By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 6Zeus and Hera

She felt Zeus everytime he had sex with another, the bond told her, sang a tune of betrayal and hurt. Those terrible wounds of her heart....where she would go and to whom she shall show, because a queen is always strong.

It was as if somebody was carving her skin out of a dagger and the love she had for Zeus.....she hated him, so much much devastation, he had finally achieved his goal and today he had ruined her till nothing was left but an empty person whose eyes only can cry desperate tears.

This was the first time Hera had her heart harden and she decided, no matter what it takes, she would end this life, everyday was equivalent to thousand deaths and every second was a torture. Right now the only thing she wanted was liberation.

She clutched her mouth and cry when Zeus closed the bond as if sensing her cries...did he think she was faking her emotions.


She wanted to escape this, her life has been long enough.


"Hades" A song of utter helplessness it was, the voice so sweet yet the contracting emotions so high like a whirlwind, he felt her before his eyes could see her, she was his sister and best friend after all and when she teleported infront of his throne Hades smile vanished replaced by a horror so deep that he was left without any voice, rhyme or scheme, without a voice as ifhe had a setback to see someone so dear to him like this.

So heartbroken that it was visible.

Who was the woman standing infront of him?

She was once considered to be the most precious of all, a true beauty inside and out, the goddess who has veins of steel and never backed even if it meant raising hell. She was the one who treated his wounds when they were younger, she was Hera.

She had been kind, had been cruel but defeat, Hera never knew the word.

But not today.

And then at a closer look she wasn't the Hera he knew, a defeated and isolated look was etched upon her face, there was no happiness just sorrow and god the way she wrapped her own arms around herself, body trembling with eyes red and swollen,hot tears flowing nonstop. Hades quickly went up to her and Persephone feeling his distress ran to the throne room wide eyes.

The woman was unable to balance herself as she slipped down falling on the ground making Hades rush to her supporting her up.

"Hera!" The golden haired goddess clutched his black suit and the moment his arms supported her providing warmth to her ice cold body the silent tears turned to loud wails. When Persephone opened the throne room and watched the scene her own palm covered her mouth in horror and astonishment.

"What is it Hera please tell us. What is it love?" Persephone came behind the breaking goddess rubbing her back to sooth her but it was futile. The couple supported Hera and before they knew Hades had opened a black portal making them walk to a comfortable room when they help the goddess sit, on both side of her were the King and Queen of Underworld.

"What happened Hera?" Persephone clutched her hand while Hades asked the woman even though he knew what was has been so many centuries since this sick game of Zeus was being played.

"I don't want to live like this anymore Hades, its...I just want to die. too much.....its getting too much." As if a thunderbolt had struck Persephone she went on her knees infront of Hera on the ground looking up at the woman who was considered as her closest friend.

"Hera we both are going to talk and Hades, if I may ask please go to that King of gods." she spat.

"Ask him is he satisfied now, does he feels happy to push her to such an extent." Hades wasn't paying attention to anything now. With a completely numb look he asked one question that he had dreaded to ask for so long.

"Do you feel it?" As if someone had poured cold water all over her body, the cries got hysterical yet silent as Hera facepalmed before brokenly answer a yes.

"It hurts, it hurts so much."

Persephone was unable to see Hera in such state and held the goddess in her embrace.

Hades had no answer, no question left anymore and he silently came out of the room, rims of his eyes red as he opened a portal leading him to somewhere where he wished to truly go and ask some question buried in his heart since so long.

Zeus was walking back and forth in the while embellished throne room when out of the black smoke his brother appeared before him making me go to him and open his mouth to ask a question but his movements froze when he saw the look in Hades' eyes.

"What...Where is Hera?" Although he was certain that she was the queen and could take care of herself yet he could not help but be truly worried. Even Hebe did not know where she was.

"What have you done Zeus?" The man with electrifying blue eyes looked at Hades in turmoil. He was so confused in the morning regarding Hera, he saw her withdrawing and could not help but sleep with a nymph just now to see if it evokes the emotions inside her, by now she must be screaming and throwing things at him.

She was his strength but why was Hades watching him like that.

"What do you mean, where is Hera? Why is she not here? The bond is close, I cant...I can not feel her." As if the arrogant god was feeling something was wrong his own heart trembled.

Why is she not here raising hell and destroying his precious artifacts?

Why is she not chasing the girl he had sex with today?

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