him to be a queen who would be obedient and let him have his ways, always supporting him because after all his children were heroes who saved the mortal realm countless times.

He thought that even though he was a great god I was his barrier that stopped him from doing every single thing he ever wished for. I was his chain.

The most ironic thing that I silently conjured these days was a realization that he did loved me, if not then why would he take up my insults every time I hurl it at him and why to keep up pretenses, Zeus was a very straightforward person.

He loved me.

He wanted me.

He needed me.

But he never respected me, not loved me enough to only commit himself to me.

In his eyes I was easy, a weak willed creature who would accept him no matter what happens. And I have made him like that myself.

If there was someone who destroyed my life, it was was me and myself much before Zeus. Even Ares, my son looked at me as if there was something wrong with me. He always used to tell me that he would be there if someday I finally decided to stand up myself. Even a child, Hebe could see how ruining my relationship had become and yet I was blind.

I find this familiar and accepted it without having the courage to change it myself.

It has been many days since Zeus persisted in my mind link trying to push the closed barrier to make him talk to me yet everytime he had probed my mind I only felt one thing.

I wanted to be free, there were countless of times when I felt him through our bond and pushed it myself to stop him from having sex with another but he never listened. For now there was one thing left in my hurting chest.

This bond

And this must go.

I opened the barrier that has been closed from the past thirteen days and then all of his anxiousness came crashing it, that overwhelming sadness from his side brought tears o my eyes as he whispered my name as if confirming if I was truly there.

"Hera" I could not respond.

"Hera...Hera please tell me are you alright, I love you, I am so so sorry.....please come back, you can curse me as much as you want but this time I am-"

"Zeus" I replied as my lips wobbled, the reality was heart wrecking but this is the time I accepted it.

"I love you Zeus." As soon as those teary words escaped my lips, a sob resonated from his side as if sensing the way I had given up this time.

"It has been long and I have come to realize that my love for you has no bounds Zeus, I am tired of cursing and blaming......fighting and trying to have your attention.

I have been the person who has taken away your freedom and now I-"

"NO! NO! Hera please!" His cries and sobs were desperate but my heart was already so dead that there was no hope in there to reconcile and he must have sensed my words because he was wailing in despair to make my heart turn.

How do you alter something when you have already lost its essence.

"When I married you Zeus, I knew what it entailed. Spending eternity with someone is a great commitment and thus I tried to always maintain excitement and rejuvenation in our marriage but now I have no expectations and certainly....Zeus by the law abiding fates, I, Hera, the goddess of marriage annul this companionship of ours."

My voice got stuck in throat as I choked before the skies about me rumbled furiously, lightning striking each and every tree in vicinity but I sat still listening to the roars and powerful wave of sadness that it brought from his end.

"Hera! What are you doing? Please listen to me, even though you don't wish to be married to me but still we can work this out, you can take your time Hera. I beg of you my queen do not leave me please!" Those words would have moved the previous me, even brought immeasurable joy but now an ironic smiled covered my face.

"My life was like the sand in a sandclock Zeus and I am afraid it had already ran out." Another roar of thunder made me sit down on my knees.

"Hera, I have been a bastard my love, you should punish me..... why are you giving up your immortality. Please its....don't do this my Queen please."

I smiled in between the tears as if I found the thought of killing myself absurd. I was not coming a suicide or anything even close. I had long lived my life, it has been millions of years and it was now upon me to choose my rest if I wished to.

"Our you remember when it was created, how full we felt, it was a feeling so ethereal that I was bewitched. I do not want for you to feel agony on my behalf."

"ENOUGH! Hera this is madness! you will do no such thing, our bond is sacred-"

"Yet not sacred enough to stop you from cheating.." We were bickering like the husband and wife we are....were.

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