By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 13Zeus and Hera/Zerx and Sea

The only one that was left behind was him. People that once paid respects to him had been now detached. Even Poseidon and Hades were a bit distant and Zeus could not do anything but sit on his golden throne that he had boasted to everyone about and told Hera once that she was the Queen and with all those luxuries she must not be too worried about affairs not concerning her.

And she had.

In a twisted way she had stopped being concerned.

Stopped craving his attention and finally stopped existing.

For the past three decades Zeus had cried each day and realize that this is what she must have gone through every single day.

The way Hades kissed Persephone sometimes made his heart hurt. He had lost his love and wife and now was free to go and pursue anyone he wished.

A tear trailed down his eyes. He could not come forward to touch another now with Hera gone he could not even think about it.

He had lost a treasure and now he had to spend a lifetime regretting it.

Now he would not get to feel her eyes smiling at him, those possessive irises following him everywhere he went to, no longer would his body smelled of lilies when he had just made slow tender love to Hera.

There was a buzzing fiery passion in between them that made the surroundings come to life when they kissed, where have those moments disappeared to, where has his happiness gone.

The answer was simple, he had lost a diamond while looking for stones on the ground. And he himself was the biggest fool to let something as beautiful as his soulmate go away.


The girl sitting on the bed looked at Zerx in the mirror with anxiousness...should she tell him about it. Even if she did not told at the moment he would know eventually. While she had prepared various gifts for him but this one was the one she could not say no to because she had to have it. It was a part of him and her that she would carry with pride.

"Zerx" The said man was taking out the flowers decorated in her hair as he sat on his knees behind her on the fluffy bed. He hummed before untangling the beautiful designer braids that twisted her silky strands made up of golden threads.

"I got something for you."

"What is it baby?" His fingers were now gliding on her scalp, threading through her hair that formed complex knots earlier, the smooth cool movement made Sea heave a sigh in satisfaction and relief as her green eyes glimmered

Those pretty forest eyes looked at him as she pulled down the straps of the dress which did not allowed for a bra, her movements were agile as if she was waiting for this moment. The dress was lowered till just above of her shoulders beside her neck was visible and there lied the two fangs marks embedded in her skin- his mark on her that she proudly displayed whenever she got a chance to.

Zerx looked at the pink mark that had darkened to a darker shade on her soft skin below the neck and met her eyes in the mirror looking at him in excitement yet fear.

"Do you like it?" The demon commander was flabbergasted, his muscular arms turning her body towards him to have a clearer look as his heartfelt emotions bursted in small confetti pieces of immense happiness.

His deep dark fangs had displayed a colour darker than original, indicating that his mate was pregnant with their child. She was raising his child in her womb and by the looks of it she was already aware and excited about the whole ordeal.

"Baby..." he did not had any words, absolutely speechless. His lips parted only to kiss Sea deeply who encircled her arms around his neck sighing in the blissful feeling of happiness.

"I wanted to tell you that you have now two people to take care of."

A moment ago the precious girl was sitting and the very next he body was beneath her demon who hovered over her like a shadow, keeping his weight off her yet breathing life in her.

Sea looked into the orange irises that glimmered with his love and she could not even comprehend how come such regal male was hers. Zerx was one of the most handsome man she had ever seen and his irises promising her his utmost devotion was her safe haven.

His dark locks and darkest horns made him an epitome of masculinity and when her pale skin contrasted with his tanned smooth skin, she found it beyond erotic.

Black and Orange were her favourite colours because they represented unlike blue.

She hated blue and disliked golden, but not her golden hair because her mate usually said that her hair was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, all parts of her were unparalleled to any other.

"Then let me properly take care of you pearl." When the ripping of her flimsy material was heard and Sea realized he had ruined a frock again instead of getting angry the beautiful girl laughed and then burst into a fit of giggles. Zerx could not keep his hands off to himself even it was for a day but now the man who was watching her had a far off look in his eyes as he cupped her cheek, his lips descending upon hers before he whispered.

"I am glad it was me. I can not see you with another." The girl did not even had time to ask as her demon mate kisses every inch of her skin, he hovered above her taking care of not putting any weight but his shadow let him breathe in her. She was so beautiful as her heart heaved up and down.

Zerx took one darkened nipple in his mouth before sucking gently. His palm exploring her entire body without leaving an inch untouched.

She was his....belonged to him.

She was not Queen Hera, she was his Hera, his Sea.

"MINE" He growled but his hoarse voice did not affected his gentle actions as his cock slipped inside her without any resistance. Sea moaned as Zerx made slow sensual love to her, gently exploring every inch of her.

"You like that baby?" He made love to her repeating his passionate actions again.

Sea felt every single time Zerx held her as if someday faraway, once upon a time she was tired and exhausted like a peron with no love and no where to go, she was dying with no purpose and love, her heart bleeding and soul weeping when Zerx found her in his heart, held her in his arms and gave her a home of his devotion.

"Zerx" She moaned making the man smash his lips with her, she was so divine in every way.

She was a queen meant to rule his heart and even when the man could not give the riches and jewels he had given her something much beyond that, he had offered her his heart and soul with a promise of not letting go.

THE END!!!!!!!!!

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