By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 12Zerx and Sea

Demon warriors surrounded the area making the King and Queen alert on that a sinner was trying to escape the deep pits of hell.

The shade that was talking to Zerx now hid behind the warriors as shadow beasts were released from inside the pit.

A fight broke out making Zerx having no choice to say the statement which he dreaded his whole life.

"I will take care of her soul." The shade for once was astonished but as soon as she saw that souls like her were moved away she had no option but to hand Queen Hera's soul to the commander before she too was made to move out, it was uncertain that they would be able to survive and not end in some dark deep magma so the shade had no choice but to relent.


"What...What have you done Zerx?" Persephone looked shaken from the very core as she stood from her throne in alarm.

"You accepted Hera's soul....Do you even know what you have done?"The Queen of Hell was as radiant as ever but the anxiousness in her eyes was too dark to be not seen.

"Queen mother.....I don't understand."Zerx was confused beyond comprehension. As said by that shade he had done his task without any mistakes and brought the burning ball of light to the rulers as soon as they got the fighting situation under control, except this light was soothing before and now it was brighter and hot as flames.

Zerx even though felt the heat but neither his arms burned nor he was harmed.

"You have taken the soul and it has accepted you...... the soul of the Queen of gods has accepted you as her soulmate the moment you touched it. Lord! if Zeus it is not possible, it should never come out, if Zeus knows that Hera has accepted a new soulmate he would leave no stone unturned to hunt you down." The commander looked nonchalant as if his Queen mother was talking about weather.

Who fears death when one has already died and talking about torture, what kind of torture has he not endured to become the fiercest demon witch his black horns getting darker by each passing century.

"I want you to do something for me, will you do it Zerx?" There would have been a question or doubt if any one else had asked him the most dreaded question but it was Queen Persephone, the one who had taken care of all of them like her children and to say she would even think of harming him, the though in itself was absurd.

"Order your majesty."

"I have seen my friend die a decade ago and the thought that she never got the love of her soulmate while I am enjoying mine pierces my heart every single day.

Now that the soul of Hera has accepted you as her own we just have to wait for her being born in the mortal realm, we do not control matters of life so it is not certain where she would be born and how but you have to find her and when the time comes...please do your best to be her mate."


Zerx was stumpted and awed, how many demons dreamed of having a mate and how many of them were actually able to achieve the place to gain love.

Now that he was given one he would fight the world for her. He did not cared if it was Queen Hera, it was just his woman at the end and whoever she was he would learn to love her infinitely.

Even though the king of gods would know about this whole ordeal sooner or later but he feared not. His mate had already endured a lot because of that cheater who had broken her heart countless and countless of times. Which part of the universe did not know about his scandals and infidelity. No matter what happens now she was his.

She belonged to him

Hera was his

"I will do whatever it takes to keep my mate beside me Queen mother."

"Zerx, Hades should not know about this, none will know about this matter or a war will break out at our doorsteps. Hades does not likes Zeus but he is his brother at the end, the consequences of this would be lethal. Hide all your life Zerx..hide as if there is no sunlight out there for you to see."


Zeus had stopped thinking nowadays, stopped smiling and pretending to be patient with anyone. When he looked into the mirror the person who graced him was even unrecognizable to his own self.

Once he had begged Hera to show mercy to Semele when he had an affair with her and when Hera had laughed and proceeded anyway he found her to be so very cruel. He hated that side of her, who knew that one day would come where she herself would place the woman to be the queen, at her position and Zeus himself would hate Semele to guts.

As said by her, all the mortal women that she cursed were given her parts of power and they had went ahead to live a better fulfilling life, some even worshipped in Hera's shrine themselves but the one who could do nothing and just sit was Zeus.

It had been three decades since she left and nothing remained the way it was, Hebe who had once the apple of his eye had grown considerably cold towards him, Ares never visited him anymore and his mortal children that were a result of his scandals were safe and thriving without any obstructions, the gifts and abilities he had bestowed upon them were increased to some extent making Zeus believe that Hera not only apologized but also granted them good future.

Even the mortals ones that she had cursed and killed were either in Elysium or in Hades's realm of Asdophel meadows which was Elysium's counterpart.

The only one that was left behind was him. People that once paid respects to him had been now detached. Even Poseidon and Hades were a bit distant and Zeus could not do anything but sit on his golden throne that he had boasted to everyone about and told Hera once that she was the Queen and with all those luxuries she must not be too worried about affairs not concerning her.

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