By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 5Zeus and Hera

In this world where nothing was constant, it is absurd to take things as they were, the constellations change every year and so did the heart of person. The very nature of the universe is change and conversion, out of everything that is wanted and wished some are blessings while others are a curse.

What was cherished might be discarded.

What was true might be false someday

What has been seen might be fabricated

And what was loved might be hated.

Zeus shook his head a lazy smile covering his features as if thinking from where did these nonsensical thoughts came to him but the bright shine in those cyan irises dimmed a bit when he realized, with each passing day, the woman he had married has changed and now she almost was too prefectuary.

She only said things that were meant to be said, only talked about the mortal realm or sometimes about the gods....when has she last asked him about something concerning her or their children. If it was Ares she talked with him many days concerning his war tendencies and the mother son pair laughed and discussed with closed doors.

When it concerned the upbringing of Hebe, she took her to mortal realm and sometimes to Hades's palace and to Poseidon for enjoying their leisure time together. It has been years since they have been together in the throne room of Olympus just spending time as a family.

What was truly going in her mind, Zeus pondered.

Hera's hand was tugged down by Hebe who looked as if she wished to say something yet was unable to.

"What is it Hebe?" The golden woman with skin translucent and glowing asked her daughter and the reply shattered her heart.

"Why do you live with him mother? Why do you choose to cry for him every single day when he clearly does not pays attention to any of us."

The tears that were hidden came out as a glossy exterior. She was the goddess of marriage and for all these years she maintained fidelity. Never once disrespecting him, she remained eternally faithful. If she could do so then why can not he?

The answer was too painful yet so true that Hera closed the door of her room and bent down to Hebe's level and when those blue eyes of an innocent child met hers, sobs after sobs broke free from her chest.

For Zeus she was not worth trying.

For him she was just a woman he could return every single day after sleeping with other woman and she as a revengeful queen without any true abilities infront of all these goddesses she only could give terrible life to his affairs and the woman he courted.

Was that correct? tears after tears flowed as waterfalls down her eyes as Hebe comforted her mother, rubbing her back.

To hurt somebody on behalf of others, this was tyranny. Since when had she become so cruel to hurt the woman Zeus slept with but not even complain to him.....she had become weak, so damn terrible that she could not even see her reflection without feeling disgust.

Where had all those promises that they made disappeared to, she was always tried to made this marriage work no matter what happens, she had once loved Zeus too much to leave and abandon him. She had so many duties to do and yet when she though about all those she could not help but wonder where has the true Hera disappeared to.

She had once been a protector of the females and they worshipped her as their deity but now....they were even terrified of her name. They though that she was some revengeful, cruel person who would hurt anyone coming closer to a caged beast.

She truly was a caged bird in this golden palace of Olympus, there was luxury, wealth, food and ambrosia but where was respect and love. Where was happiness that she wished for. There was a golden chain binging herself and her freedom.

This was truly a place that she was married to, she loved it once...decorated every single corner of it liker her own peroneal home but now she despised this very place. The walls seemed to scream and cry at nights, she usually woke up with the anguish she had havocked on Zeus's lovers.

Maybe she truly has become this, a cruel woman with no conscience. As the tears continued, the sobs were turned into hiccups as Hebe clutched her mother and her own eyes leaked.

She saw her mother everyday and with such a father, he made her nothing but miserable and bitter. Ares too when talked to Hebe always said that their father did not deserved mother so wwhy was she bound to him always.....did she not trusted her abilities.

She was the Queen of Gods but still there was a seed of suspicion in her heart which continued to saw herself as someone who had no value and self worth.

Hera broke down bit by bit and the pale blue dress she had never wore in her life, became the very witness of her chaotic destruction.

"Hebe please be out, I will see you at night." Hebe did not wished to go and only after she saw there was so much pain in her mother's eyes did she relent.

'Hera, the mighty Queen filled with hopes and wishes all the world shall bow down at your feet. The true and sole Empress of Olympus, River Styx is the witness that your reign might never end and every mortal and immortal shall bow down to you.

Hail Queen of Gods!

Establishing the Empress.'

"NO! NO! its enough ENOUGH!" The small cries were transformed into the screams of helplessness as she felt her heart being stomped on and shattering as crystal glass that she picked up thousands of time and put them again together, no matter it got embedded into her hands till she bleed red crimson drop by drop. Her heart was bleeding and at the moment a cry so despairful broke free from her throat that even the entire Olympus drowned in agony.

She felt Zeus everytime he had sex with another, the bond told her, sang a tune of betrayal and hurt. Those terrible wounds of her heart....where she would go and to whom she shall show, because a queen is always strong.

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