By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 4Zeus and Hera

A long time ago there were three brothers that have defeated their evil father who have abused them. They captivated him inside a cage that he could never escape from.This cage was referred to as tartarus, a very deep and dark place inside the hell. This tale starts from the very beginning of time. There were people all around who worship the three brothers and the world has known them to be the core Foundation of Immortal beings, they were gods.

With ambrosia nectar in their veins, they were born invincible.

The eldest was known as Hades, the god of underworld a place so deep inside the earth that no light can reach there. And how Ironic it was that he was the representation of death but not only the light but the goddess that was filled with mirth and joy was his counterpart. It was said that when Hades met Persephone flowers bloomed in the deepest and the darkest parts of Hell, inside the bones of the Dead souls.

There were dead bodies around and even then Rose blossom creeping as a vine full of twists and turns on it was shining. The journey of Hades and persephone was said to be extremely difficult and yet it was the most beautiful one as well.

A mortal Werewolf was bestowed to he god of Underworld by destiny and fate. Underworld rejoiced and hell breathed a sigh of relief as she was much more kind and benevolent then her dark husband.

Many people in the world have different weakness. All the beings are fragile in their own way yet some appear to be cruel to the outside world yet they are soft from the bottom of the heart. Hades was one of then and to conquer his heart Persephone was born, his weakness and his strength.

The Second Son of the Evil father was Poseidon, the god of sea and ocean. He was known to be violent and there was so much rage inside his heart there were earthquakes and maelstroms at his name. When Poseidon wrecked havoc none of the people were said to be safe. His goddess wife was called Amphitrite, the ruler of seas alongside him. Although Poseidon is considered one of the most important deities in the modern world pales in comparison to his brothers.

The third brother was Zeus, the King of Gods and the very protector of their fate. His consort Hera was known to be the oldest Goddesses which one of the most beautiful and alluring figure of all the time. Zeus tricked Hera by transforming into a bird and made her his wife. As the time have passed the King of Gods that can wield lightning and thunder in his hands has fathered countless children with other women then his wife.

Although the same can be said for Poseidon but Zeus has clearly surpassed it by numbers.

Hebe was reading a book about her uncle Hades and aunt Persephone. She read the book written by mortals again and again and was unable to determine how the relationship of her parents was so different from her uncle and aunt.

Hebe was the youngest child of Hera and Zeus. She never found her parents to be in harmony they were almost fighting most of the time even when without getting into an outraged discussion they were so indifferent to each other that it was very difficult to not see the invisible wall between them.

Although Zeus was a very handsome man but by each passing day Hera was only able to see a heart which did not had her in it.

Zeus and Hera were having a discussion in the main hall about the upcoming events of the world when Hebe walked silently until she was in front of her true parents. The couple discussing the matter was astonished that the child had for once taken an initiative to come to them without any cries and throwing a tantrum.

" Mother father, Ares got a book for me when he was in Athens some days ago and it thoroughly describes uncle and aunt and you two. Why does the mortals always describe and convey their relationship as all flowers and love. In all the pictures I have seen they are mostly kissing each other, sometimes uncle Hades is embracing the aunt.

The last time Ares went to Athens and brought a painting of you and mother why was it so.........different from this?"

Hebe was still a child and thus was completely unable to understand the twists and turns of life. It had already been 400 years since Persephone and Hades married but their relationship was almost still the same.

And Here they were discussing the running of the world as if they did not had life of their own at all.

Zeus rubbed his head a bit, his face gone blank for a moment, golden hair locks falling onto his forehead glistening with sweat before he saw Hera getting up silently and giving a smile to Hebe. It has been a long time since she smiled at him like that.

When Zeus pondered hard, it has almost been years since she never smiled at him and he couldn't help but observe Hera for a moment without breathing.

Honeyed hair falling into lock and curls till her hip, soft tendrils were covering her forehead as she moved, her clothes were comprising of a pale blue dress decorated with flower pattern and before he could say anything, Hera and Hebe were walking hand in hand outside the hall. Zeus was silent for sometime now before his throat constricted as he came to realize something.

Blue.....Hera was wearing Blue.

Once when they were yet to be married, Hera was given a pale blue broach by Poseidon consisting of emeralds and the most precious stones ever found in the sea and yet Hera refused to wear it ever.....she had told Zeus at that time 'I hate blue, it is such a melancholic colour'.

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