By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 7Zeus and Hera

"Do you remember brother? Centuries ago she was personally escorted by you, she refused to be your Queen countless times, yet you did not let her be and finally after tricks and finally made her your queen. At first I wasn't satisfied with your ways but then I saw how much you loved her.

You truly loved and cared for her and wanted to give her so much, you wished to give her the world you told me and that true love in your eyes changed my view.

I saw that day in your wedding, you both were so happy and I could not be more proud of you. That day the girl I saw was so lively, just by looking at her would bring the world to life, bring dead to life..."

Zeus had a sharp pain in his chest before his palm pressed there to sooth the pain and indeed he remembered, after so long finally Hera was his and he had got her all for himself. She was his queen, only she deserved to be at that position and no one else. He remembered looking at her and feeling as if she was beyond beautiful.

She was his soulmate, the time had stopped the day when they were married and the cerulean irises of Zeus became the most electrifying that day when he came to realize that this woman, the goddess that was beyond the reach of others was his consort and she would be it till eternity.

There was not even one single time when she wasn't the perfect wife but he......he was never a husband to her. Zeus clenched his eyes shut when he concluded that indeed, it has been so long and now he wasn't even completely aware of who she was. She did not came to even curse him today.

She had changed.

"Brother, please tell me where is she. I promise-"

"Your promises are as worthless as your vows to keep her safe Zeus, your wife came to me today. My best friend who used to scare the demons even was standing infront of me so vulnerable crying and weeping. I saw her break down Zeus, saw each and every part of her soul blooded and wounded by you."

A tear trailed down the eyes of Zeus, he thought things were fine, they have been like this for thousands of years and not once she just....disappeared like this as if she did not even wished to see his face.

"She said she wanted to die Zeus." As soon as those words left Hades whose eyes were crystal shards crumbling beneath the hard exterior, thunderstrokes roared into the oblivion.

"W-What did you said?"

"Your presence is so toxic to her Zeus, you have taken such a kind soul with nothing but love and devotion filled inside of her and then at first you slowly clipped her wings with your rubic chains decorated with gems and diamonds.

You have caged her like some animal inside this great white palace of yours. See these Zeus, these snow palace walls of yours made with the most extravagant marbles and stones, do they bring you happiness, calm knowing after your wife is so exhausted that she wants to give up her immortality and die.

Thousand of years she had endured this terrible pain caused by you. Bit by bit you ripped off every sane part of her replacing it with dark gloomy chaos and then they expect her to show mercy.

If I had been at her place......I would never. I don't possess such strength.

She has stopped loving you a long time ago Zeus but this marriage that you thrusted upon her binds her to be honest with you, but you....lord! you are......since when did you become such heinous creature brother. I had loved you and respected you since eons and now, now I can not even look at you without seeing how you made her such a revengeful soul.

I feel disgust Zeus. You will remain my brother till eternity but how can I forget that Hera too is my god damn sister."

Zeus staggered back as if been slapped. His face crumbled as he looked, for the first time really looked into Hades' grey irises as Hades transferred the images of Hera breaking down into his mind. He saw her crying and shivering.

He had taken a Queen.

When did she became a lonely girl?

How long has this been going on?

Tears freely flowed down the cerulean irises as Zeus clutched Hades' hand and the lightning intensified.

"I will.....I will do anything to bring her back. I swear I will never cheat again-"

"Brother she is not tired of marriage this time......she is tired of living."

Hera's POV

It has been thirteen days since I have been here, this place was neither the domain of Hades nor did it belonged to any other. This was the deepest parts of forest grounds on which Artemis hunted and one of the places where I have spend the sweet moments of my childhood but after being crowned as a queen all this was long forgotten and the once favored place was abandoned.

Just like me.

The vines and creepers were not tamed anymore, they were not filled with flowers but more or less it was still as enchanting as it was centuries ago. There was this small hut made up of simple woood that I was living in. With thick canopy of trees above me I was very sure that nobody could detect my location unless told otherwise.

Persephone suggested me to shift from Underworld as soon as possible and if possible not tell her the place as well. If she and Hades both were not aware of where I was then certainly Zeus would not be able to ask from them no matter what method he used.

When Persephone had to come here, she would just call my name and whisper a spell and I would blindfold her before bringing her to this dimension myself. At first when she came to the realm I was a bit worried if all those centuries ago if she would be able to control and govern the Underworld alongside Hades because for all I knew was that she was a very magnificent person but as a queen.....I had no idea.

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