By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 11Zeus and Hera/Zerx and Sea

"Zerx" She cried as his mouth opened to bruise the soft creamy flesh of her throat. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he picked her up, ripped muscular arms supported her bum as she moaned.

The dress was partially off her shoulder as his mouth latched onto her shoulder blade leaving a series of hickeys on her skin. The white cloth contrasting his own black ones was dangling from her shoulders and the strap of her dress was lowered making one of her breast peak out.

"Sea" He whispered in the manly hoarse voice that he was bestowed with making her panties cream. Her pussy that was in contact with his huge bulge unconsciously as she rubbed herself on him when the man opened his completely black eyes making the tiny innocent angel gasp.

There was no white in those, every single time he made out with her, his orange irises converted to onyx with it completely spreading.

His head burred in her neck as he left open mouthed, wet kisses on her untouched pale skin. The girl was unaware of the emotions she was feeling and thus whimpered before her soft palms held one of his devil-horns that were blazing and rough yet they did not burned her skin and on contrary brought her immense pleasure.

"Oh Daddy you-"

He lifted her even higher before she finished speaking as the soft clothed pussy of hers rubbed with his demon cock encased in his trousers and then pushed his entire hardness towards her as if making her feel his length. He dragged her tiny frame up and down in a rhythm as her palms held his horns making him grunt.

"Come on little girl, cream on your daddy's cock." Zerx usually spoke those filthy words making Sea blush and her body wither beneath him as he tested each time that how much pleasure she might be able to receive without making her teary faced and pass out.

They were an odd pair and their bond was even a unique one.

When Sea was born as a pale sensitive beauty to Alpha Bezos and Luna Iris, an oracle had predicted that she was to be loved because she had never got that and one thing and her soul only searched for it but the reality shattered her parents to the core was that she was never destined to have a mate or a wolf of her own.

She was said to be the miracle and charm of the Crimson Pack and till the time she would be cherished not even the mightiest of storms would be able to harm or even touch the foundations of their Pack. The prophecy was spread far and wide making the green eyes angel more famous than ever. since the moment Sea started to walk she was bestowed with happiness and love.

There were many strong Alphas that came forward to accept her as their Luna after she reached the rightful age of eighteen yet neither Sea nor her parents relented.

But right now she was in the arms of a Demon who had appeared in front of her one day four months ago, his mighty black wings flapping furiously making her shriek in fright before he landed in front of her wrapping the wings around her. The girl was afraid to her tiny bones until she realized he was covering her from the storm that had uprooted nearby trees making the entire place crumble into dust.

Zerx seemed to enjoy her defiance as she refused to open her mouth and relented by attacking his lips with hers instead. She had gotten much more courageous with time as her lips moved with his in a beautiful melody before he overpowered her, his fingers threading through her golden locks as he dominated the sweet girl.

"Not here my pearl." Zerx removed her palm from his crotch making her pout. When the orange eyed demon looked at his mate pushing out that cherry lip he bit onto it softly making Sea burst into a fit of giggles.

His mate

He held her more tightly as his mind remembered the memories of past.

A crime

A lie

A blessing in disguise

It had been centuries since demon soldiers did not grew horns anymore.

The darker and rougher the devil horns were the more rage they were said to have accumulated with time,it was said to be almost extinct because their wrath was much buried after their Queen Persephone took the throne.

There were only three ancient demons currently ruling the dark pits of Tartarus, River Styx and one as the protector my Queen mother Persephone.

The trio- Demeos, Alecdon and Zerx.

Zerx, the commander of River Styx and was doing rounds to ensure none of the shades or dead souls have lost their path or gone to the places that was strictly prohibited when he encountered the soul of a mortal maiden who flew without knowing the directions, he waited for some time to see if she was sent by some enemy but when he saw her wandering deep dark places and coming out disappointed he could not help but reach out to her.

"Who are you?" His sword was out of the sheath while he kept it at her neck before asking the question in his demonic voice. If a demon sword touched a shade then it barrs their only chance of salvation hence the female soul relented before closing her eyes and making a golden glow ball of light appear out of nowhere.

"I am Feray, one of the women whom goddess Hera distributed her part of soul and power before dying. Now that I have lived my life completely satisfied, I do not need it anymore so I am searching for King Hades to return-"

A minute before the demon that was astonished after hearing the name of the former Queen of gods and started thing about her tragic end, sympathizing with her, now growled when a movement from Tartarus shook the River Styx, its water swirling high in tides before being splashing.

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