By EraRexon
Date: November 29, 2020
Ch. 2Darius and Roxanne

“Is it okay?” she looked through the contents rummaging for any mistakes and upon finding none her heart was filled with satisfaction unaware that the man beside her was glaring at her shorts.

“You did it all so well baby.” Darius praised me, his masculine hand rubbing her small head with appreciation as the tiny girl arranged his scattered files in an orderly manner. Her cute bubble butt looked edible to him while she bounced from one place to another leaving everything clean and shiny with her magical touch.

Darius sighed signing the last file as he sat on his emperor chair while Roxanne tortured him from her antics.

“Enough Roe! Come here.” He ordered through gritted teeth when he saw her tits right through the transparent nightgown she was wearing.

The small girl dusting a photo of herself that Darius always kept in his wallet in case someone made him livid turned around with her green eyes wide like a baby deer caught in headlights.

“Come here.” Her tiny feet moved her forward as he looked at her darkly until she was right infront of him or in his view her breasts were right infront of his mouth.

“Darius” she whispered her breath hitching as he collected her in his embrace pulling her on his lap he buried her soft body within his warmth.

“Baby you should not wear those.” His fingers skimmed the edge of the embroidered shorts as he grab hold of her ass-cheek.

“b-but Serena said-“ she hummed with content as he parted her red hair to another side leaving small kissing along her neck.

“yes baby?”she whimpered when he bit her neck after asking her to continue but she was his obedient girl so she carried on despite small moans slipping from her lips every now and then.

“she said that you will like it, that I look ravishing in this.”

She said her words fast and in one go so he could not stop her again but as soon those words left her lips, her nose scrunched in confusion while Darius took a complete look over at her attire, his silver eyes completely swallowed by ink darkness as desire filled them.

She was wearing that all along under her school dress, such a wildly naïve girl he had got.

Completely a dream.

“Does ravishing means cute daddy?” Darius smoothed down her wild red curls that got frizzy when she had her face buried in his chest.

He had opened her two small red braids when he brought her up in his room, massaging her scalp because the tight knots in her hair could have produced an itch. Why would he let his baby suffer?

“No sweetheart-“ she didn’t let him complete and her eyes filled with unshed tears.

“D-Does that means I don’t look c-cute Darius? “ she whispered to him her eyes downcast making him cup her face and smother her face with kisses.

“You are the most endearing little thing ever and you look so pretty in this love, just that-“ he cleared his throat when she looked up at him with her big doe eyes sparkling as if listening to him very intently.

“Yes daddy?” her soft voice asked him to proceed making him wrap his fingers around her throat.

“Just that I don’t like you practically naked roaming here when I am trying my best to not fuck you against this desk. Baby you are not helping.”his fingers pinched her pink nipple visible from the sheer material making her moan loudly as her cheek turned scarlett.

Roxanne did not understood why he always treated her like she would crack if he touched her a bit rough, although the girl was innocently naïve but she knew that the man infront of her was someone whom all the girls at her school talked about.

Those gorgeous women whom she encountered while shopping with Darius sometimes tried to flirt with him too. He was everything a girl would list in a man……..his handsome features even if not counted did not mattered. He was strong and was so kind to her.

She even remembered the first time she went on a date with him and to the curtsey of Serena wore a pink frailed skirt but instead of making crude remarks as she practically looked so out of space in the elegant restaurant he smoothed down her side bowtie on the skirt which was crumpled and looked at her in awe, in complete adoration without touching her inappropriately.

He made her safe and comfortable, he cherished her and she saw that in each of his actions.

“Darius I am…….daddy do you think I am too small for you?”

“hmmm….let me think.” When his fingers came to gently tickle her sides her worries disappeared and she thrashed in his hold laughing without an abandon.

“D-daddy, omg s-stop” sweet giggles filled the entire room as the girl panted making Darius stop pulling her close in his embrace.

“you are the smartest, tiniest and the most brave little cotton ball I have ever encountered in my life. Say Roe if I say you are my little Queen would you trust me and know that there is no one ever that should be a competition to you because you are far more precious.”

Roxanne looked at Darius, her lips quivering as she encircled her arms around his neck planting an elongated kiss on his lips.

“Daddy I really love you.” And that she did, her heart bursting with the amount of emotions she felt for him.

“But I love your red braids more.” She giggled when he pulled her head down, planting infinite kisses there, a sigh escaping his lips when he found the clock showing that it was already getting dark outside and she had to go home now.

He picked the koala Roe as he loved to call and got up from the chair without keeping her down, her arms tightening around him as he put his jacket on her frame making her feel as if she was drowning in the soft material.

“Lets get you some ice-cream along the way princess.” And the way her eyes became hazy like a starry cartoon made him kiss her face some more.

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